Andrew Garfield Is The New Spider-Man

After a very public and exhaustive casting process, Sony Pictures has announced Andrew Garfield as their new Spider-Man for Marc Webb’s upcoming 2012 reboot of the film franchise, beating out such contenders as Jamie Bell, Anton Yelchin, Logan Lerman, and Josh Hutcherson.  The 26-year-old British actor will be seen later this year in Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go and David Fincher’s The Social Network. The film is scheduled for a July 3, 2012 release in 3D.

From Sony’s press release, Marc Webb said, “Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor’s work understand his extraordinary talents. He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity. Mark my words, you will love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.”

It’s worth noting that by the time the film is released in 2012, Garfield will be nearly 29, compared to Tobey Maguire who was nearly 27 when the first Spider-Man film was released in 2002.  Considering the rumors have the film set in Peter Parker’s high school years, one can only wonder how long that will last given Garfield will be 30 by the time a sequel would presumably be filming.




  1. I don’t know anything about him, but he looks perfect.

  2. Doctor Who fans: Rack your brains and you’ll remember him as Frank in that Daleks in Manhattan two-parter.

    I’m alright with his casting though that is literally the only thing I’ve seen him in.

  3. Too old. British. Couldn’t they find a nice boy from Queens?

  4. He was quite good in "Dr. Parnasus" so I’m sure he’ll be a fine Peter Parker. 

  5. Yeah, he has a great look. But why are all these Brits taking our American young man comic book roles? See Aaron Johnson…

  6. If these super hero movies are going to have just as many reboots and retcons as the comics, I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna give up now. 

  7. This dude is freaking 27 years old. So much for the going back to high school reboot.

  8. @fnord You wanted me to play Spider-Man?

  9. He certainly looks goofy enough. I’m cool with this.

  10. He seems a little old.

  11. As long as it’s not Zac Efron.

  12. Isn’t he a little short for a Stormtrooper? Er, I mean old for a high schooler?

  13. He might seem old, but he doesn’t look it. Anyone unsure of his acting talents just watch the film "Boy A" and you’ll worry no more. 

  14. Looks way too old. I’ve no doubts that he can act, I just don’t think he can sell high school for more than one movie.


  15. Idk how I feel about this casting, but w.e I was unsure when Tobey was cast as well as when Heath was cast as Joker so he could do well. Now if they have Gwen Stacy as the love interest and a new Spider-Man that was not in the previous films like Electro, Kraven, or even Mysterio might be a good fit for villain in the reboot.

  16. Need some time to absorb this one; very unexpected. Major sigh of relief that it isn’t Joseph Gordon-Levritt.

    For everyone who’s never seen him in anything: whether or not he’ll be a great Spidey remains to be seen, but, this guy has serious acting chops. He held his own along some legendary talent in the stellar/incredible/not-enough-hyperbole-for-it Red Riding Trilogy from the UK.  

    Not Joseph Gordon-Levritt, Not Zac Efron, and a fantastic actor to boot. Okay, I’ve had enough time to absorb it. I’m thrilled. 

  17. Are we still getting excited about the new Spider-man film? its not like we havnt seen webslinging before

    And im sure this guy will be decent but we’ve already seen this stuff


  18. @incredibledave: I’m excited. I see no reason not to be.

  19. thank god he isnt one of those pretty boys all the rumors were hinting at. good on mark webb to pick a dude that isnt the typical teen heart throb. 

  20. I suggest you check out the Red Riding series "1974" He’s an amazing actor.

  21. As already mentioned he is a fantastic actor, and I agree check him out in Red Riding. As a life long Spiderman fan I am actually interested in this film now.

  22. What, was Chris Evans not available?

  23. I’m unsure about the age, but if Stacy Dash can play a teenager well into her 30s, why not?

  24. Seems like a generic choice. I got excited by the Donald Glover stuff.

  25. I’m intriqued by the choice of director, but this isn’t something I will be lining up for.

  26. While he may look the part, I just think he will be too old to make any sequels after this one.

  27. I feel sick. This could have been a huge chance to revive the franchise and they have already failed before its even begun shooting.

