Alex Ross Brings The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to 30 Rock

I don’t know how we missed this one (it’s apparently a month or two old) but a random scan of the artoverse this week turned up this delightful reimagining of Alan Moore’s delightful reimagining of other people’s characters. I’ll save you the time Josh and I had to spend puzzling it out: Alan Quartermain is Pete Hornburger, which is ironic because Scott Adsit is one of the biggest celebrity fanboys out there. A much more apt Invisible Man, if you ask me, but everybody’s a critic.

What, no Kenneth the Page?... Oh, there he is.


  1. Alex Ross must be bored off his tits with comics if this is what he is doing with his time.

    don’t get me wrong, it’s cool, but come on, get back to awesome comic book interiors

  2. AWESOME!!!!

  3. This wasn’t Alex Ross just filling time. If my information is correct, this was a commission by Scott Adsit himself, hence his being Quatermain and central to the piece.

    Incidentally, I ran into Scott Adsit in the comics section of a Borders outside Atlanta a few years back. This was before I watched 30 Rock, so I recognized him from Mr. Show, which surprised him. We talked comics for a bit and he pretty much solidified the reputation you mention in the article, Jimski.

    • That makes sense. I saw a sketch that Adam Hughes did on the inside of a hardcover of Quatermain and Willemina over on his DevianArt page. The caption said it wass for Scott Adsit.

  4. The sad part is, that I actually preffer this over the movie incarnation

  5. I like anything that takes time away from Ross’ Superfriends obsession.

  6. “No Fatties”

  7. I remember seeing this months ago and laughing my head off. Even Ross can do some funny drawings sometimes. Just like the Super Grover picture.

  8. He needs to add an extra E(isner) to his EGOT badge

  9. This is my favorite thing I have ever seen from Ross.

  10. I’m not normally not a huge Ross fan, but this is really fun.