All-Star Superman Teaser Trailer

As reported earlier, the next direct to video feature from DC Animation is All-Star Superman, set for release early next year. Based on the 12 issue series by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, the adaptation is scripted by Dwayne McDuffie and directed by Sam Liu (the same team behind the excellent Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths). James Denton stars as Superman and Anthony LaPaglia voices Lex Luthor. You'll get a tease of those voices (and those voices alone) in this trailer from  

Not as delightfully…tumorous as Quitely's original drawings, but still an interesting departure from the usual style. Note the pouty lips to denote mild regret! I'm excited. Are you excited? I'm excited. I probably already said that. 

Go watch. 



  1. As the great Stephen Stills once said, "I’ve got tingles."

  2. Seems decent so far.  I’m not sold on Superman’s voice yet.  When they get a full trailer going, I may change my mind.  Art style looks pretty good though.

  3. There are some, little touches to make it look like Quitely. That small clip of Lois looking up as Superman flies away really looks like Quitely. But overall I’m disappointed they didn’t try to fully realize Quitely’s art style into the film. What here is good, don’t get me wrong. But what made All Star work so incredibly well were the dynamics of Quitely’s designs. Here it just looks like another DCAU animated feature. They took the time to make McGuinness artwork come alive, and also with Michael Turner. So they could’ve at least tried Quitely at lot better.

    Makes me think seeing an animated version of Batman & Robin would be a bad idea.

  4. Winter ’11? WHAT?>

  5. *Squeal*

  6. You think you’re excited, Paul? Feel these nipples!



    err…forget I said that. It looks good and I second @Haupt’s squeal.

  7. I’m also a little disappointed they didn’t try to go full-Quitely on this, but that being said, yeah, it looks very cool.

  8. This trailer has sold me on it. Can not wait!

  9. Winter 2011? Wow, it really is taking after the comic…

  10. I’m still trying to wrap my head around "If I die, you die first."

  11. Looks like the very first DC animated DVD that isn’t just for kids or insult the intelligence of adults.

  12. Not having the Quitely style is fine but where is the goofy tone of the book?

  13. Guys, "winter, 2011" means the beginning of 2011. Not the end of it. 

  14. "Did you EVER think it would end like this?!"  Heh.  Somehow, that statement is so ridiculous but works in its own way.

  15. Dropped a bollock with the art, haven’t you DC? It could have been awe inspiring and quitely-esque…but no.

  16. @glorious

    Quitely art doesn’t work for animation. 

  17. @NawidA

    ok… why not?

  18. Looks cool. Not Quietly art (not by a longshot) but I never expected it to be. Overall, pretty nice.

  19. Is it true that DC can only make Batman and Superman movies?  Or does it just feel that way?

  20. @Preacher: For the most part, yes. They are the only ones that have sold.

  21. @Preacher-It’s not true, but it does seem to be the only direction that ensures future employment for the production team

    Gotta admit, I am surprised that they seem to be going for the same ending as the comic.  I kinda figured that they would balk at the lead character dying at the very end

  22. Def will chekc this out

  23. @Preacher – If I recall correctly, most will be Batman/Superman because they sell, but there was some talk about trying to do a Flash animated film to round off the rest of the big 5 (since Wonder Woman and Green Lantern have gotten their animated films).

  24. It seems a little too angry and aggressive to have caught the irreverent tone of the book. the book really focused more on clever word play and imagery than action and straight out fighting. The book was very strange when i think about it, the book’s tone is proberly very difficult to re-capture in a different medium 

    BUT! it still looks pretty good. i can’t wait to watch this in 9 minute chunks on youtube while pretending to be busy at work  

  25. I dont know what you guys are talking about, it looks quite a lot like Quitelys art to me. But that may be because his art has always had a bit of animation look to it. My only concern is the voice cast, I mean I know they can’t get Tim Daly and Clancy Brown on every project, but if there was jsut one project I would have liked to see them on, it would have been this one instead of the Superman Batman stuff

  26. Okay so here’s the confession.  I never read ASSM due to my (rare) distaste for Frank Quitely’s art.  I know I know, he awesome blah blah thats my problem.  But I just saw that trailer and now I just downloaded that book onto my iPad…Damn that movie looks awesome!

  27. I thought the next would be a Superman/Captain Marvel?Black Atom movie….. future solit sis in my recommendations on Amazon.

  28. Hey, that looks better thanI thought it would.

  29. DC just keeps rolling out the winners I am very excited for this I just wish though marvels animated movies were this good because so far the only good films they have put out are hulk vs and planet hulk in my opinion

  30. @UncleBob: The next DVD for DCAU is a collection of all of their shorts. Like the Spectre, Jonah Hex, and others that have come out. In that DVD there is a never before released short of Superman/Captain Marvel fighting Black Adam.

    This is technically the next featured release of DCAU. 

  31. D-O-P-E!  I have seriously got to sit down and re-read my HCs.  Or maybe when that Absolute comes out….

  32. @NawidA

    Agreed. It’s like the animators decided they couldn’t recapture Morrison’s silver age-y tone and just took the basic plot premise and made a dramatic superhero movie out of it.