  28. @Ramulux: I wouldn’t be so quick to judge this movie has already failed on one casting part. Remember, A lot of people thought that Heath Ledger wouldn’t be any good as the joker and it won him an oscar. 

    @everyone: Lets not jump to conclusions to fast people, even though that’s what we all do best. This thing is just getting started. A lot of things can happen to make this movie great or suck in the next two years.

  29. @Ramulux: How can you possibly even make a statement like that? Unless you’re doing a parody of the stereotypical overly reactionary fanboy, in which case – excellent work.

  30. #donald4spiderman4ever

  31. Don’t know him, but he looks perfect as Peter Parker.

    And whats up with the xenophobic comments?  Wow

    @SamIAm: Amen to that.

  32. I barely remember him from Doctor Who, but have heard he is great in other stuff.  Not the choice I expected at all. 

  33. Now Im going to have to rewatch Daleks in Manhattan. What terrible episode.

  34. Tobey McGuire stepped it up putting on muscle, This guy will have to step it up.  He is pretty small.

  35. I’m still in the #donaldforspiderman/#alisonformaryjane camp.

  36. @brianCarbordo

    I just said the exact same thing on Facebook.

    Overall first impressions are he looks like Peter Parker. In that from my male prospect he loves normal, more than heart-throb.

    I like the sounds of the actor/director, its the high school setting that worries me. I don’t need a retelling of the origin.

  37. @Ottobott & @NawidA – I was hoping for Donald Glover, too.  He seems perfect for the role.

  38. Seems too old for the high school reboot they were talking about. I’m a bit meh on the whole project at this stage.

  39. I’m taking the mindset that he faced a lot of competition and won the role, which means that he’s the best choice for the vision of the film.  Hopefully, this will result in a good film, which would spawn sequels.  Then, we can worry about him being too old. 🙂

  40. one of my biggest pet peeves with movies is 30 yr olds playing high school kids, so this casting is a bit of a let down. Don’t know much of anything about this guy’s work, but he’ll prob be decent. Its really all about the director and what they get out of the actor. 

  41. This is a disaster.  Spider-Man should be played by Nathan Fillion.  NATHAN FILLION!

  42. @incredibledave: How can anyone who read comics feel like we have seen enough of something, last week issue 635 of amazing-spiderman came out…..

  43. He looks like Peter Parker if Humberto Ramos drew him.

    I wonder if they’re going to redesign the Spiderman costume…

  44. He’s got a young face so I really don’t think the age will be a problem, they tend to be smart about this kind of thing. Also he’s an incredibly talented actor. He was in a British film called Boy A which was absolutely superb for anyone who wants to put their fears to rest.

  45. I am going to wait until I see the final product before I say if this was a good casting or not.  Heck, most of the people in Glee are in their mid-20s and they are playing roles as high school students.  This really isn’t really anything new for Hollywood.  Just roll with it and pray that they have an excellent script. 

  46. There is no doubt that I will see this, and I am sure it will be solid if it gets back to basics.  But I can’t help but wonder why they are casting someone this age when the idea was to go younger?  If he is basically the same age as Tobe when he started, what was the point?  Either way, even though he looks like Peter, he will still be wearing a mask most of the movie.

  47. Only thing I’ve seen him in is the two Doctor Who episdoes and he was pretty good in those, couldn’t really tell he was British and he seems like he could pull of playing Peter Parker so I’m somewhat optomistic.

  48. Considering all I know of this guy is Doctor Who and Parnassus…..I guess it’s a good choice? I mean he was terrific in Parnassus as the guy who loves the girl and needs to be a hero in order to get her heart….that’s kinda like Spider-Man.

    He does seem to get roles where he isn’t the hero though. More so of the second fiddle. 

