An Assortment of Suppositions, Assertions, And Unanswered Questions

This week I kind of needed a brain dump. Plus I’m in the mood to actually discuss some of these things so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some excellent comments. Here I go in no particular order:

Could Wolverine starve to death?

  • Being hungry isn’t something you can heal from, and I bet that healing factor gives him a pretty high metabolism too.

The atmosphere on Apocalypse must have a higher oxygen content than Earth’s atmosphere

  • Otherwise how do you keep those fires going without everyone suffocating?

Laika was a female dog, so just whose balls is she licking in The Manhattan Projects?

Follow up: Why do I care about that minor historical detail in a book where Werner von Braun has a robot arm?

Does Alan Scott’s ring work against leaves?

What is NASA up to in the Marvel or DC universe? Do they just hire some C-list hero to go drop off Curiosity for them?

  • I would read that book.

Why are Atlanteans blue?

  • Wouldn’t that just make them harder to see underwater?

Speaking of Atlantis what if Kal-El’s rocket had hit water?

  • Odds are it would have. Not like it had a soft-landing in Kansas.

Remember iFanboy minis?

  • I bet those were a lot of work.

How does Allen from Invincible perceive depth?

  • It’s important for punching.

Can Rogue get pregnant?

Why do science-based heroes have magic villains (e.g., Iron Man and Mandarin) whereas magic-based heroes never get their butts kicked with science?

Do you think they just gave up on the Olympics in the Marvel/DC universe?

How do you go about asking for a book back from someone who borrowed it literally years ago?

  • Seriously, give it back already.

What would happen if Galactus tried to eat Mogo?

  • What if he also had a yellow ring?


Phew. It felt really good to get all that off my chest. Hope y’all don’t mind the brief and random deluge of thoughts. I’m sure you have some of your own. Some might say this is what Twitter is for; I say, this is what community is for. Get to it.

Ryan Haupt spends a lot of time asking questions that may never get answered. Here him try his best to stump the universe on the podcast Science… sort of.


  1. well, Deadpool seemed immune to starvation by virtue of surviving into the alternate future of Messiah War. I know he has a much better healing factor but it seems possible. However if Wolverine is converting mass to energy (like the rest of us), it stands to logic that his body mass would decrease until there was nothing left. If the healing factors used some kind of outside force to repair cells than starvation could be irrevelant…

    • this has confounded me cuz you never see these guys pigging out to help heal from big injuries

    • NASA in the DCU and 616? It seems to me that space exploration has been completely privatized. I don’t know this for sure, though.

    • Once upon a time Wolverine would slip into a coma when his wounds were severe (the good old days). I imagine that facing starvation his body would probably do something similar that would keep him alive longer. However he undoubtedly could survive on almost anything organic if you imagine his body pulling out whatever nutrients there are and purging poisons and toxins.

    • I seem to recall Wolverine eating his own flesh in something years ago in a similar way to what we saw Deadpool doing in Uncanny X-Force. Can anyone confirm this about Wolverine or am I just making this up?

    • Wolverine ate his own flesh in Enemy of the State.

    • When you starve your body basically starts eating itself slowly. That’s why you lose all of your fat. Wolverine’s healing factor would continue to replace the fat that his body consumed.

  2. Fact: Magic > Science

  3. BTW, I’d like more features like this. It’s quick, fun, and thought provoking.

  4. Something I always asked myself: how come no one figures out that Superman is Clark Kent, the man has the same friggin’ face!?

    I know they tried to explain it a gazillion times, still doesn’t sense to me. If I take off my glasses and mess up my hair I still look the same, just sayin’… 😉

    • It tried to be explained in 1978. Superman wears glasses made of Kryptonian glass, which amplifies the low level power of hypnotism that Superman apparently has. The final two pages of Superman #330 tell the whole story.

      Man, I enjoy these types of weird, wacky comics.

    • Yeah I just read the trade where Green Arrow is unmasked and everyone finds out that he’s Oliver Queen. Really? They coulda made it slightly more believable if they gave half the men of star city robin-hood-beards…

  5. I always wondered what would happen if Bruce Banner turned into the Hulk inside an adamantium box.

  6. “Why are Atlanteans blue?

    -> Wouldn’t that just make them harder to see underwater?”

    I would say that Atlanteans are blue for that very reason. It acts as camouflage against ocean predators/prey.

  7. Now I’m thinking about Galactus as an Orange Lantern… it’s pretty terrifying.

  8. i’ve always wondered, how do superheroes and bad guys find the breathe to have articulate conversations while fighting?

    also, is there a mens warehouse type of place where they get all the costumes?

    • In Marvel there are a couple of ways to do it. Spider-Man got his stitched up by a tailor who catered to super humans. The Tinkerer made a lot of villain costumes either with powers built in or suits that augmented or siphoned the power of the wearer.

    • In Rogue’s revenge, the rogues had a special tailor that made outfits resistant to their powers.

    • The Flash rogues go to Paul (?) Gambi, who first appeared back in the early Barry Allen 60’s Flash series. This is revived in Rogues Revenge.

      It’s always been a little touch I’ve loved about the Flash universe. I also think the name is a refernece to someone who worked at DC at the time.

