Another Ten Things I Love About Comics (The Negativity Free Article)

There is one thing that I don’t think anybody here can disagree with – there is a lot of negativity that permeates the on-line comic book community. Even though we strive to rise above the rabble at iFanboy and promote a positive comic book experience, no one can deny the appeal of a good ol’ fashioned bitch fest. It’s just fun sometimes to rail against that which offends or annoys your sensibilities.

Sometimes, though, we as comic fans get so caught up in the vortex of bitch that we forget why we’re all here in the first place – we’re reading comics! We’re hanging out and talking with other people who are reading comics! This is supposed to be fun, dammit!

(And yes, on-line negativity isn’t the sole property of the comic book community, it just so happens that a comic book community is what we are so this is what we’re dealing with here.)

I’m drawing a line in the sand around this article and proclaiming it a Negativity Free Zone! In the comments I want to see people talking about what they love in comics right now, what gets them really fired up, what makes them happy to engage in this insane, weekly medium that we all love.

We all love it, right?

Negative comments will magically disappear into the ether.

Here are Ten Things I Love About Comics Right Now

I Love… J.H. Williams III’s up-coming art in Detective Comics.

I Love… early 80s Marvel Comics. I just finished reading the Secret Wars Omnibus… and it was glorious! Over-written and over-wrought, with ham-fisted characterizations and a truly perplexing plot. Marvel Comics from the early 1980s were a sight to behold. I don’t know if you were aware, but James Rhodes is black. And in case you forgot, he reminded you, me, and everyone in the book in practically every scene he was in. Also, The Wasp was very concerned with her nails during battle. It was awesome. Excelsior!

I Love… the way Mark Waid writes Peter Parker.

I Love… the thrill of discovery. After the Eisner nominations were announced I decided to choose a random title from the list, one that I had never heard of, and buy it sight unseen. And I did. And it was fantastic. The book itself is going to show up on iFanboy at some point, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but the name isn’t the point really. The point is that there is not much more that is as exciting as stumbling on something totally new and unlike anything I have read before, and completely loving it.

I Love… Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Whatever reservations I might have about X-Men Origins: Wolverine (and, oh, there are many!) I know one thing’s for sure – Hugh Jackman is pitch-perfect as Logan and no movie focusing on him can be totally bad. Talk about hitting the casting jackpot. If Dougray Scott had never dropped out of playing Wolverine to be in Mission: Impossible II would we be having this conversation? The world may never know.

I Love… the cover design for the Final Crisis hardcover.

I Love… Greg Rucka. We haven’t seen a whole lot of Greg Rucka since his post-52 sabbatical. Sure he’s done a bit of work here and there, but he hasn’t been a presence in comics like he was before. But now he’s back with a vengeance in the Superman world with Action Comics and Superman: World of New Krypton. No one infuses action with character development quite like Greg Rucka and right now those two books are two of the best that DC Comics have to offer. This year lots have people have been found to say, “Oh, yeah – I almost forgot. Greg Rucka is one of the best writers in comics.”

I Love… free bags and boards from one of my local comic book stores. I don’t use them for my own comics, but they sure do come in handy with the iFanboy Membership packets.

I Love… the time period between when I make my pull list on Monday afternoon to when I pick up my books on Wednesday. That time of anticipation, of speculation, of sheer possibility… well, it’s almost better than the books themselves.

I Love… the iFanbase. Everyday without fail one of you makes me laugh.  And laugh good.  Sometimes you even do it intentionally!


  1. I love Dustin Nguyen’s art.

    I love the incredibly civil discussion that took place yesterday in the thread for this article:

    I love that Josh followed up the posting of that article by picking a Superhero book (not knocking the pick, just enjoying the timing).

    I love Ron’s sideburns.

    I love Conor’s shiny dome.

    I love that Josh is trying to create something to contribute to the industry that he loves.

  2. Here are mine.

    1) I love Jason Aaron! A new writer that I can’t get enough of.

    2) Showcases and Essentials. I stopped buying these for a while but recently I picked up the Doom Patrol. Fun stuff. Especially if you want to research a character and what more info then just a wikipedia page.

    3) Twitter! I follow so many comic creators and fans on twitter and love the weekly wednesday updates of everyone as they read thier books. I love all you guys on there, most of whom would not have met without this website. My twitter name is TimmyWood if you want to follow.

