Avengers… Secret Avengers… and now New Avengers

With the release of this image, Marvel has announced New Avengers #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen.

Three quick thoughts:

1. I thought Luke Cage was leading the Thunderbolts (I guess in these tough economic times he needs a second job?)
2. Hmmm… Spider-Man was already shown on the cover of Avengers #1.
2. Just how many Avengers books are there going to be anyway? Avengers, Secret Avengers, New Avengers, Avengers Academy, Thunderbolts (sorta)…


  1. Hey if bendis and immomen are doing it then i’m buying this book whatever it is

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’d assumed that starting with a new Avengers #1 was their method of renumbering New Avengers. Don’t want to be so reactionary, but why does this need to exist? This news gets filed in the redundancy department of redundancy.  

  3. Guh. If there’s more than, say, three Avengers books there’s a solid chance I’ll drop all of them. Too much hassle, like the Superman books.

  4. What? No Great Lakes Avengers?

  5. @redlibertyx: That could be next!

  6. Maybe New Avengers is the book for Spidey, Wolvie and the rest. I’d rather have a West Coast Avengers comic.

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Spider-Man and Wolverine are in original recipe Avengers, right? 

  8. @Paul: Yes.

  9. Four Avengers books? Sheesh! Ridiculous. Right now, all we have is New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Mighty Avengers, and The Initiative.

    All will be well, my brothers and sisters.

  10. Hmm, I’m with Paul on this one. I can understand their desire to start with a new numbering to try to get new readers, but why on Earth would you have a New Avengers team when you are bringing back the classic lineup and series proper?

  11. So Luke Cage is going to lead a team of Avengers in a book by Bendis and Immonen and it’s called "New Avengers"… I’m already reading this book.

  12. Still waiting for "Avengers Classic" "Avengers: The Next Generation" and "Honey Nut Avengers".

  13. After recently jumping on to New Avengers for the first time, I’ve been on the fence about the entire Avengers relaunch coming up.  I may get Adjectiveless and Secret, since one’s the flagship title, and the other sounds interesting/isn’t Bendis.  So far this book has me uninterested until there’s someone on the team I REALLY like (which I don’t see happening since all my pet characters are DC)

  14. New Avengers 2: Electric Boogaloo

  15. Eh, to be perfectly honest the only avengers book that intrest me right now is secret avengers, and thats mostly because we know almost nothing about it.

  16. This seems pretty lame.  I was really looking forward to a slimmed down Avengers line.  Plus Spider Woman, Spiderman, & Wolverine are in Avengers prime which is already a recipe for New Avengers anyways.  So is New more street level and Avengers prime will be more fantastic?

  17. I liked this book when it was called New Avengers.

  18. I’m actually really excited for this ‘heroic age’. In hoping that it will be like 2001 when I first got into comics, because that was a golden age for me

  19. Has it been confirmed that it is Cage in that pic? Looks a bit like Absorbing Man to me. 

  20. I think this may be official recognition that Avengers, not X-Men are the franchise Marvel title.

    That being said I was going to buy Avengers when there was just one…I may still buy just one but not until I know all the lineups and creative teams.

  21. …confused…

    But probably buying it anyway.

    Anything with Bendis gets my dollar, probably not gonna read T-Bolts or Avengers Academy though.

  22. As Jimski said, this isn’t really all that surprising. Obviously, they feel the market can sustain the books they’re publishing now. And I get the relaunch and renumbering. At this point, numbering doesn’t really mean anything. They can switch up and call something Avengers #600 any time they want. But each relaunch provides an accessible jumping on point in this thematic new era. As to why Avengers and New Avengers? I’m sure it will be a part of the hook for each book. Bendis isn’t a lazy writer. If he’s doing two books, he’ll make sure each has a reason for existing, just as he’s done with Dark Avengers/New Avengers and New Avengers/Mighty Avengers.

    Glad to see Cage and Immonen still in/on Bendis-written Avengers books, though. 🙂 Yay for both!

  23. @Jimski It’s just as ridiculous now as it will be when there are a new batch of four Avenger books. Stupid.  It’s easy to fix though people… only buy the one regular Avengers book.

  24. Just looked up on Wikipedia all the different variations on the title "Avengers" they’ve had over the years… Yeesh, there’s like a jillion! Three is nothing in comparison.

  25. This is getting ridiculous. Getting close to picking none up monthly and just going for trades.

  26. My only concern when all of these news nuggets began spilling was "where is Immonen going?" "Nowhere" is the best possible answer I could have hoped for. One of my favorite books stays, and new contenders get to exist. Win-win-win-win.

    Who knows? Maybe Avengers Avengers will get to be the book Bendis’ Mighty Avengers was always supposed to be. I hope I don’t ruin the snark party by wanting to enjoy myself and look forward to something.

  27. This is getting a little ridiculous….

  28. I’ll miss the days when all the Avengers I loved were in one book so I only had to buy New and not Mighty. The Avengers are becoming more and more like the X-men with so many titles and that’s not a good thing in my opinion.

