AVENGERS ACADEMY Gets Its Second Student… Striker

These announcements have a lot less impact when they involve people I've never heard of.


Avengers Academy Striker


  1. This choice– Cavalcade of Strangers– delights me.

  2. I agree, this is a good way to showcase new creations and how they are learning to deal with their powers.

  3. This is a bummer, The Initiative is my favorite book and I was hoping to see in continued in this book, but I guess thats not the case. I guess Marvel would just rather neglect some of its best characters. I’ll still check this out for sure, I’m just not as excited as I was.

  4. Cool costume design.  Bet it’ll be a pain for the artist to always get it to match.

  5. Well we don’t know that Marvel will be neglecting those characters at this point now do we?

  6. Ok, I’m definitly picking up the first issues of all four books. As of now I’m most excited about New Avengers, most intrigued about secret avengers, and most "meh" about Avengers and this…so far…

  7. "I don’t want the spotlight … I AM the spotlight"  Is Kanye writing this?

  8. I was hoping for Butterball but so far it looks like the rooster is full of new folks.

  9. Yeah, I’m kinda with Jimski on this one. Not really a surprise that, say, Iron Man is an Avenger. Ben Grimm is a "surprise,’ but only in that it’s an odd new configuration. But now… we have a name, a face, and a mystery. Seeing new characters here reminds me of what it was like when i was a kid and a new team of villains or heroes would pop up in one of my favorite comics. I remember when it was exciting and different to see the Marauders first show up in X-men. Who were they? And i remember when the first sketches of Cable and Stryfe and other Liefeld creations showed up in a copy of Marvel Age, prior to their introduction in New Mutants… that was exciting stuff!

  10. R.I.P. – Initiative

  11. I trust Christos Gage.  He’s created amazing characters so far in Initiative, so I can’t wait to see what he gives us in Academy!

  12. @ heroville "I don’t want the spotlight … I AM the spotlight"  Is Kanye writing this?


  13. Do you guys think this team will be made of all new characters, or will we get little-used young characters like Arana or Gravity?

  14. You know, I was a little unsure about this title after seeing these two reveals, but daccampo makes a great point. It’s nice to get in on the ground floor sometimes, isn’t it? Good perspective there, Dave.

  15. Is his costume supposed to look flat like Starman’s from JSA?

  16. What about the Young Avengers? Did they ever get any proper Avengers mentorship?

  17. @leonard: Not really, no.

  18. Tempest!

  19. finally a new avengers title I won’t be reading!

  20. I think a lot of you are jumping the gun. I’m sure the old initiative characters will be there too as instructors and mentors. They’re not going to make a book like this and just feature five characters guys. c’mon

  21. @daccampo: I have the same view of teams now as I did when I was reading comics in elementary school. I always found the same level of excitement in the "gathering the team" stories as I did when my friends and I would draft baseball players for our wiffle ball leagues. The mixing up of the already known people is what I find interesting. New people? I’ve never found them all that exciting in a team format made up entirely of unknowns. To me that’s like someone trying to get me exctied about a team of AAA ballplayers. It’s why I didn’t read RUNAWAYS in issues. Once I was sure that the Runaways was a team worth my time as opposed to the countless other groups of new characters that have come and gone, then I gave them a look.

    I’m actually going to check out AVENGERS ACADEMY #1 because of my general Avengers excitement level, but these particular reveals don’t have me refreshing the iFanboy inbox at noon, waiting excitedly for the next press release announcement like I have been for the previous teams.

  22. What’s next?

    New Secret Mighty Avenegers Academy Forever Origins 2!!

  23. Can we have a moratorium on "OMG SO MANY AVENGERS BOOKS" "jokes"?  There are (so far) going to be the same number of books as there are now and every possible "joke" has been made. You’re not adding anything new and it stopped being funny weeks ago.

  24. I have this idle daydream where I jot down the name of everyone who says, "Boo! These new Avengers books are terrible ideas!" and then six months from now I check those people’s pull lists and see all of them sitting there.

  25. Like others I feel no love for this book yet, I was really into the Initiative right up until secret invasion and dark regin initiative has been very meh, This could be okay I guess, only time will tell, right now between the random noname characters and the title, it makes me feel like this is going to be like some kind of prep school which doesn’t sound very cool to me

  26. Havok’s costume with different white stuff. This would have been a great opportunity for Marvel to relaunch Young Avengers! I wanna know where they fit.