  49. Everything I hear is that he’s a good actor, which is what counts most of all.  What would you rather have, an 18 year old who can’t act playing Spidey or a bit older actor doing an awesome job?  I will admit, the fact he’s 26 makes me wonder how many movies will be set in high school.  I would assume this is probably planned to be a trilogy, as everything is these days, regardless of how many movies they sign him onto.  If so, and it stayed in high school, with a 3 year space between movies, he’d be about 32 in the third movie.  No one has been that old and in high school since the Beverly Hills 90210 cast. 😉  Anyway, his age does make me wonder if perhaps he’ll be leaving high school sooner than originally planned.  Only time will tell really, but while something like the budget being so small worries me a bit, the fact that they’ve got decent talent so fart in front of and behind the camera makes me think they could actually pull it off, so tick me off as excited for this one.

  50. I think he totally looks the part. Even if he’s in his late 20’s, he looks young enough too pull it off. Just hope he’s able to pull off the wit of the character more so than Maguire did.

  51. Why not just cast Chris Evans???  Isn’t he playing just about every other Marvel character???

  52. @zenman: You’re about 16 hours late on that joke.

  53. I’m usually at least a day or two late (so I’ll consider it an improvement)

  54. zenman I still find it funny since I as you was late and read ur post first.  Side note I love the Bubbles the Lion Avatar getting on up there.

  55. Are they really doing hs peter parker again?

    Isn’t it a bit early for a whole reboot,

    And if so why not toby maguire again- if you;re going to cast a 27 yr old what’s the difference?

  56. @ericmci: Yes.

    It’s never too early for a reboot.

    Casting Tobey Maguire in a reboot would make no sense.

  57. I’m really disappointed that Donald Glover was never listed among the serious candidates. I’ve never seen him act seriously, so I can’t speak to his chops, but his overall demeanor would be perfect for Peter and his ability to deliver jokes would be great for spidey. I won’t speculate on why he wasn’t considered, but I hope it’s not because they thought people wouldn’t buy a black spiderman. I say with so few marketable black super heroes (ones that might actually get their own movies) maybe casting some good actors of color in the roles of traditionally white characters is just what this genre needs to insert some much needed diversity.

  58. What kind of logic is – It’s never too early for a reboot?

    How about I pour you a glass of new coke?

    This seems like a reboot just to do it- not b/c it’s neccesary.

    The spiderman films are fresh in the public’s mind still.

    I don’t believe there is any kind of need to INtrdocuce Spiderman and his origin to movie goers.

    We dont need anothe telling of how Spiderman got his powers just yet-

    Retreading story isn’t going to recapture the fan’s interest in this character at the movies.

    Raimi let the franchise get away from him.

    A fresh script,  a new director- even a new actor- Yes

    My point about Toby Macguire wasn’t that he Should be cast again it was a separte issue of people suggesting he was too old to play Peter and then a new actor not far from his age is cast again.

    Personally I would like to have seen Macguire in a new movie with a new spiderman formula but that’s beside it.

    I just believe that this sounds like the wrong and wrong approach so far- but doesn’t mean it can’t still turn out to be great.

    I think what really needs to be done is to distance the next movie form Raimi’s cartoony style and ditch the 2-3 villians a movie tactic.

    Make one compelling antagonist and give them a rich telling of thier history and motives

  59. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The best way to distance this film from "Raimi’s cartoony style" is to start fresh with a new actor. Audiences see a new actor. They don’t always register a new director/creative team. 

  60. Well, after seeing that picture I can see how they could see him as Peter Parker.


  61. @ericmci: The logic that applies to:

    The studio, the director, and the star couldn’t get on the same page for a fourth script/film so might as well reboot it and go in a new direction because it’s this or nothing.

    Personally, I choose this, and not just because I didn’t like two of the three Raimi films. I want to see another Spider-Man movie.

    I do agree with you, however, that it’s puzzling that they chose an actor so old considering the stated desire to focus on Spider-Man in high school. But we’ve a long way to go so I remain open-minded. 