  9. Here’s one that’s bothered me recently:

    Assuming that the arc-reactor technology is viable, how is it physiologically possible for Tony Stark to have a giant chunk of his sternum missing and retain mobility? Also, wouldn’t he have a huge infection around the site of his permanent chest wound?

    • What really bugged me is the scene from the first movie where Pepper Potts reaches into his chest cavity.
      She reaches all the way past her wrist.
      I can’t figure out how he has room for a heart (or lungs or various other internal mechanisms) If he has that giant metal tube running all the way to his spine.

  10. The Olympics are certainly still happening in Marvel… Alpha recently mentioned them in ASM, I’m sure.

  11. The Rogue prenancy one is freakin’ me out.

    Even if the guy could make it through the act, could the fetus even have a chance to develop? Wouldn’t her power immediately suck the lifeforce out of it? And if she did couple with someone who was impervious to her power, would the DNA combine in a way that could produce a child?

    Damnit Ryan!!

    • Maybe if someones mutant power was being immune to mutant powers……

    • Does Rogue get sick? Do her powers siphon the life force from ANYthing organic that comes in contact with her, or just people? Can she kill the lawn by walking around barefoot? If her powers affect things down to a molecular/atomic/cellular(?) level, then no, she probably can’t get pregnant, would be my guess.

      In vitro fertilization could be argued as a possibility, assuming her powers wouldn’t just immediately zap the foreign bodies. Though as far as I know, Rogue’s powers don’t work on herself. And since IVF takes place outside the body, once the fertilized egg is transferred back inside it would essentially be a part of herself.

      Good grief, I can’t even believe I just thought about this so hard. My mother would be proud…

    • @RedBaron504: Maybe. But, again, would the chromosone mix be balanced enough for the fetus to survive? The x-gene is supposedly more dominant on the father’s side, but is that a risk you wanna take? She might end up with a mutated mutant baby. Besides, if she mated with a mutant whose power was being impervious to mutant powers, wouldn’t that be considered “settling”?

      Man, I miss Rogue. I wish she were in an X-Book that I read. Does she still call people “sugar”?

    • Since Rogue’s powers allow her to soak up another’s powers, would she absorb this “impervious to powers” power? I can’t even think about this particular question hard enough to make sense of it in my head.

    • Well you could just have Leech sit around her for nine months. But that would also mean he would have to present at conception…which paints him in an entirely new and creepy light.

    • Looks like Marvel needs to do a Rogue miniseries.

    • @greghinkle: I guess that would work for the conception, but the development of the fetus would still be in question. Or would that work at all? If the guy’s power is that he’s impervious to mutant powers, she wouldn’t be able to drain him at all! So the moment the egg was fertilized, there’s still a good chance her power would kill it.

      I think we’ve at least answered one question; Why haven’t they ever created a mutant impervious to mutant powers? Because it causes too many problems. Solved.

      @CSFiction: HAHA! That is creepy. But it’s also the best answer we’ve come up with. How bad do ya want a kid, Rogue?

    • In AoA Rogue had a child with Magneto as his power can create a field that nullifies hers. However in X-men Legacy Professor X finally figured out that her power can turn off. Memories from the first guy she drained was keeping it turned on subconsciously.

    • That Leech idea is both super creepy and kind of cool. He could be a babysitter/sidekick.

  12. Wolverine’s healing factor seems to be different depending on who is writing him. Some people use it to make him an unstoppable killing machine who is basically impervious to any kind of damage and heals from anything. Other people write him as a basically normal guy who is effected by wounds like the rest of us, but will slowly recover from the wounds without any medical attention. It’s interesting how in some stories, a barrage of bullets won’t even slow him down, but in other books, a burst of gun fire will lay him out like anyone else.

    Also, sometimes he is written that certain things would kill him, like having his heart destroyed, but in other books, he will regenerate from pretty much anything. I really with Marvel would comeup with specific rules for Wolverine and stick to them.

    • It really bugs me when they blow him up or burn him and then have him walk around as a flesh dripping adamantium skeleton. That’s not really how it works. He’s not a fucking terminator.

  13. Was Mandarin truly a magic-based villain? I thought his rings were alien technology.

  14. Galactus vs. Mogo? I’d read that…

  15. That Laika thing bothered me too.

  16. Firstly, this is the stuff no-prizes are made out of. I love it.

    I’m going to go with Allen is, by name, an alien, so his sight is something that we’ll never understand.

    I think that yes, Rouge can have a baby, as long as she can be impregnated. Life finds a way all the time, I’d expect she’d have a normal pregnancy. One of life’s argued meanings is that it exist to continue existing, and seeing as how many other mutants have had relatively normal pregnancies, I doubt she would have a problem.

    The science based hero defeating the magic based villain is a concept I would guess came form the birth of modern comics. Science was the reason for so many heroes, especially on the marvel side, because science was heavily in the public consciousness what with radiation and all the technological advances in that time. To have them beat magic was to have them break old shackles of storytelling; we didn’t need mysticism, we had science to do all the explaining. I don’t think this is coming across how I meant it, but oh well.

    I think the olympics run as normal, but they employ someone who has powers to work with the doping people. You know how Xavier can find mutants with his psychic-ness? Something like that.