ACTION COMICS #1 Sells For $1M, Breaks Comic Book Record

Action Comics #1At 10:38am EST today, Action Comics #1 was sold at auction for $1,000,000.

The action took place on the auction website and involved an anonymous seller and an anonymous buyer who is reportedly "well known" in New York City and owns a high value comic book collection.

Okay, it was me.


Okay, no it wasn't.

Today's auction obliterated the record for the sale of a single comic book: That was also a copy of Action Comics #1 which sold last year for $317,200. Why was the price so high? Well, this particular copy of Action Comics #1 was graded an 8.0 by CGC.


(I bet the guy who had to do the grading that day was sweating like the bomb tech in that scene in Die Hard With A Venegance with the bomb in the school.)

This same copy of Action Comics #1 sold for $150,000 in 1995 and $0.10 in 1938.

There are believed to be only about 100 copies of Action Comics #1 left in existence…

And one day I shall own them all!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!


It wasn't me.

Or was it?


  1. Wowee wow wow! What a sucker! I spend about that much on comics every year, but I get more than 1 crummy issue. Geez.

  2. Whoa. Very cool. Though I could have sworn Nicholas Cage paid a million for Action Comics a couple years back. (Unless, now that I think about it, he paid $1 mil for the "lot")

  3. Man, i would be too scared to read it after paying that much

  4. If i ever won the lottery i would buy Amazing Fantasy #15. As a major spider-man fan i would just have to

  5. Wait. Was it you? If it was, could I call dibs on it when it goes up as a prize pack for iFanboy Members?

  6. Well, great. Conor’s birthday surprise ruined. Thanks again, Internet.

  7. So when are we going to see a YouTube clip of the person who bought it cracking open the slab iFanboy style?

  8. Amazing there is only a 100 copies of this left. Then again for the history and the nostalgia of it….it’s worth $1 million for sure.

  9. I know how rare these things are but that just seems crazy to spend that much on one comic.  And one that’s just going to have to sit there an not be read because it’s so old fragel and hurmaticly sealed. It should be in a musem or something.

  10. now was that the standard cover or the Deadpool zombie variant

  11. I Guess we know what Conor did with his money. 

  12. That’s only a fraction of what the last Superman movie cost to make.

  13. 100 copies?  I didn’t think there would be that many.

  14. @conor: Don’t lie it was Dr. Evil wasn’t it?  "I bid…… 1 million dollars." I’d hate to be the guy whose mother threw this away.

  15. Crazy!  I just read this morning about a Heritage Auction this weekend where Detective Comics #27 was supposed to break the previous Action Comics #1 record!  Tis the season for comics auctions I guess.  This has put it out of reach though because Detective Comics #27 was only (ha!) expected to bring in like 350.000 or something. Wow.

  16. tec 27 is at 507k right now

  17. You know I’ve never understood why Superman is trying to scare the crap out of everyone on the cover. What’s he doing?! There’s no one in the car, nobody trapped underneath, just a bunch of frightened, decent folk who were minding their own business before Superman showed up.

  18. Holy smokes!  There is a recession going on, right?

  19. am I an asshole for thinking that the seller should at least donate that money to charity, even if it’s something like CBLDF or Hero.  or maybe if that well-known NYC resident could buy 333,333,333 new Superman comics and donate them to kids whose parents couldn’t even afford to buy them a comic book.  and then the fucking comic can go in a museum or something.

  20. Man, if you guys talk about this issue on ifanboy, you better emphasize the spoiler warning, cause that guy’s going to be pissed.

  21. Anyone know if that’s the highest graded copy in existence?

  22. @ MasAoidh   I just always assumed they were crooks, of the cowardly variety.

  23. Wow. I can’t even fathom having that much money to spend on a book.

  24. if i had a million dollars… I’d buy you a fur coat (but not a real fur coat that’s cruel)..

    if i had a millions dollars… i’d buy youuuu a copy of Action Comics #1

  25. @ABirdseysView With all due respect you have no idea how much the buyer of this Comic has given to charity before or after buying Action #1.

  26. The way I see it is that no matter how important Action #1 is culturally if you have $1M to spend on it then its pretty obvious that that’s your disposable income and you’re allowed to do whatever you want with it

  27. Was that the standard cover or the Deadpool… Damn, someone beat me to it! CURSES!

  28. @ MacAoidh there is a whole website dedicated to Superman covers showing how much of a dick he is its something like

  29. my bad

  30. Man, now my copy of Detective Comics #27 feels worthless. WORTHLESS I SAY.

  31. The collector market is something that has been largely overlooked at this community. I find it understandable but unfortunate. It’s a rather fascinating subculture.

  32. I bet the guy who bought that thought ‘Great, when am I gonna have time to read THIS, on to ‘the stack’ you go."

    keeping up with the theme of the week


  33. I saw this yesterday.  I thought it was crazy that just a week before Detective 27 was going for a little under 500,000 and that it was big news how that auction was going to shatter the record.  Then this news comes out of nowhere to destroy all of Batman’s hopes.

  34. If I won the lottery, I’d buy X-Men #1. Definitely. And an assload of original artwork.

  35. "Yeah this was worth the million dollars. But……I can’t open it to read it cause it loses all value……Well this is gonna be a great 70 years of existence seeing this thing."

  36. It doesn’t even have a hologram cover…What a ripoff.

  37.  Was that the one with the variant cover?Those always will get so much more!

  38. By the way, how do we know this guy was a Superman fan? Maybe he really wants to read that Giovanni Zatara back up.
  39. I feel sorry for the person that got outbid.

  40. @Hawkboy- you’re absolutely right.  and especially so since I have no idea who it is.  I guess I just feel that if you’re going to spend that much on an interest in comics, it ought to be something to help the comics industry and it’s place in the larger world.  and certainly if you have that money, one must assume it’s for a solid reason and it’s yours to do whatever you please with it.

  41. @MacAoidh: The cover art is based on a panel inside. Superman isn’t scaring "decent folk." He is scaring the hoodlum Butch Matson and his two buddies. Matson, the dastardly so-and-so, had just abducted Lois. Admittedly, Supes is overreacting, but no innocents were terrorized. (Unless you count Lois, who was literally shaken out of the car, along with the bad guys!)

  42. From now on I’m going to express all million amounts in the form of "Action Comics #1"s.

    In example, "Superman: Returns" had a budget of 209 Action Comics #1s. 

    (And yet there are only 100 or so AC#1s left. Makes it almost feel like I shouldn’t count above 100.)