    4)Ethan Van Scivers art in Flash ReBirth. Wowza

    5) Blackest Night anticipation! Yeah Geoff Johns

    6) Making my pull list on the website. I cannot tell you have convienent that is.

    7) The D level characters and wikipedia. Sometimes I find myself on wikipedia looking up different characters that I have never heard of and getting new found appreciation for them. There is a She-Thing!

    8) Ed Brubaker. dont need to say anymore. 

    9) The Forums and everyone on there. Good positive attitudes that are hard to find elsewhere

    10) the iFanboy podcast. Still my favorite podcast around. If you haven’t become a member yet do it. It’s part of my weekly routine now.


  3. I love…How good the Superman books are right now.  I can now proudly say I’m a fan of the Big Blue Boy Scout. 

    I love…Geoff Johns.  And I mean that in the straightest way possible.

    I love…the discount my shop gives me.  It keeps me reading single issues in spite of price jumps.

    I love…the iFanboy hosts for turning me on to Jason Aaron.  I probably would have ignored his work if it wasn’t for you guys.  He’s now one of my favorite writers.

    I love…Grant Morrison.  Sometimes his wackiness irks me, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was excited to read Batman & Robin.

    I love…the ifanbase.  Sometimes we disagree, and sometimes it gets heated, but I enjoy talking comics with you guys.  I started reading comics almost a year ago, and this site and it’s members have helped me with any questions I’ve had, and have helped me discover creators I probably would have never read if it wasn’t for you guys. 


    Now enough of this mushy stuff.  I’m going to go and chop some wood.

  4. I love bananas.

  5. I love…The Umbrella Academy

    I love…Remender and Opena on The Punisher. I am going to remember the action sequences in issue 3 for a long time to come.

    I love…Fraction. Dude is money. 

  6. I love that Spider-Man comes out almost every week and it’s this awesome.

    I love how Deadpool makes me laugh out loud.

    I love my Godland Celestial Edition.  Almost as much as I would love a Vol. II

    I love lending out my Local hardcover and having people ask me afterward what other comics I have.

    I love giving them the 1st Walking Dead trade next and freaking them out.

    I love pulling out a random comic from an unsorted longbox and reading The Micronauts vs Man-Thing on the throne.

    I love that my wife got me hardcovers for my birthday.  She apologized for not being able to find Absolute Watchmen as I opened to find Absolute Kingdom Come.  Score!

    I love Brubaker’s Cap run, even after I swore the book off in hissy-fit after reading #25.

    I love spelling bullshit, bullshyt.  I love calling people ‘slines.  (ok, Im out of comic content, Im done)

  7. bulshytt is hilarious.

  8. I love Wednesdays again. 

  9. I, too, love…JH Williams III. Recently finished volume 3 of Promethea, eagerly awaiting Detective Comics.

    I love…the mad variety of comics. Last night alone I read House of Mystery, Jonah Hex, finished Crogan’s Vengeance, and then started vol. 2 of American Flagg. All unique experiences, all great.

    I love…getting my DCBS orders.

    I love…the fwapping sound when you drop one comic on top of another.

  10. I love Chlop.

    I love Iron Fist and his band of immortal weapons.

    I love the fact that my LCS had tons of copies of Viking #1.

    I love that I can talk to people here about comics.

    I love that Conor can respond to anything, usually, in just one sentence.

    I love the smell of IDW’s books.

    I love comics.

  11. I love Spider-Man. Residual annoyance from the movies made me avoid him for ages. But turns out I love him and his quips.

    I love my library. Went there to return a book and came out with 7 trades.

    I love rating my books. It’ affords me an opportunity to think critically about my books and check out what everyone else is saying.

    I love jumping in. I’ve instituted a rule of buying one new title each week to expand my horizons. I’ve read some good, some I didn’t dig, and some I didn’t fully understand, but it’s been fun.

    I love my shop. Great staff and cool space. Plus, it’s across the street from my favorite takeout place which means weekly comics and noodles!

    I love Wednesdays!

    And, of course, much love to this great community and all of the fantastic people I’ve met through it!

  12. I love finally discovering a medium and hobby that appeals to all of my major inclinations.

    I love walking a fine line between reading spoilers and being suprised with reveals.

