No more bootlegs from Comic-Con for you, AMC has released the official trailer for The Walking Dead!

The show premieres with a 90 minute episode Sunday, October 31, at 10 PM EST/9PM CST.


  1. ERGH doesn’t work from my current location!! 

  2. I wonder if thie series will take its cue from True Blood and use the walking dead graphic novel as a basis for the show, and not a true page to screen adaptation.

  3. Good to finally see a quality version of this.  Looks exceptional.

  4. "I’m sorry this happened to you."



  5. @ WeaklyRoll.

    Everything I have read and watched says that they are going to use the series as a road map but if they feel they need to go in other directions they will but would end up back at the comic. Kirkman wanted there to be new stories and ideas for the comic book readers to be excited and shocked by. 

  6. just awesome!!!!

  7. It just keeps looking better.

    Even if it isn’t black and white :p. 

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Boy if that doesn’t look t-riffic. 

  9. Awesome. Walking Dead is my favorite ongoing, and I’ve been SO looking forward to this. October 31st cant come soon enough.

  10. I was hoping the premier would be on Halloween.  Perfect.  I can’t wait.

  11. wow.

  12. They mentioned that the dvd *MIGHT* have an option to watch the first episode in black and white

  13. 90 minutes opener. Its a friggin’ movie night!

  14. That looks just amazing. Can’t wait!

  15. I Saw this briefly at SDCC but seeing it here makes it looks SOOO much better. I can’t wait for this!

  16. I hope the premiere does well despite being on Halloween.

  17. Yeah. That looks perfect.

    I’m doing a happy dance at my desk right now and people are looking at me weird.

  18. This looks simply incredible. As long as it follows the themes close to the trades this series will be a hit.

  19. Happy Halloween to me!

  20. I sense a 70s vibe through out this trailer. Wonder if that’ll cross over with the show.

  21. What is that theme song?

  22. If you run into Lennie James you are officially on the wrong side of the apocalypse.   

  23. "The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore" by The Walker Brothers.

  24. Here’s a link, HailScott


  25. Looks great. As far is it not being B&W, that washed out colors look is like the TV equivalent of B&W, so that works as far as I’m concerned. Really looking forward to this now.

  26. Not trying to be a nitpicker cause I am sooooo looking forward to this but "Rick’s" accent is killing me.

  27. Doesn’t work in my location 🙁



    Luckily I know how to use the Interwebs, here it is from YouTube 

  28. Best. Halloween. Ever.

  29. this really looks soooo good. I cant wait.

  30. Ho.  Lee.  Crap.

  31. @ IRONMAN63Thanks! 

  32. I’ve never read the comic, but damn that looks like a great show!

  33. I’m gonna leave the candy at the door so no trick or treaters will interrupt me.

  34. WOW! This is awesome! Kirkman and Adlard deserve this and so do we! F*ck vampire drama, Zombie drama!


  35. @IronMan63: I live in the south, and know a fair number of people who speak with extremely similar accents. Grating? Sure. But realistic.

  36. Holy balls!  this looks incredible!

  37. This looks amazing and it looks as though they’re really going to do the comic justice. AMC is seriously the best network on TV right now. Huzzah!

  38. Wow! This looks amazing! Now, all we need to see is if the kid playing Carl has some real acting chops.