BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Trailer Revealed

Debuting tonight during Spike TV's Video Game Awards, Warner Bros. Interactive has released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham City, the sequel to last year's bestselling Batman: Arkham Asylum.  

The highly-realistic two and a half minute trailer not only sets the tone for next year's release, but reveals, for the first time, the major villain that will be toying with Batman. With the rumors circulating of which Tom Hardy is going to play in The Dark Knight Rises, is this reveal a carefully planned piece of corporate synergy, or just a happy accident?

Check out the trailer below, and then tell us what you think about the trailer and its reveals.



Batman: Arkham City will be available next Autumn on PC, PlayStation 3, and XBox 360.


  1. This certainly looks like a trailer for a film rather then a video game, doesn’t it?

    I wish we could see some gameplay. I’ve read articles on people playing it in backdoor meetings, read various articles with some screenshots, and now we have this trailer with no gameplay footage at all. I’m partially annoyed with no gameplay but this trailer makes me excited about the story. Hopefully it has a better ending then that joke of one in Arkham Asylum.

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hugo Strange is the villain for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ cause it would make the most sense. That and Black Mask….who I’ve been campaigning for, for years. 

  2. YES, YES, YES!!!

  3. Damn the cgi here looks better than Tron Legacy’s

  4. SOME OF THE BEST CGI I HAVE EVER SEEN A VIDEO GAME PRODUCE! I could not tell if this was acted or it came from the game!

  5. Holy cow, that looked cool. It’s a Hugo Strange renaissance!

  6. Well looks like I’ll be playing Arkham Asylum again. This just gave me the fever! Thanks for posting this.

  7. That looks effin AWESOME!!! I can’t wait! I wonder how they tie the Hugo Strange story with the Joker story that was teased in the early trailer for Arkham City.

  8. Wow that was so awesome! Whoever did Hugo’s voice is great! Hope Kevin Conroy is Batman for this game!

  9. @TheNextChampion  Quick question: If the gameplay is exactly the same as Arkham Asylum is that really such a bad thing. When I was playing it my only problem was that I kept thinking “man this is awesome, I wish i could do this in a larger setting” and lo and behold here we are!

  10. @TheNextChampion  You’ve touched on a pet peeve of mine for video games: movie clips do not a trailer make. Zero gameplay=zero real trailer in my opinion. However, the point is just to get people hyped and to want to buy the game. They don’t make these video clips so the consumer can try to decide if the product is worth buying, unfortunately.

    If that was the latest version of the Unreal engine in that video, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the game is going to look like.

  11. Last game was amazing, I don’t need to know anything about this game to know Im going to buy it. The clip is amazing.

  12. It’s a teaser not a trailer. Trailers actually have parts of the game.

  13. I got worried.. And thought it was gonna be Hush. Also, Hardy seems kind of Young to play Strange, no?

  14. This is like the cinematics of DC Universe Online, The Old Republic…  why can’t they just make a movie like this?

  15. The trailer looks great! The CGI is some of the best I have seen. Now the only thing left to check is some gameplay!

  16. UncleBob, I’ve thought the same thing for a long time.  But I can imagine that producing a 90 minute film that looks like the videos you mentioned, or this Batman trailer, would be EXTREMELY expensive, and they’d probably be pretty unlikely to make their money back.

  17. awesomw

  18. Holy hot-damn, Batman!

  19. OMG this looks amazing can’t wait 🙂

  20. WANT!

  21. @Patman2: Granted it might play similar to Arkham Asylum, but all the interviews and articles on Arkham City show there are going to be big changes in some regards. I’d like to see them, especially since there seems to be a pretty good rough demo of the game out there for publications to test.

  22. If the gameplay is the same as Asylum then i’m totally in. I’d guess that this footage is stuff from the in game movies, which is pretty good. Uncanny how realistic the CGI is which is a bit too close to reality for my liking. 

  23. Loved the first game.  Definitely looking forward to this sequel. Awesome teaser.

  24. *DORKGASM*

  25. I cannot wait to play this. I really enjoyed the first game. I was a little surprised to see Hugo as the main villain. Feels like he gets ignored outside of the comics. Also, that CGI was amazing! Holy crap.  

  26. I cannot wait. Looks awesome.

    Fall of 2011 is going to be highly unproductive for me with this and Uncharted 3.

  27. I dont believe that’s Unreal Engine 3. If it is, well then congrats to Rocksteady to make this old piece of shit look pretty.

    It’s a double-edged sword. I know the console version cannot look half as good. And certainly not any mid-end PC.

  28. I don’t think it’s been confirmed that Hugo Strange is the main villain for this game (unless I missed that memo).  Nevertheless, looking more impressive as Rocksteady reveals more of this game.  The way the skin looked on Batman and Hugo Strange was astounding – amazing how far technology has come.

  29. @trobinson79  Correct. Not confirmed, just heavily rumored. 

  30. I think Hugo Strange is the overall mastermind of the game. While Two Face, Joker, and others are the physical threats Batman has to overcome.

    At least that’s what I heard from other sources in magazines and what not. 

  31. @PaulMontgomery  Once i heard the rumors of Strange as the antagonist in Dark Knight Rising, i went looking for my PREY floppies. i only have the last three! ( sigh ) then i went to see if there is a trade of the story, and none. hopefully DC will put a nice little HC package together in time to capitalize on the game & movie. But that trailer gave me CHILLS. aweSOME.

  32. I Came

  33. I believe the Joker will die in the game, making a great send-off too Mark Hammill, who has said that this will be his last job as the joker.