Andy Diggle to Replace Ed Brubaker on ‘DAREDEVIL’?

Every week on MySpace, Joe Quesada checks in with his “Cup O’Joe” column, where he answers questions and drops news about upcoming Marvel Comics. In this week’s column, the following was posted, and then taken down very quickly:

JQ- Uz000, the answer to your villain questions changes from time to time depending on where we are in the Marvel Universe. While Doom will always be the prototype, the standard for lack of a better term, Norman is pretty kick ass right now. But you never know who may pop up and surprise you, the Hood is kicking some major tush and we have plans for a very unexpected villain in Daredevil’s world, but this is way down the road and is a part of Andy Diggles big DD plans when he takes over the helm of the book.

What’s this? Andy Diggle is taking over Daredevil from Ed Brubaker? Well looks like this was prematurely mentioned, as they removed it from the column within minutes, but the loyal iFanbase caught it and re-posted it on the iFanboy forums. (Props to Cadgers on the forums.)

Now we can’t confirm this, and it is past business hours in NYC so Marvel can’t be reached to confirm, but we’ve sent a note asking for confirmation. This very well could be false or incorrect.

But if it’s not false, what do you think? Andy Diggle is a great writer and we all love his past work on books like The Losers. Daredevil has been a top title for Marvel since Bendis’ epic run, and Brubaker was quite heralded when he took it over. With Brubaker off Uncanny X-Men and now maybe Daredevil too, where does that leave him at Marvel? Sure, he’s doing Captain America and that Marvels Project book, but is that all?

UPDATE 3/13: We got a hold of Marvel and they declined to comment.

UPDATE 3/20: Marvel confirmed that Diggle is taking over Daredevil via Joe Quesada in this week’s Cup O’Joe on MySpace.


  1. Daredevil is my book that I’ll never drop b/c of my love for the character so I HOPE it’s good.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Awesome news.  As much as I enjoy Brubaker’s Daredevil, Diggle should be a good shot in the arm.  Loved his Hellblazer run.  

  3. wow–that’s big news.  Diggle should be good…maybe Matt will smile?

  4. Just read about the Marvels Project Brubaker’s going to be working on and THAT sounds awesome. I do think Diggle will be adequate! I’m kinda looking forward to it now that I think about it. Any word on an artist? Probably too early, huh?

  5. DD is my book too! Ed has been fucking glorious on it, this Andy kid has a lot to live up too. I’m cool with a change though. I always like a new take on Matt. Maybe Andy can make things go right for him for a bit since Ed’s been pretty much ass raping Matt for the last few years! Seriousy. "my wife is crazy, my wife is a murderer, her parents took her from me, I’m comitting adultry" JESUS! Matt needs a break. 



  6. I’d so keep reading if Diggle took over.  Hopefully either Lark stays (or moves onto another Bru project) or they get someone like Jock.  That would be awesome. 

  7. Yes I 2nd to see Jock on art.

  8. Great job by the iFanboy community catching this one!


    the Tiki 

  9. Bru will also have his ICON books if he drops DD from his cache.  This could mean that maybe Bru is moving to a different title though, not necessarily dropping a book.

  10. I would kill to have Jock doing a monthly again but I will have to settle for the Hellblazer graphic novel.

    On the subject this could be really good. Diggle is taking on Bendis amounts of books now. Brubaker seemed like he had another project in the works in the  WonderCon video.

  11. I like diggle but would like to see Brubaker hang around a while longer.

  12. This also makes me feel that DC dropped the ball with Diggle.  Sure he’s not Marvel exclusive and has hinted that he has another Vertigo project in the works, but really Thunderbolts = Suicide Squad (instead of them doing the Ostrander mini which didn’t sell) and Daredevil = Green Arrow (which would bring some notoriety back to the title as it seems to be falling into obscurity, I mean really, does anyone care about Green Arrow/Black Canary?).

  13. Well on the IFanboy Wondercon Video interview with Brubaker he confirmed he has another project set to come out  in July along with the Marvels Project , Cap , Daredevil , Criminal/Incognito so it does make sense for Bru to be leaving a title like Dardevil if his new project is an ongoing.

  14. good!


    Brubaker hasn’t done dick-all with the book

  15. If Brubaker was leaving the book, I suppose Diggle would be a first choice for me.  Actually, I’d probably rather Jason Aaron, but I can deal

  16. Don’t know about Diggle, but a change will be nice.

  17. @Gabe: Oh man I would go back on Daredevil in a heartbeat if it was Aaron replacing…

    I said it in the forums but I am not that huge a fan of Diggle. Granted I havent yet read his Hellblazer run or the Losers; but what I have read didnt really peak my interest. So we go from one writer that (to me) made the character too depressing to a writer I have little interest in.

    One day I will read a Daredevil book again.

  18. NOOOO! as much as i love Andy Diggle, Brubaker’s Daredevil has been one of the most solid reads month in and month out and i have to give that credit to Bru and lark! i blame josh.  he pointed out that Bru’s been writing DD for a long time (you all saw that on the video show right?  right?)

  19. I dig Diggle.

  20. Oh, wow.  I posted recently that I was dropping ‘Thunderbolts,’ because of the storyline not because I think Diggle is a bad writer.  I was also thinking about dropping or going to trades on ‘Daredevil.’  This might kill two birds with one stone — I can drop T-bolts and still have a Diggle book. Based on ‘Green Arrow: Year One’, I think Diggle would be great on Daredevil.  Jock on art would be awesome, too.

  21. The good with this is: Marvel generally puts a lot of faith and trust in their writers these days. So, if Brubaker is leaving DD, it’s because he’s ready to leave. And I’m all for writers leaving when they’ve told the stories they want to tell. We had a great run by Brubaker, who followed a great run by Bendis. So I’m cool with all of this.