  29. For now I’ll just stick with Avengers and Secret, unless there’s someone I REALLY like on this team I doubt I’ll pick it up. My wallet…it’s weeping.

  30. @Jimski-It’s OK, your absurdly high level of snarkiness about everything else makes up for your lack of it here.

  31. I’m excited to read the mission statements for these new Avenger teams. 

  32. @conor I didn’t realize Thunderbolts was considered part of the Avengers family.

  33. @vadaowens: It’s on off-shoot, yes. They’re like cousins.

  34. Everyone had to know this was coming when Marvel announced the end of all the Avenger books a short time ago. It would have been stupid for Marvel to go back to 1 Avenger title because Marvel would be leaving money on the table. The only weird thing is that a re-launch of New Avengers telegraphs the fact that this truly is a cash grab. At least with the other two new books, they seemed fresh because they had new titles, new teams, and new ideas. Avengers was a back to basics book and Secret Avengers was Brubaker’s espionage team book. Actually, I expected more of an Avengers Academy type book instead of a new New Avengers but what can you do. Most likely, I’ll check out the new Avengers book and Secret Avengers and see how they perform but give both a short leash. I likely won’t be checking out New Avengers, unless I hear something amazing or the other members on the team are mindblowing. 

  35. Lets play a game: who can sucessfully name the next Avengers Title? No comments on how many books is good or bad, just name what you think another Title would be? silly, serious its all fair game.

     I’d like to see the Temp Avengers where they Temp for different company’s and mess with Middle Management Skull in wacky Office esc pranks. 


    Avengers No more where we follow characters who used to be superheroes b/c of the 50 states initiative but due to lack of funding they were laid off and how they deal with adjusting to normal life after the adrenaline filled lives they used to live.  

  36. This feels so redunant and stupid to do. Wasn’t the point of the ‘New….New new new new Avengers’ was that the original Avengers disbanded? Now with the original team basically back together, why the hell should there be a ‘New….new new new new new Avengers’?

    ‘Secret’ I can get, until they told us Thunderbolts are still in effect. Plus the Academy/Initative book seems pointless because no one pays attention to the ‘Registration Act’ in the Marvel U anymore. Why do we need all of these books? Why? Just to sell money?…..Yes of course that is the answer right there.

    I am willing to pay for ‘The’ Avengers in a comic. But I am not willing to waste money on all of these pointless teams. Seems like Marvel, whether in a new age or not, haven’t learned anything from past mistakes.

  37. Awesome news.  Nothing to complain about when it’s more awesome comics being made by the BEST creators in the comics industry.

  38. This is ridiculous. I wanted to start new and afresh, a simple time for avengers in which we could really get ourselves back to the basics, but, nevertheless I am wrong.

  39. @TNC I’m sure you already know this, but the answer to your questioning is…"it’s Marvel".  They’ll do whatever they can to get potential sales.  I’ll bet with all of the euphoria surrounding the assembling of the original team there will be some good sales for the first few months of each.

  40. @vadamowens: I understand that completely.

    Don’t get me wrong, if I looked at this as a business man then of course this all makes sense. It’s all about getting more money. But if I look at this like a comic book fan, then I think it is a bit silly (and pointless) to have so many teams.

  41. all the Avengers I liked from New Avengers are confirmed to be in the Avengers book so I need to see the rest of this new new avengers lineup before I decided if i wanna read this or not 

  42. Agreed noni. I was excited for a fresh start for Avengers. 

  43.  If I had to guess, based off in part with interviews with Bendis, Avengers will be the a level, over the top, major leauge threats. The cosmic villians, the ultrons and Kangs and what have you. Meanwhile, based on Luke Cage being the first reveal, I suspect that New Avengers will be the more street level team. I.E. the team that would take on the hood and his gang or the hand or a Roxxon. Threats that are dangerous and need to be dealt with but perhaps not by the god of thunder or one of the smartest guys in the world. If that is the approach I could easily see the two books being and feeling very different. We shall see.

  44. Marvel lost me since 2003…

  45. Awesome, more pointless avengers books!…guess it doesn’t change much since I already dropped NA awhile ago and at this point I only plan on buying SA. Looks like the only real difference in the franchise will be that Slott isn’t writing anything 🙁

  46. I hate to point out the obvious but … no one is forcing us to buy the books they are just putting them out there because someone might want to read those particular books. 

  47. It’s a nerdy thing to ask myself. But I just want to see it as:

    "Why do all of these teams exist in the first place?". The Marvel U needs a flagship team to help defend the planet. But does it need a street level team, or a ‘Secret Ops’ team, or a team full of villains? Plus all of these teams could exist in the same city. So….why do they all need to exist in the same area?

  48. Taking away the "Avengers" title

    Non-mutant planet defender team?

    Non-mutant street level team?

    Non-mutant training academy?

    Non-mutant secret ops team?

    All those sound like pretty fun teams to me.


