Alex Longstreth is Bearded-icated to Basewood

Cartoonist Alec Longstreth had a goal and a plan. He had a five part “cross-hatched adventure comic” called Basewood, and the day he started, he shaved his head and face, not to be touched again until the comic was completed.

That was in 2008.


Since then, he has out Alan Moored Alan Moore, and showed that rookie Jason Aaron a thing or two about a real beard. He also finished his comics, which are now available, and after a journey like that, it’s pretty clear you should at least check them out, right? The first chapter won an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Mini-Comic.

Now you can order and read all five parts, safe in the knowledge that it’s much less likely you’ll get a 3 foot hair in your package.


  1. we can surmise 2 things from this video. 1) Making a comic book is time consuming. 2) Growing your is also time consuming.

  2. That video was a hair too long.

  3. My freshman year of college, I went about 9 months with out cutting my hair, and 6-7 with out trimming the bottom of my goatee, and I thought that was a long time. But I only had maybe 2 inches of beard.

    Then in my late 20’s I had longer hair. I decided to cut it short because my forehead seemed to be going backward as fast as the the hair on the back of my head was growing. I thought this made me look too much like a stereotypical pedophile/ cult leader/ 80’s character actor for my tastes (not that there is anything wrong with that).

    I didn’t have quite enough length to donate to charity, and because it was curly, it would have been hard for the beautician to get it in one cut. I’m very glad to hear Alec did donate his, it’s a very cool thing to do with something he didn’t have a use for anymore. And the wigs that get made out of the donated hair really do help people feel better about themselves.

  4. Does he live in Portland?

  5. First the Watchmen prequel, and now this. This is a bad time to be Alan Moore.

  6. I have read all but the last chapter of Basewood. It is excellent indie comics. Excellent. You should all read it.