    And Diggle is a good writer. I’m ambivalent about his Thunderbolts run, but Hellblazer, Green Arrow, The Losers, and his Adam Strange mini a few years back have all been good to excellent, and they’ve also all been different from one another. So, I’ve no doubts that he’ll find a good take on Matt Murdock.

    I’m definitely OK with this news.

    Although: Bru is still killing it on DD. That last issue with Fisk was fantastic.

  22. No response to this from DigL on twitter – not surprising really.

  23. Whatever hapened tho the Daredevil: The End book that was announced a few years ago, with Bendis, David Mack, Maleev, and Janson?

    Was it canceled or is Brubaker on this list as well?

    I’m a little sad to see him going, because the Lady Bullseye story was good and the and the first part of "Return of the King" was GREAT. 

  24. According to the Bendis tapes, they’re still working on DD The End.  It’s just taking a long time.

  25. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Dave on this one.  Brubaker’s probably just ready to move on to new projects.  Rather he go out on top (with this great Kingpin story) than languish on something that’s maybe grown a little stale for him.  

  26. I wonder whether a Diggle-Jock team taking over from Brubaker-Lark, who took over from Bendis-Maleev, would really give us the "fresh direction" many of us seem to be yearning for with Daredevil.  Would it be better to have a writer/artist team that’s a little further from what the book has had for so long?  Or is it the case that Daredevil is not a book that allows for a much different take…? 

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Jock and Lark aren’t really all that similar.  

  28. Mark my words: Clayton Mann is the next DD artist.He did a fill-in and was great, and now he’s doing an Electra mini-series. If that’s not the work of a guy being groomed to take over DD full-time, then I don’t know what is.

    Aslo Jock has said that he and Diggle are working on an Image project this year.

  29. I think that for over-all quality, this current volume of Daredevil is one of the best comics series ever. I loved Kevin Smith’s run, loved Mack’s run even more (despite the delays!), thought bendis was even better, and now Brubaker has raised the bar even higher. It seems almost impossible for this book to get any better, yet it continuously does. I would love to see Diggle’s take on the character. I’ve never read anything of his (I think), but i have heard nothing but good things, so it would be a good opportunity for me to check him out.

  30. @josh ho crap i remember reading about that like 2 years ago! I completely forgot. But it wasn’t called Daredevil the end was it? I thought it was some cheesy "end of days" title or something. Guess it’s the same thing.

  31. Darn my boyfriend just started to buy the title and I was really enjoying it.

  32. Jock’s distinct from Lark, and Lark’s a lot different from Maleev.

    I do tend to think that maybe Bru’s said his piece with Matt and is ready to do something else; that’s okay, he and Lark will have had a long mostly uninterrupted run by today’s standards.  And I was on the fence with following the book, because I was wondering if another Kingpin story was a sign of running out of ideas.  But if it looks like this will be the last arc — and therefore there will be a payoff — I’m more interested in sticking with it.

    Also, if Marvel isn’t talking about this, I’m sure Diggle’s not allowed to say anything on Twitter, either.

  33. I’m all for it. The Losers, Hellblazer, Green Arrow YO and even Swamp Thing have all been quite good. Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper? Not so much. It’s still a good track record. Even BKV strikes out once in a while, e.g. Ultimate X-Men

    And by the end of the current arc, Bru will’ve done enought issues to make for a really sweet Omnibus…oh, wait, hasn’t volume one already been solicited? 

    Hmmm. May 20, issues 82-105. Never mind.

  34. I’ve heard good stuff about Diggle, so I’m psyched. Brubaker has been average at best after Rucka left.

  35. Personally I’d like to see DD lighten up.  Maybe have the Tiny Titans team of Franco and Art Baltazar take over…?  Aw, yeah, Murdock!

  36. @Jim: I would buy that Daredevil comic in a hurry if the Tiny Titans team take over.

    Talk about a complete 180 in tone. 🙂

  37. I’d like to see Diggle inject his his high-octane action into this title.  Sure it’s great as a noir-superhero comic, but maybe it’s time to switch it up, turn it into a more over-the-top superhero comic, within limits of course, as Daredevil in space I don’t think would be that great.

  38. I would definitely buy this monthly.  I <3 Diggle!  And the idea of some monthly Jock interiors…

  39. Daredevil has been terrible since Bendis left.  I think the recent stuff may have completely killed my love for the character.  Unless someone can do anything good with him anymore.  I don’t know.

    "Even BKV strikes out once in a while, e.g. Ultimate X-Men"

    Wrong.  His UXM was fantastic!

  40. I hope this isn’t true. Nothing against Diggle, but Daredevil is one of the only Marvel books (& BEST books) that I buy, & that’s mainly because of Brubaker.

  41. On todays MyCup O’Joe, Quesada confirms that Diggle is taking over for Brubaker with the renumbered DD #501 (#121 of the current run) and more.


  42. Just added the Update to the post – thanks Cadgers

  43. Is Marvel renumbering all of their series?

  44. from the article linked three comments above this one:

    Mighty Mutt asks:

    I’ve read about the Hulk #600 issue due out this year.
    Will there be any other original titles being changed back to original numbering? Say, Mighty Avengers?

    JQ: Mighty, while you will see such titles as Daredevil and Captain America returning to their original numberings with #500 and #600 respectively, there aren’t any plans to turn back the Avengers numbering—mostly because we really see New Avengers as a successor title to Avengers, and not exactly a continuation at all. And Mighty Avengers is only 22 issues old at this point.

  45. It would be nice if they returned Iron Man to its original numbering too, but I think that’s it DD, Hulk, Iron Man and hopefully one day Avengers.