  27. @conor — Sure, that’s a valid angle, too, and I don’t mean to take away from that. I mean, I did get a thrill from Ben Grimm being on the team and wondering how Bendis would play him against Spidey and Luke Cage. So, I do know what you mean. I’ll even confess that, despite my previous statement, I am admittedly less excited about this than New Avengers or The Avengers, mostly because I *want* to see how Bendis puts all the characters together. But, in MY case, I just kinda figured that’s because I’m just old and I’m more interested in seeing new configurations of familiar characters. 😉

    That’s actually what made me stop, step back, and really remember what it was like (again in MY case) to be young and to see a mysterious new hero or villain peering back from the comics rack at the grocery store. It’s like my aforementioned examples or, say, that menacing line of bounter hunters in The Empire Strikes Back. I think there’s something fun about seeing a character model like this and wondering…. okay, who is this guy? You start dreaming up what he’s all about before even reading a page. So, I really hope these teases can evoke that — even just a little. And if not? Hey, that’s what the other Avengers books are for. 

  28. This poor fellow spilled bleach all over his Onsie. 

  29. Striker? The SWAT guy from Mortal Kombat is going to be in this book? (I now see that this joke doesn’t really work, as the MK character spells his name differently).

    I like the flat black costume with the vivid lightning on it, it’s a cool look. And just like the rest of these new characters, I’ll be looking forward to seeing them in this book.

  30. Striker just makes me think of Airplane II.  Cap will inevitably yell "Striker! Striker now!" and Hank Pym will think it’s his time to shine. 

  31. Y’know, I have this feeling that Striker was the name of a comic strip about a football (soccer) player which they had in one of the tabloids here in the UK.  First they bought Miracleman, now…..

  32. this is starting to feel like an X-book to me. I’m more than a little worried.

  33. Is the school aspect the part of the X-Men you don’t like?

  34. Who the hell is this guy?

  35. Another new character, brace yourself, we’ll probably have a few more of those over the next couple of days.

  36. Lamenting over these characters being new seems kind of futile. Isn’t the point of this book to showcase new and young characters?

  37. Maybe at the end of the first issue all these new characters will be revealed to be the Masters of Evil in disguise?

  38. Have a feeling they’ll throw us a curve ball by the end of the week in this Avengers Academy.

  39. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one excited for this. Oh well. I loved the first couple of arcs of Initiative and I’m expecting this to have the same vibe. Hope I’m write.

  40. Whoops. Forgot to say I actually like his little tagline. I love having a total douchebag on every team. Makes for interesting interactions. 

  41. A swing and a miss! Two strikes!

  42. reminds me of that fellow from The Authority. That doesn’t make me want it. This guy really looks like the brooding type. Why couldn’t they bring back Trauma from Avenger’s Initiative? That would have been so boss to see him develope his phobic-metamorphasis ability. In fact I could think of five characters right now that would make for an interesting avengers idea. I feel like the marvel team is wasting some of their potential heroes from the initiative, young avengers, new warriors, and runaways.

  43. @mangaman  You don’t actually think this book is only going to have the five characters they reveal this week do you. I bet my pants that a lot of the staples of the initiative are in this book as mentors

  44. @mangaman You’re right, how dare Marvel try to develop new characters.

  45. Alright, I’m intrigued.  Slightly wistful for Living Lightning as well.  Didn’t know that could happen.

  46. @RoiVampire: I sure hope so Roi. I really do.
    @gobo: =( I got attached to the really good ones. Why make more? Don’t you want to see awesome developement with what they already have? I bet you would if they went that route, but that’s a whole different story now. =/

  47. @MangaMan I’m sure they’ve got plans for many people in the Initiative and the YA (I keep hearing Heinberg is writing a new mini with them).  They’ve got a plan and it’s definitely safer to go with existing people so if they’re making new people there’s likely a reason for it.

  48. There needs to be a thread titled "your dream team young avengers". I’d have so much fun going back through my issues picking different line ups.

    … man I am such a geek.

  49. I actually like the idea of a book of new heroes. All it needs is one classic Avenger to act as the mentor. My choice for that role would be Hawkeye. He’s a proven leader, a proven teacher, and i love the idea of a normal human with no powers being the guy to mentor all these super powered characters. 