  62. I was on the #Donald4spider-man train so this casting choice has done nothing for me. But I always give benefit of the doubt and this is no exception. Plus Marc Webb is directing and he made (500) Days of Summer my favourite movie of 2009 and that’s what gets me excited.

  63. I’m much more excited by the fact that Never Let Me Go is being made into a movie. That was an excellent book.

    Who cares about how old the guy is, he looks exactly like peter parker should look. Let’s all just try to enjoy 1 Spiderman movie at a time and not hyperventilate about the possible 2nd and 3rd installments.

  64. Why does anyone care if he’s British? If he can do an American accent give him a chance, isn’t the great thing about America that anyone can become an American? Maybe they should choose a Romanian Jew like Stan Lee’s parents?

  65. Thank god. I have to be honest, after Toby McGuire, I lowered my standards for the role of Parker. Certainly not down in the pits of say "Twilight Cast" but definetly low.

  66. Connor you make a good point about studio logic.

    The only thing that matters for the studio in the end is making money.

    However I would say that people have so many options for entertainment now-and in general are smarter if only marginally smarter consumers.

    It should learn the lesson of TV. Once the situation comedy ruled – All day every day-

    But after 50 yerars that flavor got stale and television reinvented itself with movie level production values and sharper

    writing.concentrating on telling the kind of stories that had fallen out of popular cinema and had really rarely been seen

    on tv.  Now networks like hbo- showtime- FX have steady viewrs and reap the benefits of dvd collection sales. Cha-ching.

    And right here in our sandbox the rise of story focused creators and dialogue driven comic books.

    Hollywood seems to fail to learn the lesson that it’s not enough to put a "hot" acttor and have stuff blow up around them anymore. People want substantiated stories to be engaged.

    And sure- the Transofremrs franchise is a big chunk of evidence to the contrary- but across the board the indusrtry is clamoring to hold on to a formula that is virtually dead with ever increasing diminishing returns.

    Hell at this point you can even get a 3d experience at home- and spend so much less.

    I think the movie going experience is still unique.

     But where it once had a market on so many of the elements that make it so immersive, it simply doesnt anymore.

    So what’s left The story that is being told.

    With people voting with their wallets it would seem to me that originality should be the goal. something unique if only to preserve the bottom line for the studio- make a more intersting product – sell more of it.  A better lure is needed to get people to spend 14 dollars and put up with people talking over your film and kicking your seat  that you cant tell to shut up- like you can your friends at home watching your surround sound 50 plus inch flat screen HD.

  67. He looks a lot more like Parker tha Maguire did. 🙂

    Seriously though, Andrew Garfield can actually act.

    Check him out in Boy A or the first chapter of Channel Four’s ‘Red Riding Trilogy’. Or at least google them. Hefty dramatic roles. 

    I think he’ll work out just fine.

  68. I’m not buying it.  He just doesn’t look like Peter Parker.  I think this is a mistake.

  69. Peter Parker looks like a cartoon right? I mean, he’s not a real person. Which of the 9000 versions of Peter does he not look like? Steve Ditko’s? John Romita’s? I think he looks nothing like John Byrne’s Spider-Man Chapter One version. Nothing.

  70. @josh: That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. Everyone’s like "He doesn’t look like Peter Parker" and I’m like "Of course he doesn’t, that would be terrifying!"

  71. @Josh: No. Peter Parker doesn’t look like a cartoon. He looks like a comic book character or a comic strip character, and there have been cartoons made to look like the comic book character, but Peter Parker does not look like a cartoon. Despite crappy art from cartoonists trying to pass themselves off as comic book artists, let’s keep things straight.

  72. I know a lot of comic book artists who consider themselves cartoonists. You’re splitting hairs, and involving your personal taste. Cartooning is an art. Either way, it’s semantics, and has nothing to do with my point.

  73. " Maybe they should choose a Romanian Jew like Stan Lee’s parents?"

     No Romanian Jews in the mix, but they did have an American Jew (Logan Lerman), a Russian Jew (Anton Yelchin), and a British Jew (Garfield), so that’s going to have to be close enough for now.