    (Obviously non-mutant is a bit of a stretch, but minimally mutant which is why there’s no "X" on the book)


  49. Hmmm, I read the first few trades of Bendis’ run on Avengers but then stopped when there were too many cross-overs and stuff as it all got too complicated.  I bought the last few New Avengers’ issues because I was looking forward to the new re-boot but this all looks too complicated now.  I’m going to sit it out for a while and wait until you guys tell me which one(s) I should buy, thank you!

  50. The same city thing is rather silly but is just a convention of the Marvel universe where lots of things always happen in New York. Its the same way DC has so many made up cities or Wildstorm is full of jerks. 🙂

  51. @gobo: I’m just seeing it as we don’t need teams to do all of these levels or categories.

    We have superheroes on the streets in the Marvel U doing all of these things. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Luke Cage and others have fought on the street by themselves. There are a bunch of heroes that do Secret Ops or spying like Cap, Black Widow, even Wolverine. Then the training might be interesting….but again the Registration Act seems to be forgotten so I am confused on that level.

    We have heroes doing all of these things individually for almost fifty years now. We don’t really need a team to keep it all in order.

  52. Single people doing it isn’t the same as a team doing it.

    I’m not sure what the registration act has to do with anything really. It can be a training ground without being government sanctioned. Sort of like how the X-Men used to be.

  53. This makes perfect sense. First off, there has been very positive feedback regarding Immonen’s work on this series, so to give him more Avengers work is a smart thing to do. Also, just like gobo said, different teams mean different threats. You can’t just have one team of Avengers in the Marvel U, because that’s a hell of a work load! What if Loki and Kang both do seperate world domination schemes on the same day? They’re diversifying to cover more ground, it makes perfect sense.

  54. I think the big thing about multiple Avengers book is that we have so many now and most of them are sub par.  So to do it again sounds not so good.  "JLA is not so good right now so lets put out New JLA which also isn’t good."  Not a great idea but sadly people will buy it.

  55. Since no one else has said it: Luke Cage looks really buff in that image.

  56. I’ll be reading all of them, drop when start sucking. Want my Rastaman Avengers. Tropical Avengers? Avengers 90210!
    Cmon! They gotta eat!

  57. Maybe Iron Fist will be on this team..? I might buy it if he and Daredevil are on the team

  58. So, TNC, your "reason" for not wanting a bunch of Avengers books is that the heroes "can do it all themselves?"

    I honestly do not understanding the bitching or the logic behind it.

    From a writing/reading standpoint, teams are fun because ensemble casts are fun. Getting different characters to play together are FUN. There’s a long and varied history of MANY teams coming together in fictional universes, both on TV, in film, and in comics. Why someone would bitch about there being "teams" at all is beyond me. I mean, if you don’t like Bendis or Brubaker or Immonen or JRJr, then, ok, fine — these are not good books for you. Don’t buy ’em. 

    Also keep in mind: these are ANNOUNCEMENTS. The "reason" for each team — from a fictional standpoint — has NOT been announced.  There ARE reasons for teams in super-hero comics, and the various reasons have long been discussed in each team book, in everything from the JLA and JSA to West Coast Avengers and Fantastic Four and so on. The book itself is responsible for showing why it exists in its fictional realm. The book must create its reason for being.

    Personally, I look at it like this:

    – Do I like a Bendis/JRjr team book? Yes.

    – Do I like a Bendis/Immonen book with Cage in it? Yes.

    – Do I like Brubaker and Deodato? Yes. 

    So, for each of these — I really don’t care about the title. I will try each based on my interest in the creative teams. If they are built on a flimsy premise, it will quickly become apparent, and I will drop the book(s). If they are not, then I will purchase them as long as I am enjoying them and can afford them. And that’s it. Simple.

  59. I think this is more of a semantic argument than anything else. I’m fairly certain if they called these titles:

    New Warriors

    There’d be less chatter on the boards about having too many books, too much money, etc. 

    It’s all about branding and I’d hazard a guess that Marvel’s decision to saturate the comic book shelves with "the Avengers" logo is no accident. Remember there may be a movie coming out with that same name this decade.

  60. Glad to see Cage is still with the Avengers and Bendis is still writing him. That is more important to me than the number of books, which like Jimski pointed out, remains the same.

  61. But why cancel new avengers when you are just going to keep it going? I can understand if it was a new writer and artist, but it is the same team. Why not keep the same numbering and go on? I know that a number one issue sales alot more, but still. Plus, I thought the whole idea behind having the main avengers title back is to say that we have the "original" team and that we don’t need the new one. The only reason the new avengers came together was because the old team was gone.  What is the point of keeping this team?

  62. @SamIAm: It’s not cancelation, it’s renumbering. Happens all the time for various reasons but the two biggest are: To signify a new era and to bump up sales. Increasingly, in the modern age, book numbers are all but irrelevant save for a hand full of books (i.e. ACTION, DETECTIVE, UNCANNY)

  63. I’m still waiting for a Northwest Avengers =/.

  64. I’m sorry, but why is everyone against a book they haven’t read yet? Luke Cage is almost universally loved (and admittedly a personal favorite; so I’m stoked), and I see no reason to believe that it would be impossible for Bendis to write two outstanding Avengers books concomitantly. Hell, he already did with New and Mighty, except Mighty didn’t get drawn quickly enough. The other books may be extraneous to you, but as they say, no one’s holding a gun to your head. 