    I love seeing the glorious diversity in opinions of everyone in comicfandom.

    I love being a defending a medium that comes under criticism in terms of legitimacy.

    I love getting to the end of a comic, reading the last panel, exclaiming, "Sunuvabitch! I have to wait another month!" and then next month arrives.

  13. @PV  I love the ‘fwapping’ sound too! Good call!

  14. I also love correcting my mistypings. Should read: "I love defending …"

  15. I love…

    Scott Pilgrim

    Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corps

    heck, anything by Geoff Johns

    the fact that someone recognized the ifanboy logo from a button on my jacket

    the fact I actually have a lcs to go to now, after 3 years of not

    having a routine to my wednesdays

    New Frontier and the fact that I’ve been able to get other people to read it 

  16. CHeesey one liners.

    Big special collections, like the Hellboy Library Hardback (cloth cover) Volumes.

    That my g/f is open to reading anything I give her, so we can argue about it later.

    Artists you can spot with looking at the name.

    I love when a writer tries something new.

    I love going into the store and feeling spoiled for choice.

    I love that comics are truly the greatest visual medium for any single storyteller.  No need for production teams, actors or animators.  As a hobby it’s just you and your imagination.

  17. I love being a relatively new comics reader (2006) because there is NEVER a shortage of new things to read.

    I love pretty much everything I’ve read written by Grant Morrison.

    I love checking out new comic shops that I’ve heard about, but never visited.

    I love the relaxation that reading comics gives me after a stressful day at work.

    I love interacting with the fine folks here at iFanboy as well as at Around Comics. It’s nice to be able to express opinions or ask newbie questions without fear of being belittled or attacked.

    I love exploring Marvel and DC comics from the late 70s-early 80s, which I missed out on as a kid since I started reading comics as an adult.

    That’s all I got for now!

  18. I love, above all other things, early-to-mid-seventies Marvel storylines.  Right now I’m reading the Kree-Skrull War trade again…awesome!  Also the second Earth-A saga in issues 160-163 of FF.

    Maybe I just love Roy Thomas…

  19. I love going on ifanboy every day

    I love how artsy Batman books have gotten

    I love Deadpool

    I love reviewing a book on this site every wednesday

    I love how josh can come up with so many voices

    I love ron’s laugh

    I love conor’s drunken twitter posts at 1am in the morning (oh there are so many)

    I love how jimski’s, paul’s, sonia’s, and mike’s articles are fantastic every single week.

    I love my LCS for providing me laughs every single wednesday at 11am

    I love everyone on this website

  20. I love stories and comics have them in spades.

    I love the passion and energy around comic books.  

    I love Fear Agent

    I love being able to create anything I can imagine with some ink and words.

     and finally I love this site!  Thanks for the work everyone puts in daily to keep this thing going.  

  21. I love…

    Alex Ross covers

    Black and white comics

    and  How iFanboy always has interesting trades and graphic novels to tell me about.

  22. I love….Ebay – was able to find Daredevil Vol 4,5, Visionaires: Frank Miller Vol 2., Powers Vol 1-4, Dynamo 5 Vol 1,2 for $35 (w/shipping)

    I love….Local.  Such a story I would not have read if not for iFanboy, which leads me to…..

    I love….the iFanboys.  Local is just one example of picking up something I had never thought of before.

    I really love JH Williams II.  I am not one to want pieces of original art, but there is a page in the Club of Superheroes story that I would love to have the original.

    I love BKV.  Everything he touches is gold in my eyes.

  23. I love Conor’s passion for comics. 

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love all of you equally.  

  25. I love the fact that every Wednesday feels like a holiday when I get a lovely pile of presents (that I have to pay for them makes them no less gift-like).

    I love listening to the iFanboy podcast Monday morning and making my pull-list Monday afternoon.

    I love my comic book shop which promised me a copy of Astounding Wolfman #11 the week it came out and was sold out, then yesterday actually handed it to me.

    I love going to cons and meeting people like Christos Gage and Georges Jeanty who are as excited to talk about what they do as we are.

    I love that has a picture of my cat as Butterball on its Pet Avengers page.

    I love that there will be a Pet Avengers series…how wild is that?

    I love Amadeus Cho and how much he loved his puppy.

    I love the Mini-Marvels. 

    I love how this list could go on and on if I let it, because there’s just so much to love about comics.