  50. All the European Ifanboys know that you need a Striker in the team.  Tomorrow the will unveil  the Central Midfielder… I can’t wait for the annoucement of the Goalie…

  51. @mangaman its ok, you’re among friends

  52. Wow, that is rather unabashedly Tempest, isn’t it? Except with the one scraggly piece of hair instead of the scar. (For comparison: http://www.brokenfrontier.com/userfiles/images/lowdown/2009/jul/DC46Titans15.jpg) Still does nothing to entice me. That self-statement is quite cringe worthy, too. Not much to sway my opinion, truthfully, but this doesn’t help sell it either. 

  53. This looks cool! I keep wondering if that thing on his face is a superman style hair thing, or a scar, or his face is just cracking.

  54. @Matrix

    It’s a scar. Striker was struck as a child.

  55. So uh if my favorite current team books are X-Factor, Fantastic Four and DC’s Secret Six and I can only afford one of these new Avengers books, which one should I go for?

  56. That costume is just…..hideous. There’s no other word for it.

  57. Mabe its schmiss and Striker is a German superhero?

  58. I have no idea who these people are but I am so in for this book!

  59. Oh, THIS is why we don’t get that many new superhero characters. We ran out of good nicknames!

  60. I noticed that both characters released have a black costume.  I wonder if the costume is more a silhouette with the image on it being what their power will be.  I’m curious to see if the rest of the press images show this.  I still think this title could hold some serious Young Avengers potential, but I also get the feeling that no matter who they throw on this team, it will be a game day decision as to whether or not I buy it.

  61. @BrianBaer – Those guys are getting together in Young Allies by Sean Mckeever. Coming in… April, I wanna say?

  62. Any word or guesses as to who will be running the academy?  I like structure so hopefully the Avengers Academy will be an actual institution in the Marvel U for some time to come, regardless if whether the series continues or not. 

  63. @TNC: I agree. It’s not striking. (pun not intended)

  64. rsmorley you know, I was thinking at first that we were getting a L’il Northstar, but that could easily be Living Lightning with a new haircut and name.


    I’m looking forward to this book, loved the Initiative. But no Mighty Avengers? Boo! 

  65. Enough complaining, This is New Avengers Academy, you shouldn’t know anyone in this book unless they’re a teacher or something. Think New X-Men Academy/New Mutants/Generation X

  66. @speedball Why shouldn’t we know anyone? Couldn’t a Power Pack kid or someone attend?

  67. Come on guys! These are new characters. You aren’t excited about that. I love the fact that new characters are activily being created. And it isn’t the fact that your favorite characters are being killed off or anything. The writers/editors at Marvel aren’t interested in using them

    Also for all the ‘Where are all Young Avengers’ comments Marvel has been pretty open to the fact that those are very much Allen Heinberg and Jim Cheungs characters AND if I remember correctly didn’t Quesada say something about Heinberg and Cheung working on another Mini/Maxi series that was supposed to come out in the summer of 2010.

    UPDATE: According to wikipedia yes a series is supposed to come out in July called The Childrens Crusade. So that’s where the Young Avengers are. Heinberger and Cheung are busy using them

    Now let’s move on.

  68. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Avengers

    Oops, I meant to include the link. Like Daccampo says I am excited for this series. I love seeing the mystery of new characters and what they bring. I think I might be equally excited for all the upcoming Avengers books! 


  69. The Young Avengers were never sanctioned by the Avengers, they were just a group of kids who got together and decided to form their own team, the real Avengers tried to shut them down I think, then begrudgingly let them exist. I loved the first story arc of Young Avengers, it was one of the best I’ve read.

  70. I’ve never got why Marvel lets the YA be almost the exclusive property of Heinberg and Cheung – sure, if they were producing material featuring them with anything approaching regularity, but they’re not. I cannot believe that 12 issues and the occasional special makes more money for Marvel than would make on a regular title.

    Sure, I was a huge fan of the H/C run, but I’d rather see the team in action together in an ongoing than rolled out purely for minis. Marvel has talent, they should put some of it on YA before their fanbase dies.

  71. @Mart   YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone get this man a job as an intern so he can work his way up at the House of Ideas

  72. @RoiVampire Thanks. I’m genuinely curious – the ‘waiting for Heinberg and Cheung’ line is repeated again and again as if it’s the natural order of things.

  73. could this be the living lightning? mr. miguel santos?

  74. Lightning Lad?