  65. Too much avenging going on.

  66. @conor don’t say the words "uncanny" and "Renumbering" in the same sentence!!!!

  67. I guess I would care a little bit more if I were to actually purchase Marvel comics on a more than a not so far this century basis….


  68. @conor: Okay, I can understand that, but why keep this book around? I thought that the New avengers series came about because we lost the old averngers series. With the team back agian, why keep this book?

  69. @ron: I summoned you like the Candy Man!

    @SamIAM: Those are questions we cannot answer until we actually get to read the books.

  70. Brain.. having… Avengers overload! Not really and I’m not too surprised to see another Avengers book out there.  So far the book I’m interested in the least is this one.  Mostly because I can’t buy all of the books that ever existed and the two other Avenger’s books plus Thunderbolts excites me more at this point.

  71. The Avengers Avengers team isn’t really back.

    It is basically the New Avengers with Thor as a few predicted in the Avengers thread about a month ago.

    There may be a reason for the multiple teams that we will discover when we read the issues.

  72. Someone stop the madness! I’m still waiting for them to announce a re-numbering or re-launching for Mighty Avengers, and maybe an ongoing Young Avengers. Then, while they’re at it, they might as well announce the "Not-So-Secret Avengers". I mean, there can never be enough Avengers books right?! Oh…wait.

    Seriously though, with every additional Avengers book announced my excitement level for the whole thing just plumets.

  73.  (1) Is it just me or does the Avengers family of books seem to just be following the marketing plan used by the X-Universe of books?  A plan that may have netted mucho cash but in my opinion has definitely watered down the quality.

     I can see it now… Avengers return to being Mighty Avengers; and New Avengers become Avengers, then New Avengers again, then Avengers Legacy.  And then we get Avengers-Force — or will that be the new Force Works,  And then Luke Cage get his own series and goes off into the future to save the world.  Then Captain America’s son shows up and becomes Dark Captain America…

    On that same thread..Is Luke Cage the New Wolverine?  Is he going to be in every avengers book?

    (2) When discussing an avengers family of books, where does Hickman’s Secret Warriors fit in?   Seige seems to show them working hand in hand with Avengers as well.  And speaking of Hickman, what about the Fantastic Four?  Where do they fit in the picture?

     …But for all my kevetching I’ll get at least issue one and two of all of them.

  74. Avenging Avengers is MY flavour of choice!

  75. Someday in 2020 or so, we’ll all look back on the Bendis-helmed Avengers era and see how it was exactly like the Bob Harras-helmed X-Men era. It started out good, it had a LOT of filler, it totally turned commercial, it didn’t accomplish much on and issue-to-issue basis, and while it was going on the readers thought the good times were rolling all along, until the end when people started to wake up.

  76. I just hope that all the avenger books don’t cost $3.99 each.

  77. Turned commercial?

    That complaint was leveled at the book when the line-up was being revealed. Including Spider-Man and Wolverine on the team made that happen.

    So how exactly did it turn commercial when the book was born out of an event and had very popular characters not known for being Avengers on the team?

  78. All comics are commercial. They are products.

  79. @SamIAm~  I am going to sound negative here, but I can guarantee each of those books will be $3.99.

    I get that there are a lot of Avengers book out now, but I feel that’s more out of necessity for the whole Civil War/Secret Invasion/Dark Reign piece.  Those books were born out of the events.

    This is kind of funny in a way.  I’m sure all of these books will be good and do well.  What’s funny is that to combat event fatigue there will no longer be events (and a restructuring of the line), so instead, they flood the market with Avengers books to create…Avenger fatigue.

  80. I agree Conor, but I think flapjaxx is using the word not with its literal definition in mind but with the very negative connotative meaning in mind.


  82. I guess I just don’t see the problem here. Like Jimski said, it’s the same number of Avengers books we have right now. Nothing’s really changing. The only real difference is that they’re trying to inject the brand with a little extra energy and a new direction for each book. Wait for the first couple issues to drop. It’ll all come out in the wash.

  83. I was hoping for a Disney version of the Avengers…

    Avengers Magic Kingdom!  Rescue Rangers Avengers! 

    or something more recent

    High School Musical Avengers! 


  84. Love the Immonen, and Bendis usually does a spot on job with the New Avengers characters, but at the same time I feel like this is becoming less of the new start we were hoping for.  I went throught the latest Previews catalogue over the weekend and found myself yet again scared by the sheer volume of new material.  We just can’t afford it all, but what makes it worse is you feel this kind of need to keep up withthe big books in case you miss something important, but that in turn restricts your abilty to try more unusual stuff.  That said, I don’t hold myself up as any paragon, because I know I won’t be able to resist this.