  26. I love Darwyn Cooke’s art

    I love The Muppet Show by Boom Studios

    I love Jeff Lemire, comics from the heart

    I love Jason Aaron, can’t get enough of his work.

    I love Rick Remender, I’m reading Punisher because of him

    I love how good Action is without Superman


  27. I love Geoff Johns

    I love Superman

    I love Wednsdays!

  28. I REALLY LIKE A LOT the "Tuesday night anticipation".

    I REALLY LIKE A LOT the abundance of comic book shops in my area w/ cool comic book crowds.

    I REALLY LIKE A LOT Batman. That’s it … I don’t need to explain.

    I REALLY LIKE A LOT Geoff John and his "shot in the arm" of DC characters (GL, FLASH, SM)

    I REALLY LIKE A LOT the crew Conner, Ron, Josh and the writers Mike, Sonia, Paul, Gordo, and Jim.

    I REALLY LIKE A LOT the fact that writers matter!

    Ten is too much and I gotta get back to work … sorry.

    Oh yeah I love comics of any genre and when artists/writers put their love into their work.

  29. I love this site and the podcast that led me to it. 

    I love that I’m reading comics again.

    I love trades and .cbz files. 🙂

    I love Bendis’ writing and listening to him blather on Wordballon in three hour blocks of time. 

    I love Terry Moore’s storytelling.


  30. I love reading comics and drinking beer on my porch on a beautiful spring day.

    I love getting letters printed in comics.

    I love the great production of Dark Horse and Image books with their thick paper and high quality coloring.

    I love creators that change the formatting and play with what comics are capable of.

    I love how there’s so much stuff out there to read that I can’t read it all…it shows just how quality everything is these days. 

  31. I love… Invincible. Man I avoided everything with a cape and/or cowl before that

    I love… Batman. He’s the only Cape/Cowl character that I read before Invincible.

    I love… Geoff Johns. That dude’s awesome.

    I love… the fact that Boom comics EIC is Mark Waid. That dude is also awesome.

    I love… Luke Cage, even though for a too long a time, I thought his powers were "Being Black" and "being a bad mutha-shut-yo-mouth".

    I love… Bendis, even when he’s not writing books I care about(Powers).

    I love… Greg Pak. He made Hulk awesome again.

    I love… Fables. I would gift Ron the first hardcover If I could.

    I love… breaking rules, I am posting more than 10.

    I love… Scott McCloud books about comics. At worst, they are highly entertaining. At best, they highly educating.

    I love… Tod Klien. That dude is SERIOUSLY FUCKING AWESOME!

    I love… Ed Brubaker. *CTRL+C**CTRL+V*

    Finally I love…  iFanboy, for opening my eyes to so many great comics. Also, that comic book logo article is awesome.

  32.  I love the ability that truley great artisit have to tell drive a story home.

    I love the endless possiblities of genres and characters

    I love Fables

    I love Marvel Porn

    I love Batman

    I love Neal Adams

    I Love David Mack

    I love the excuse to collect action figures

    I love the iFanboys, interns, assistance, and base 

  33. I love when Peter Parker paces around his apartment and walks on the ceiling.

  34. Also, I love pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

  35. I love that part in Preacher when his dad tells him to be one of the good guys (’cause there’s way too many of the bad).
    I love Paolo Rivera’s Spider-man.
    I love Geoff Johns, even if I do suspect that he’s secretly Brainiac.
    I love Marcos Martin… I’d shapeshift into a woman to have his babies if they’re 1/100th the artist he is.
    I love shapeshifting gender issues and other topics that fly into the nerd stratusphere.
    I love when the podcast goes right off the tracks, even when referencing things I’m not privy to.
    I love that I stumbled upon iFanboy once a short while ago and have thereafter discovered that:
    I love comics (all thanks to our fearless iFan-leaders).
    I now love getting others into new comics.
    I love that I didn’t think I’d come up w/ 10 things, still have more, and thought I’d need to resort to negativity because I’m a cynical bastard, but didn’t.

  36. I didn’t nor do I want to read Final Crisis, but the cover looks FANTASTIC. I almost want to buy it for the cover alone.

    I also LOVE when the Podcasts (audio and video) go off the rails 

    I LOVE that the Marvel event this Summer, is just coming out with a bunch of Captain America books, all written by Brubaker.

