NBC's The Cape isn't the only new original super hero show coming to TV this fall. ABC's got No Ordinary Family starring Vic Mackey Michael Chiklis. Will bad guys get their faces burned on stove tops and will there be flying tackles through chain link fences? Let's find out!



Doesn't look like it. But we can hope! No Ordinary Family looks like a little bit Fantastic Four, a little bit The Incredibles (which in and of itself was a little bit Fantastic Four) and a little bit standard ABC family drama. I do like the fact that there was a healthy does of humor in the trailer, as opposed to The Cape, which came off as deadly serious.

The cast for this is pretty strong, and that alone will have me tuning in at least in the beginning.


  1. This looks promising!  I adore Julie Benz and don’t think she got used very well on ‘Dexter’ so I’d like to see what she can do with this.  And it goes without saying that Chiklis rocks. 

  2. Watching it for Benz and Chiklis. seriously the rest of the cast could be kittens in top hats and i would still be the same amount of excited

  3. The Cape looks tacky to me. The other one seems kind of cool.

  4. Looks cute. Love Benz and Chiklis, too.

    Though I kind of feel sorry for the daughter. I can’t imagine a worse time to have telepathy than high school. 

  5. @RoiVampire I would totally watch a show called Kittens in Top Hats.

  6. @Swifty i thought about it after i posted it and i would too. just benz and chiklis living in a house with top hat wearing kittens. someone call NBC

  7. Will the dad turn orange and rocky in later episodes?

  8. This actually looks pretty good and I haven’t watched anything on ABC in forever.

  9. Eh….Why The Cape looks better then this I don’t know. But it does.

    Just seems a bit too hokey and trying too hard to be funny. 

  10. I think that this has a better chance than the Cape. But, this could easily go the way of Heroes with a directionless story.  I hope that writers have learned from past mistakes.  The cast is strong, so that is a big plus.

  11. This looks fun!

  12. Ok so Chiklis is invunerable like Superman but he can also super jump like a super-frog? Weird but it does look cool, I just don’t get what the son’s power is? Is it super intelligence? Idk, this just seems very much like ABC’s version of a Fantastic Four TV show.

  13. @conor hes a fun loving family man about to solve crime, hes THE COMMISH

  14. @SpiderTitan – if Chiklis is also super strong, not just invulnerable, that would explain the super jumping, which would just be a result of him being so strong. We don’t really know enough.

  15. so take the fantansic four begins given them x- men powers knowing that ABC and marvel are own by the same comapny so i seem s new yet nobody will sue. 

  16. So, Vic gets to be non-green Hulk, Mrs. Dexter is Jessie Quick, the daughter is Jean Grey, and the son gets stuck with being Doug Ramsey? Poor kid. He probably doesn’t even realize how lame he is. Maybe Warlock will show up, though, and make him cooler.

    Actually looks better than The Cape to me. But I’ll be giving both a shot. What else am I going to watch, Desperate Housewives? Please.

  17. @SpiderTitan: The original version of Superman didn’t fly, he jumped really far using his super strong legs. It looks like they are using the original version of Superman’s powers here.

  18. this could be good..i rolled eyes a bit at the "we built you a lair" really? Every superhero has to have a high tech command center?

    The preview didn’t really touch on what they’re going to be doing with their powers…fight crime, supervillains etc

    lastly, what is it with ABC and planes crashing into mysterious places? 

  19. It’s kinda their thing. Every new show starts with it now.

  20. But Vic Mackey was already invulnerable…

  21. I would definitely watch this.  Looks great.

  22. I’ll watch both shows, but I have a feeling The Cape won’t last past winter and NOF will only be a one seasoner.

  23. Wow, I’m actually excited about this. The Cape looked like crap, I actually like this preview.

    Honestly, I don’t think I have any reason to watch The Cape now. 

  24. Not too sure about what I just saw.  Looks like it could be kind of cool, or really fucking lame.  We’ll see.

  25. Looks good. But I REALLY could have done without that "I don’t want new powers, high school is hard enough as it is." Sounds like its read right from the pitch for the pilot.

  26. I like the (adult) cast. We better some Vic Mackey moments of badassery.

  27. wow, i agree with you guys, im really interested in this one

  28. Am I the only one who saw this and thought: "The Incredibles"

    Still, this looks bad. Like Campy enjoyable Bad. Like Greatest American hero Bad. So Bad it’s good bad. 

    I’m in.

  29. Blocked in Canada. Will Chiklis get to say "It’s Clobberin time"?


  30. @ohcaroline – Chiklis "rocks?" Well played, madam.