  85. Gosh! Another Avengers book!?! Why?!? I have always hated the "New" title in anything cause by issue 20, its not "new" anymore and it just sounds stupid. I thought that the avengers and secret avengers was perfect, now they are rebooting the New Avengers. Im not buying all these books.

  86. I don’t understand you guys and the things that seem to upset most of you.

  87. First off:  there are already 4 avengers books (new, dark, mighty, initiative), so I don’t see what’s the big deal.

    Second: if DC is going to have 3 green lantern books (plus brightest day), 4 avengers books are there to mantain the balance of the comic universe

  88. What!!!!!!!!

    I’m not buying it…i’m not. They can’t make me.

  89. You’re right, they can’t.

  90. Forget the haters, I’m totally excited! As much as I love JrJr, I was sooo bummed Immonen was leaving Avengers. Sure, there may be a lot of books, but you can’t deny the quality of talent on them. For me, it’s all about whose on what team and if I find the characters interesting. And if they suck? Drop that shit like a bad habbit. I love that Immonen’s back and I love Bendis’ Avengers stories (for the most part) So bring it!

  91. The Haters are only the "DC Fans" who can’t understand that no one wants to buy that many JLA books, cause they’ve been sucking for too long while Avengers has been kicking DCs ass. 🙂

  92. Wow, the Avengers have almost as many monthly books as Deadpool now!

  93. @John The difference is these books will probably be good.

    Well, I don’t care about all the naysayers.  I’m gettin’ all four.

  94. Ignoring my earlier comment and deciding to whether change up my pulllist for some avengers books.

    wonder if this will still be  $3.99?

  95. For me personally, it’s not a matter of "hate" with the Marvel books, and I’m not upset.  It just seems weird to me that they are talking about changing up the universe, yet they’re still going to put out 3 Avengers books.  I don’t think the market necessitates that many Avengers books (or at least the market for a reader like me).  I also don’t see the reason to do this, and not have The Avengers become tri-monthly like ASM.  This way the book could focus on one team, but then have other members pop in here and there as the stories require.  I guess it’s a matter of artists, but if you have three artists drawing three different books a month, that shouldn’t be too big a deal. 

    Let’s not rag on DC for Blackest Night by the way.  Marvel is just as guilty during all of their events as well as the Dark Reign banner that’s been on every book.  It’s a marketing device to sell more books.  Nothing more.

  96. Man, four Avengers books plus Thunderbolts still around. And we still don’t know where Pym is going…

    Personally, I’m not buying any because of the outrageous price. 

  97. Still only interested in Secret Avengers and possibly Avengers Academy

  98. wait…Avengers Academy is an actual thing?

  99. @GLNancy: I’ve deleted your comment twice now. Please refamiliarize yourself with the first clause in the Terms of Service.

  100. @Neb: That’s a perfect idea! Instead of three Avenger teams; why not have ‘The’ team be 3 times a week? I would go for that in a heartbeat.

  101. I have a feeling this book was gonna be "Street Avengers" originally but they probably decided against using the title because of its similar sounding name to Secret Avengers, and also the fact that New Avengers has become a staple of their brand. I wouldnt be surprised at all if this team is basically Iron Fist, Daredevil and more street level characters. I’m just happy Immonen has a place to showcase his great work.

  102. I will buy them all.  Although I am more interested in the idea of a single Avengers team in the MU again, I will be fine with once premise becomes clear for the need of all these teams.

    This comes most into play with New Avengers.  I guess I understand that the reason behind this new New Avengers is name recognition. A New Avengers #1 will probably garner a bit more sales than Avengers: Street #1.  But that still doesnt change the fact that it sounds silly.

    For example, I bring to you New Mutants. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE this book, but come on, you knew it sounded ridiculous by the time Cable joined the team.

  103. @Bryce – My guess is "yes" since Bendis is in the upper echelons of Marvel’s pay-grades (I assume).

    If I’m wrong (and I’d love to be wrong), I’ll pick this up, no problem.

    @theworldaccordingtobob – Good call. I just finished rereading my Immortal Iron Fist trades this evening. What an awesome character. I really hope they throw him in with Cage’s new team.

  104. Hmmmmmm, well looks like I’m going to be giving Marvel more money the I have in some time. If it wasn’t Bendis then I probably wouldn’t pick this up, but New Avengers has been so damn good the last few months. It’ll be interesting to see how these 3 books work out.

  105. Wasn't the whole point of relaunching "Avengers" to get all the big names everyone cares about and wants to read about on one title? I'm not saying "New Avengers" is bad by any means (I just started reading that series last week actually, and I'm up to the Civil War issues, and it's much better than I was expecting) but this seems counter-intuitive to me. "Secret Avengers" I kind of get since it's probably going to be people you'd never expect to be on the regular Avengers team anyway, but if "Avengers" is for the big guns, doesn't that mean that "New Avengers" would have to be second tier heroes by default? I just really don't think I want to read "Junior Varsity Avengers" all that much... and I'm just gonna get pissed if some of my favorite characters get delegated to that squad.