    I LOVE Marcos Martin.

    I LOVE the preview for the The Hunter (Parker Novel) by Darwyn Cooke from IDW (Thanks Josh).

    Great Article 

  37. I love batman

    I love that the green lantern universe is going to rock my socks off

    I love that some people are still debating y: the last man

    I love that an earlier poster had to clarify that his love for geoff johns was "completely straight"

    I love "who would win…" arguments

    I love nicholas cage in kick ass ( maybe he will run at some point) 

  38. I love Spider Man

    I love that I love Batman again

    I love Wednesdays and all that goes with them…going to the store, reading my comics, reading all the reviews and the agreements and disagreements, and then…

    I love Lost

    I love Dark Reign

    I love going back to the LCS on thursday or friday to pick up the POTW that I didn’t get on wednesday (sometimes)

    I love you, man 

  39. @drakedangerz – thanks, but I stopped trying to push love letters into lockers a long time ago… Will a handshake do?

    This is too much of a love fest. It’s hard to digest so much positivity in one go.

    I love the swift kick in the butt iFanboy gave the users to create some comics (but there are too many 3d puzzles to finish putting together).

    I love that the video shows still have random things happen in them from time to time. Don’t like them too much when they’re like a dry business meeting. 

    I love Josh’s recent article – just made me think about the type of stories one might tell about normal people (with a stretchable reality) – Box of Moon Light, Chocolat, Ha-Shoter Azulai, The Wizard, Coffee and Cigarettes, Down By Law, 24 Hour Party People, The Petrified Forest, Bubot Niyar etc.

    I’m loving Y: The Last Man – just got around to reading it and I love the way they showed several seconds from each place of when everybody died. Each panel was several seconds of events. Much more effective than the in-your-face corpses that fell from the garbage truck. Having them with little details and in the same color and in the background (almost not visible) is a great idea.

    I’m loving The Maxx, Sgt. Rock – The Prophecy #1 by Joe Kubert, Supreme Power, Mitishelah, Buba.

    I love buying used books in person – people bring them bagged and boarded and put them in a plastic bag and act like it’s some kind of drug deal. "Do you want to check that it’s all there?". "There’s even the FCBD issue there". "There’s a sketch cover".

    I love the ifanboy audio podcasts, and love that the q!paw guys still rock.

    I love hearing in Law & Order SVU that psychos are always comic geeks, or something like that in one of the episodes.

    I love comics being sold in book stores, and not the ancient "one cardboard box with DC & Marvel stuff somewhere in the store"  – even if they are in one shelf in the Visual Art section and that the Hebrew comics are all over the place and hard to find sometimes.

    I love that people dress up as superheroes and wander the streets at night.

    I love… Can’t remember.

  40. I love Doctor Who – the greatest superhero ever invented. Even though I never read a comic about the character… Yet.

  41. I Love debating Final Crisis w/ the  omnipotent  Ifanbase (Thank you Mr. Morrison)

    I love AllStar Superman (Thank You Mr. Morrison)

    I love the podcasts which make doing laundry, shopping (insert menial task  here) soo much more bearable..

    I LoVE OLD MAN LOGAN….DAmn McNiven’s  effin awesome

  42. I love… Doctor Doom referring to himself in the third person. AND ONLY DOOM!

    I love… Alex Robinson writing stories that I can relate to on multiple levels.

    I love… John Romita, Jr, who has been around for a LONG time and is doing his BEST WORK EVER RIGHT NOW.

    I love… The iFanboy podcast. The only podcast about comics I listen to. Or about anything, actually.

    I love… Bendis scenes of heroes sitting around a table and talking for 22 pages. I would TOTALLY buy an "Avengers Beuracracy" monthly title, where they just have meetings.

    I love…  how Peter David can make any lame character awesome.

    I love… Mark Waid. On ANYTHING.

    I love… how every genre has a comic book about it.  

    I love… covers by Joe Quesada.

    I love… debating how The Punisher 100% does not work as a character in the Marvel Universe proper. There are at least 50 different heroes who would have brought him to justice in about 5 seconds if he was treated realistically. Including POWER PACK. 

  43. @Chlop-I guess… 🙁

  44. I love iFanboy…but I am not in love with iFanboy.

    You are a gift I am not ready to open.

