AVENGERS ACADEMY Gets Its Third Student… Reptil

Your past might not hurt you, but those claws might if you have, say, an itch or something.


  1. what’s with the baggy pants? Is he going to be the ‘hip, bad boy’ of school?

  2. every announcement for this book brings me closer to being sad… but I will hold out judgement til the final book arrives

  3. Maybe his feet grow too and his pants give him extra room.

  4. Now this one’s an existing character, right? If I’m not mistaken, he was created for one of the Marvel cartoons and then brought into the Initiative? Is that right? No feelings one way or another on this one. Having… dinosaur hands?… doesn’t realy have an appeal for me. But, hey, maybe he’s a great character.

  5. @cougarclaws Those pants aren’t baggy just loose

  6. @CougarclawsROB: I wouldn’t classify those as baggy pants at all. They look like exaggerated boot cuts.

  7. Finally someone I recognize.  He was the lead in an Avengers: Initiative one-shot a year or so ago.

  8. Isn’t this guy one of the characters from the Superhero Squad cartoon?

  9. Ok the top part of the pants on the thighs aren’t baggy, but there is a whole other set of pants material slouched down by his ankles.

  10. He has reptile arms. I think the bagginess of the jeans probably isn’t really an issue.

  11. It’s a shame I know this. But that’s the guy from the superhero squad cartoon.

  12. "How do you pick your nose?"

    "Very carefully…"

  13. isnt that the one guy from the Super Hero Sqaud TV show (Yes I’ve watched it, let the mocking begin) the guy who can turn diffrent parts of his body into dinosaur limbs or something

  14. I guess he would be able to a bra off a gal fairly quickly.

  15. Along with providing a free masectomy

  16. he IS the guy from superhero squad. i caught an episode once, and was bemused by who this show was tailored for. i mean they look like kids but all the women have breast like playboy playmates!!! strange show.

  17. My hope for this series is that it will have a legion of super heroes/old school x-men/x-men first class vibe. But with distinctly Avengers flavor. I think you could make that good. You don’t even need characters with powers that aren’t weird and lame if you go in that direction.

  18. @JesTr   glad i’m not the only one who remembered that issue

  19. @JesTr @RoiVampire

    XD! Me too!! I have that issue on the coffee table, reread it. He seems interesting enough to put on a team. Hate the name but he’s a unique character. 

  20. @mangaman I love characters who can morph and look totally normal and then change to look super crazy

  21. That one-shot with Reptil was a great issue.

    The character came out of the book and then went to the cartoon.

  22. all 3 of these characters do seem to me like they should be at the Xavier Institute. On top of that, the visual designs seem rather uninteresting to me. 

    i mean, it’s cool if you like that sort of thing, i guess. but i stick with my classic avengers and probably the secret avengers. i might even check out new avengers, but not this. 

  23. My excitement is fading with each announcement too.  

  24. From Superhero Squad to the Academy.

  25. What do you people want him to wear, nut-huggers?

    His pants aren’t even baggy.  They’re slim, modern, non-nut-hugging pants.  Looks normal.

  26. I can’t wait to see who else is going to be in New X-men–uh I mean, Avengers Academy! jokes aside, I want a lot of quality Avengers books, it’s about the only title from Marvel I look forward to anyway.

  27. I really want to see a hero with tighty jeans. And one that uses a straightening iron to “do” his hair. That might get more teens to read comics. Slightly serious actually. Real teens, not the parodies make them out to be. Alphona and Vaughn had a great handle on them without it being patronizing or satirizing. Just saying!

  28. No camel-tail thou!

    Superbad still awesomely funny to me!

  29. Could he not buy an extra vowel to finish out his name properly? Maybe Vanna White will be a recruit and can help him out.

  30. Love that KickAss will even defend Marvel when it comes to fashion choices.

  31. I remember the one-shot from Avengers Initiative everyone is talking about, it was pretty blah. (Was that the inadvertent SPECIAL AVENGERS issue?) I’m a bit bothered that Striker and Reptil both have the same face, though. McKone’s usually better about that. 

    @Kickass Now I want to create a Hipster superhero whose pants are smaller on the inside than they are on the outside. 

  32. This is why I’ve drifted away from Marvel Comics and why I’m probably going to stop caring about comics on a weekly basis in the near future.

    I mean, does this really need to be its own press release? Forget "event fatigue", I have "hype fatigue" from every little announcement being made into its own press release that I’m supposed to care about. I can’t just avoid these things, because every comics website repeats them as soon as Marvel puts them out.

    Seriously. "REPTIL is the third member of ‘Avengers Academy’"–Do Avengers fans themselves even REALLY care enough about this to want to see it in its own advertisement/press release? I’m not ragging on iFanboy, because it’s your job to reiterate Marvel press releases–so that’s fine. But, I mean, based on the comments here it seems that the most noteworthy thing about this character is talking about how baggy his pants may or may not be. But this deserves a press release, huh? Everyday there’s a new something NEW that we’re trained to get hyped about or react to, and today that NEW thing is "Reptil" being the third member of a book that doesn’t even exist yet.

    At this rate, by the summer Marvel is going to give us "exclusive" peaks at uninked word balloon lettering, or if we’re lucky maybe even pdf files of rough drafts of the first-page recaps.

  33. Did Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy have a kid?

  34. I appreciate the updates, iFanboy, especially for a book that doesn’t have a lot of people excited.

    I am excited for this book because I love the book that this one is spinning out of and I trust Gage as a writer to continue to create fun, well-written superhero stories with lesser used characters.

  35. Uhm… hero up?

  36. I demand that all heroes wear Mom Jeans from now on. http://www.hulu.com/watch/10333/saturday-night-live-mom-jeans

  37. @ScorpionMasada: I didn’t know he was also in a cartoon later. That’s awesome.

    @stuclach: Greg Morton – "Obama in Mom Jeans" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6DltK0oNEo

  38. @JesTr – That was pretty good.

  39. @kenzaburo I’m with you these guys sould head over to Xavier’s institution, hopefully the next annoucement will be less mutant.

  40. Reptil is not a mutant. His powers are derived from an artifact.

    The others . . . I have no idea.


  42. Of Course Reptil isn’t the first character to start out in a Cartoon, and then move across to the comic books.

     Angelica Jones, Firestar…. I’m looking at you. 

  43. Every time I see one of these posts I always thinks its news about the new Umbrella Academy, damn you ifanboy

  44. Hate to tell people, but kids wear baggy pants.

  45. The character did not start off in a cartoon.

  46. OK- third character I think it is safe to say this migh suck- a lot.

    The art style is New Mutants- but badly.

     The character concepts even more outdated.

     Is Dan Didio involved in this somehow??