  106. I’m just going to wait for Avengers Forever


  107. I’m glad Cage is still an Avenger.

    Other’n that, it sounds like there’s gonna be a lot of new books for me to buy. If they’re good, awesome. If they suck, I won’t buy them.



  108. If you want less Avengers books, there’s a place for that.

    It’s "Marvel’s Ultimate Avengers" by Mark Millar.

  109. … or just don’t buy the ones you don’t want to read.

  110. I was going to jump on Avengers #1, but with multiple Avenger books now, I don’t think I’ll pick any up. I attempted to read 3 of the 4 current Avengers titles: Mighty, Dark, New. It was just to much Avengers. 

  111. I won’t buy multiple Avenger titles, but I will buy every Green Lantern title. Which is currently at 4 (Green Lantern, GL Corps, GL Brightest Day, GL Warriors – which revolves around Guy and Kilowog.)

  112. @conor Now don’t be silly, comic fans can’t be sensible about how they spend their money. Marvel is FORCING them to buy all these books by slapping "Avengers" on the title.

    If only they’d called it Alien Avengers or Briitish Avengers instead of S.W.O.R.D. and Captain Britan & Mi-13 we’d still have those books, because, you know we HAVE to buy everything with the word Avengers on it.

  113. @gobo

    Well Dr Voodoo had Avenger in the title. 

  114. Yeah but it wasn’t a team book 🙂


    Also I was joking

  115. What no Alpha Flight?

  116. i think this is going to be the Avengers the Iniciative team from now on! New Avengers = New warriors. Luke cage as drill sargent kind of like the Gauntlet. And I’m sure the next book is dierent name Dan Slott writen Mighty avengers!

  117. Why do people think that a company would reduce four great selling titles to only one. The avengers franchise is poppin and to me that’s a great thing. Anytime an franchise does well they are going to put out more then one book with it. Just buy the ones you want.

    I am going to do what I did during the past incarnation of the avengers titles. I bought the first issue of all of them and ended up only sticking with New Avengers and I got along fine. I am sure you will too.

    Although Secret Avengers sounds awesome!!!!

  118. New image out, Spider-Man is on this "new" team….I thought he was on regular Avengers since he was shown on the cover? But I guess no one said yuo have to be exclusive to a team specially since their still Avengers.

  119. Since New Avengers starts later than "The" maybe they all start off together and then split.

  120. It looks like I’m right on track. Up next Wolverine!!!

  121. Spider-man in New Avengers and Avengers. Thats weird and interesting. What role does each team play is now the real question?

  122. Spider-Man is a cheater! But which team is he cheating on?

  123. Luke Cage and Spidey? Guess this will be the Avenegers book I buy.

  124. @crippler I would buy Rescue Rangers Avengers , that would be awesome. 

  125. Man, Spider-Man is going to be BUSY! Good thing he ain’t married no more. HEY OH!

  126. Yep, feels more and more like this will be street level Avengers.

  127. I like that each New Avenger must introduce themselves with a daily affirmation.

  128. One Spider-man is OBVIOUSLY a skrull.

  129. @Megnolia word, but then again Luke Cage’s daily affrmation is too easy, who with unbreakable skin would backdown from a fight? 

    Bendis is the Jay Z of comics. I don’t wana like him because he’s everywhere but I cant deny that he’s good. He also has the same work ethic as Jay Z, he is the oppisite of lazy. When he retires he will probably just come back six months later. Thats why he couldn’t just have one Avengers title. This should be good because of Bendis + Immonen, but they better spice it up with the cast.

  130. Gobo, I think you’re onto it. The "teaser" images did NOT include Spider-man and Wolverine. We saw the two of them on the cover to issue #1. But as New starts later, the reason for the split, and the reason for the two teams, could hatch out of the first issue of The Avengers.

    Or, you know, the cover could just be misleading. Though to be fair, they did say the cover was NOT the final team. 😉 

    Like I said, these are fun to speculate on, but I’m not worrying about them until I actually read the books. I like the teams of Bendis/Immonen and Bendis/JRJr, so I see no reason not to pick these up — certainly not based on some teaser images. 😉

  131. Could this be a play on words? I am New Avenger, on the new Avengers team (as seen in Avengers #1)?

    Like I am a New Canadian or New Olympic Athlete? 


    Maybe the Avenger book will have two artists? JRJR does an arc with the core group, and then Stuart does the next arc with a different group, and so on? Keep’s the book on time, keeps the quality high, and leaves JRJR free for other projects? 

  132. I actually like Spider-man’s quote. It’s the one that stands out most to me. It’s the kind of mentality that well justifies Marvel’s spidey-centric universe. Just reading it aloud has a hint of inspiration to it.

  133. In all honesty, I’m going to miss the "Avengers Initiative" book. I have every issue and the characters the series started with really struck a good cord with me. I hope they put some of the important ones in the Avengers Academy.

  134. My only disappointment is that is does not look like Spidey will be on the JRJR book. 🙁 

    Other than that, if people are going to purchase the books, good for Marvel.