  45. I love Gendercides and the crazy antics that fallow…

    I love preachers who say fuck…

    I love the violent deaths of Ramonas evil x boyfriends…

    I love Ben Templesmith, for he is a bad ass….

    I love corpse-possessing worms…

    I love Tony Moores zombies…

    I love Frank Miller, for he too is a bas ass…

    I love Ash and his boom stick in Marvel Zombies…

    I love Marv…

    I love that Savage Dragon endorses Barack Obama for President…

    AND I love Heavy Metal Magazen for decades of fucked up shit that makes your parents think there kids are crazy, which they are…

    I hate not being able to spell for crap!!!

  46. I love comics…

    I love the community that made me into the comics fiend that I am…

    I love the people who began the site who made the community…

    I love the comics that made the people who began the site who made the community… 

  47. I LOVE:
    reading and re-reading anything and everything by Alan Moore
    that we can follow each other on Twitter (consider yourself followed TimmyWood)
    sitting in the garden on a hot day reading a trade
    making my pull list in ifanboy
    Ed Brubaker
    Posting on the site, even though time differences make me always late
    Thinking that one day I’ll come to America and go on a tiki tour
    More LOEG to come soon

  48. lovin all the love goin on here! good stuff!

  49. I love Paul Cornell and Captain Britain

    I love the fact that Morrison and Quitely are reteaming for Batman and Robin

    I love the fact that there are comics that are great month in month out without ever dropping in quality (Scalped, Daredevil, Captain America)

    I love the fact that there are more and more Euro comics translated to English

    I love that Parker preview from Darwyn Cooke…

    and I love the fact that there’s this article.  Yay, positivity!!  Boo to negativity and naysayers!

  50. based on an experience this morning:

    I love smokers who spend more a week on cigarettesthan I do on comics, telling me that comic books are a waste of money.

    Still making me smile.

  51. I love any book by Garth Ennis.

    I love reading FreakAngels online every friday.

    I love Michael Lark’s art on Daredevil (or on any other book to be honest).

    I love the fact that if New Avengers is in my pile, I have to read it first, even though it’s not my favourite book.

    I love the sense of community in my comic store.

    I love Alex Maleev’s Doctor Doom (Best.Doom.Ever)

    I love it when a new Walking Dead hardcover arrives.

    I love Avatar books (even their weird smell)

    I love Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern.



  52. i love conors articles

  53. I love Batman past, present and future.  From the Archive collection, to Long Halloween, from Bat Manga to Black Glove.

     I love how expressive comic artists are allowed to be, Tim Sale, Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Miller, David Mack…

     I love shared universes, discovering a new character in one book and then seeing them show up out of the blue in other books you read is awesome.

     I love trades.  I’ll devour an arc in a sitting.

     I love that everyone I’ve given Blankets to agrees its one of the best books ever.

     I love Arnold Drake’s Doom Patrol.

     I love super heroes.

     I love that non super hero comics are generally even better.

    I love that Geoff Johns is coming back to the Flash.

     I love every Daredevil story I’ve ever read.

  54. I love Superman stories edited by Mort Weisinger.

    I love the history of comics.

    I love stories about those who created comics in the 1930s and 40s.

  55. I love waiting for books that I bought to come to the house! That feeling of "Today’s the day!" is AWESOME!

    I love when Marvel announces a new Omnibus!

    I love when DC announce a new Absolute!


  56. 1.   I love Jason Aaron.

    2.   I love my new comic store.

    3.   I love bitching about comics.

    4.   I love going to work on Monday’s and listening to iFanboy and Around Comics.  2nd best day of the week.

    5.   I love Joe Kelly.

    6.   I love scanning my comics into my computer, so I can carry 5000 books at one time.

    7.   I Garth Ennis.

    8.   I love comic book movies.

    9.   I love that I’ve had to start giving away trades to make room for new ones.

    10. I love comic creator tweets.

  57. I love the way Brian Michael Bendis writes dialogue.

    I love making my pull list on Monday.

    I love both Steve Rogers and Bucky as Captain America.

    I love Hal at Midtown Comics.

    I love how Geoff Johns builds whole worlds for the characters he writes.

    I love Yorick Brown.

    I love Mark Millar’s Scottish accent.

    I love the Superman books.

    I love being a girl who loves comics.