A 20th Anniversary Full Color One Volume Edition of Jeff Smith’s BONE Coming in 2011!

Fans of Jeff Smith's 1400 page Bone saga have had some decisions to make over the past twenty years. Primarily, do you want it all in one gi-hugic omnibus, or do you want it in color? We've been recommending that massive black and white collection for years now, but it's hard to deny the allure of those lushly colored digests. Those are exceptionally popular at school book drives. 

In 2011 we'll have a new option, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it as a future Book of the Month or even in the top slots on some Best of the Year lists. The Boneville.com blog has announced a 20th Anniversary Full Color One Volume Edition. It's described as being very similar to the dimensions of the existing black and white doorstop, with a three inch spine and slip case. The hardbound book will even lay flat when opened. And there will be extras. 

No details yet on price or street date, but we'll be watching this one closely. 



  1. I want! I want!

  2. Oh, it will be expensive. And still, I will get it as soon as it is up for preorder on Amazon.

  3. They place heavy emphasis on the binding of the book. Looks like they’ve spent a lot of time and effort in getting it just right. This sounds totally geeky, but that’s really promising news. 

  4. A new gold standard for omnibuses?

  5. @PaulMontgomery—the lay flat thing + the 3 inch spine kinda worries me. Those sound like two opposing forces that usually can’t go together. I’ve seen some nice recent lay flat books published in the past few years so I’ll be interested in seeing how they pull it off. Binding is the most important part of a book, and so many modern books (especially within comics) skimp on that because it costs a lot to do it right. 

    I’ve been meaning to get this series for A LONG TIME, so this will probably be it. 

  6. It’s already my most-anticipated book for 2011. It’s gonna look great next to the back and white volume.

  7. I’m assuming this will be roughly the same proportions as the existing one and it’s totally readable.

  8. That is going to look beautiful. I do like my B&W edition, but I do enjoy the color versions when I’ve seen them. Not sure if this is worth an upgrade for me, but I would completely understand if it would be necessary for someone else.

  9. I’ve got the big black and white one volume edition. Sad that there’s now a color edition because I don’t plan on double dipping:(

  10. The dimensions as listed on the Boeville blog: 9.25″ x 7″. Three inch spine. 

  11. Looks like I’m gonna be gifting my black and white volume to someone soon.

  12. @wallythegreenmonster  I just so happen to have a 3.5 inch thick hardcover sitting in front of me. Lays flat perfectly. So there is hope. And they DO make a point of saying it does in the announcement, so I have faith. 

  13. Will be purchasing this. Can’t wait!!!

  14. Like some of the other commenters, I’ve been meaning to read Bone.  I’ll be pre-ordering this.

  15. Wow awesome! My daughter Claire and I can’t wait!

  16. @PaulMontgomery  —  Yeah i’m sure its possible. I have some oversized art books that should not be possible but they found a way. Lay Flat is actually a type of newer binding process, so i wonder if its that, or if they are just using it as a common term to differentiate from most side-sewn comic HC’s that can’t open flat. me=book binding nerd haha.

    The price point will tell us all we need to know…

    I’m really looking forward to this. =)

  17. I Read the b&w monster from the library. Well worth it and just as good as people say it is.

  18. WANT!

  19. Goddamnit, I JUST bought a signed copy of the TPB at Comic-Con this past summer!

  20. I do not own and have not read Bone as of yet. Very much looking forward to remedying both, and have considered buying the 9 coloured editions many-a-time….now I’m glad I waited.

    I’m sure it’ll be in the $100-$120 srp range, though Amazon will fix that right up to (I’m hoping) $60-$80.

  21. I already have the B&W version.  Can’t see laying out the big bucks for the same material – even though it is in color. Sigh!

  22. While the coloring is good, I still prefer the B&W. Homefully that will get the HC treatment someday.

  23. Awesome, I think I will have to double dip on this.  That’s a fantastic looking book.

  24. I can not wait to get this.  I will be pre ordering as soon as I can.

  25. My wallet is already crying.

  26. Already own the B&W volume, but I will be getting this (most likely).

  27. I already got the B&W one.  A big color one would be excellent, but I just don’t know if I need it…

    Oh, who the hell am I kidding? Sign me up!

  28. That looks magnificent.  Much as I love the black and white originals, I’ve always been sorely tempted by the color editions, so I’m sure I’ll be getting this.

  29. At 1400 pages you might want to make it book of the “quarter” and not month.

  30. It’s very cool that they’re doing this, but I’m glad to have the black and white version.

  31. Hopefully it will stay in print  long enough to make it on my Christmas list next year…

  32. I have the black and white.  I like the color better… but not so much that I’d buy this as well.

    Still, very cool. 

  33. This is great news for those of us who have been planning to read Bone but havne’t gotten it yet.

  34. Been putting off buying the b&w version hoping that this would someday come out!