  135. I actually like the idea of different teams under the Avengers banner. It is a good way to have all these characters involved without having a huge, bloated line-up that won’t have time to focus on the characters enough. My only concern is, how connected are these books going to be? If I just wanted to read The "main" Avengers book (The one with Cap, Thor and Iron man), would I be only getting part of the story? i know Bendis has a habit of writing one scene and then having it appear in every monthly book he does. I think that interview with norman Osbourne complaining about Hawkeye was even in powers at one point. Will I be scratching my head, or will each title have it’s own self-contained stories?

  136. "I sold my soul for wheat cakes…I AM A NEW AVENGER"

  137. Wait I’m confused here (not the first time) on a bunch of different levels.

    Is Spider-Man on the main team or not? I know he isn’t on the teaser images, but why would JrJr put him on the first cover? Is he a main Avenger or not?

    I seriously need confirmation here cause it just blows my mind. If he is on both teams then that doesn’t make a lick of sense. I’m not asking for a plot outline for the first arc of each title; just let Bendis give us a one-sentence explaination for this.

  138. @TNC: We won’t know those answers, most likely, until we read the book. Also, it’s not unheard of for people to be on multiple teams (Wolverine, Batman, Wally West, etc. etc. etc.)

  139. @conor: Like Tom Katers?

  140. @TNC-Why do you assume that stories in ‘New Avengers’ and ‘Avengers’ will be occurring at exactly the same point in time?  If one story takes place a week later than the other, problem solved.  And since the stories take multiple months to be completed, this is entirely plausible.

  141. @mikeandzod21 See, that’s clever and it would be funny if Peter had made the deal, but as anyone who actually read the comic knows Mary Jane is the one who made the deal with Mephisto. This is probably why MJ isn’t on an Avengers team and her former husband seems to be on 2.

  142. Back in the 80s we had three Avengers Titles (West Cost, Solo Avengers, and the flagship). Having four titles in rotation 20 years later isn’t that big of a deal.

  143. @Smasher: Also, there are already four Avengers books right now at this minute.

  144. @conor exactly. I’m all for good books by talented people. Keep them coming

  145. I just thought with this new ‘age’ we’re getting that somehow, Marvel would change a bit. I wasn’t expecting a renassiance or a complete overhaul. I would just think that Marvel would learn from there mistakes over the past 2-3 years.

    No indication to tell me that beforehand, just thought that would be the case.

  146. @TNC I’m just curious but were these mistakes actual bungles that caused sales and reviews to be horrible or were they things that you personally did not care for?

  147. It’s a mix of both. I mean financially the company does very well; but the talent doesn’t seem to be all that good….in my eyes. We could argue about our feelings for Bendis, Fraction, Brubaker, and the lot for days. But I just feel the way this company is run and who writers the ‘major’ titles for the company are flawed. Then you have way too many Avengers, X-Men, and now Deadpool books and it is just getting annoying on how they market. All they do is just advertise those books and very little else.

    I know that makes the money and most fans go for those characters. But DC has kept marketing lesser known books and they continue to go. While Marvel doesn’t market smaller books all that well and they cancel it without a second guess. Meanwhile I’m seeing more Avenger books and the bigger name writers get more work while people like Gillen, Remender, and others are actually getting less work.

  148. @ Everyone: What can Bendis possibly do new to the New Avengers?!?! I just hope these Avenger books remain consistent in their run. I don’t want the book to be like multiple titles telling one story arc (can anyone say X-Men).

  149. @Avenger 117 – I would too…. I would too… *sigh* Oh Gadget, who DID you choose? 

  150. We’ve gotta stop buying all these books, send Marvel a message. This will never happen but I long for the days when there was only 1 Avengers book.

  151. @ironcladmerc  Hey when the books stop entertaining me i’ll be the first to stop buying them

  152. Damnitt Spider-man!!  Now I’ll have to buy this book too.

  153. They had me with Avengers, I thought "why not" with Secret Avengers. Now, with New Avengers, they lost me.

    But great creative teams on all books. Hope they keep ’em around and consistent for some time. 

  154. New Update!  Big surprise.  Now Wolvie is part of the team.  Color me shocked.  I wonder if this will be a five superhero team as well.

  155. @Roivampire I read it but much like Wolverine my super power is to block painful memories out. Plus, Peter was the reason they were in front of mephisto in the first place. Honestly, I probably wouldt have hated ‘brand new day’ as much if it hadn’t been a throwback to the 70s and 80s and demonstrated a complete
    lack of responsibility for the actions of both Peter and MJ. At the end of the story the deal
    is made and he wakes up at Aunt May’s and everything is hunky dorry? Harry Osborne is magically still alive? He never unmaksed? I called bullshit after one issue and haven’t read one since. That story turned me violently agaisnt the character (except for Ultimate Spider-Man).

  156. For character moments I think this is the book I need to read.  Bendis does great Spidey-Luke Cage banter.  And I have yet to see a bad Spidey-Wolverine teamup.

    That said I wonder in the long run how consistent are these rosters going to stay?  Slott’s Mighty Avengers had hulk and Iron-Man for three issues before they left.  Echo came and went (where is she now anyway?).  Weren’t Iron FIst and Dr. Strange technically part of the the old "New" Avengers for a few issues? 

  157. @mikeandzod21 Well it’s good that you gave one of the best comics marvel produces a fair shot with one issue.

  158. Wolverine huh? Yup this is definately my Avengers book.

  159. Now I’m thinking that even though Spidey & Wolverine are on the cover of Avengers #1 I don’t believe they will be apart of "The" Avengers.  I guess "The" #1 will be about Bucky, Tony, & Thor seeing who wants to be in "The" Avengers.

  160. I never really liked New Avengers. The only reason I was caught up to it was because Powers was on break. This line-up is from the worst era of the book; between Civil War and Secret Invasion. I can bet that the next reveal is going to Iron Fist or Echo. Gobo is correct, people bitching about too man Avengers books should…just not buy it. What really bothers me is that this would mean that Powers will still miss schedule. That really sucks.

    I still love Immonen’s art and that Wrecking Crew finding the depower box arc was great in concept, so I’ll see where this goes.I just hope Bendis gives Powers the time it needs.

  161. Now Wolverine is in this team, but on the cover for ‘The’ #1.

    The madness never ends! 🙂

  162. As is Spider-man. Madness!

  163. This is hilarious… so who is next? spider woman, mocking bird, hawkeye …

  164. So far this is staying the same as the New Avengers right now. But you have to woner…who’s gonna lead them? Bucky’s over in regular avengers, and its widely believed Steve Rogers gonna be on the Secret Avengers. And yes Cage could techniccly lead them but then he’d be pulling double, double duty on the thunderbolts. Now if this is anything like the last bit we have two to three more images coming at us over the next few days. so…who else could lead them?

  165. If the whole idea that you have more entertainment choices versus fewer makes you mad because you’re “compelled” to buy them all regardless of quality or actual enjoyment, you may have an addiction problem. No one bitches when they hear that GM just released ANOTHER new model of car – they simply choose not to buy it and keep driving what ever car they were already enjoying. This kind of “too-many-choices problem” only seems to plague comicbook readers…

  166. @Patman Well…Ms Marvel can always lead =P

  167. I’m starting to warm a lot more to the idea of this book. Yes Cage, Spidey and Wolverine have been on the book for a long period but since Cap died the book, for me anyway, has felt more like a vehicle between events. it kind of led from civil war to secret invasion then to siege without being its own entity. If the role the book took is now filled by "Avengers" and have that be the big, universe changing book then New Avengers could have its own great niche. Also i have never really felt Cage as being the absolute leader since Steve and Tony left and if they make it apparent right away he’s leading, i’d be very happy to see him, Spidey and Wolverine be major players with major voices in the Avengers universe as opposed to how Spidey and Wolverine are used now as they feel kind of like secondary characters

  168. I think Bendis would be a lot more effective at turning Luke Cage into the new Wolverine if he’d stop also including Wolverine in his books.

  169. @theworldaccordingtobob Agreed, Usually spidey is just there to make a quip. Not since tony was on the team has peter used his brain or powers in a really cool way. And people tend to forget that Logan hasn’t been in Avengers since Utopia. I miss him interacting with Cage and Spidey. Hell if this were the entire team it would be my potw every time it came out probably.

  170. Here comes a NEW CHALLENGER!

    It seems Jewel has joined the…New Avengers. I’m actually really happy that she’s doing some superhero work. Still not sure I’ll pick this up when it comes out though, I’ll wait for the next announced  member.

  171. if they space it out it might not be bad just think of it as having a weekly avengers book

  172. @CountAbyss: Oh yeah, Ms Marvel could totally work and I would be down for that. But now with Jessica Jones on the team I think Bendis is going the way of super team as a family. Mostly because I think that Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Jones have always had the best interactions. And the inclusion of Jessica’s Best freind Carol Danvers would round it out and make this book both dynamic and really Fun

  173. Soooo…New Avengers is basically the current New Avengers minus their heavier hitters?

    This is totally a street team. I really hope Iron Fist gets drafted. I miss his solo series.

  174. @OttoBott: ME TOO! IT WAS THE BEST. They had me hooked by that 8th City arc.

  175. @Mangaman – That’s next on the trade list for purchase. I loved the BruFraction run, and was convinced recently I needed to finish the series after looking over some of Travel Foreman’s pencils for the 4th and 5th trades.

  176. @roivampire I read the first issue of ‘bnd’ and absolutely hated it, bought the first issue of the ’24/7′ arc and lost interest half way through the issue, and bought the one with the Bedis back up and I honestly couldn’t tell you what the main story was. So to call it the ‘best comic marvel produces’ is something I would have to strongly disargree with.

  177. Meh! Let the haters hate! Ever since yesterday I’ve been FULLY Reinvigorated. The more avengers the better. Just make ’em g00d like they’ve been in the last year and I’m on board.