1,000,000 Audio Downloads (And Counting)!

Sometime in the last few days, the total number of downloads of all of our audio shows passed the one million mark!

I can tell you that when Josh, Ron and I first recorded our (admittedly pretty awful) first Pick of the Week Podcast we had no idea where it would take us, and I can guarantee that we never thought that our silly weekly show about comic books would take us to one million downloads.

None of this would be possible without all of you and we will always be eternally grateful for the iFanbase. So, a big thank you goes out to everyone who has ever listened to the show! We do it for all you folks.

A special thank you goes out for all of you who have sent in e-mails, called and left voicemails, attended any of the live recordings, left iTunes reviews, or have generally gone the extra mile to support us and the show.

And if I can be permitted one more round of gratitude, thanks to Gordon, Jim, Paul, Mike, Sonia, Jonathan London, Tom Katers, and Augie de Blieck Jr., for their stellar guest hosting duties. And thanks to all of the guests on Talksplode, and all of our wonderful sponsors (who sell fine products).

We have a blast doing our shows and hanging out with all of you fine people every week!  And with that said, the road to two million begins now, and we’ve got a show to publish in a few hours…



  1. Congratulations!  You are my only source for comic book goodness.  Well, other than the actual books.

  2. Congrats, guys! What a milestone! Here’s to the next mil!

  3. congrats guys. you are the best podcast i listen to that makes me get excited for all the comics i read. good job guys!

  4. Congratulations.  You do some of the most entertaining work on the web.  Keep it up.  I will be here until 2 million.

  5. For those that are interested, this is the first pick of the week podcast (shockingly an issue of Powers was the pick!!!): https://ifanboy.com/podcasts/audio/11_02_2005_-_Powers__14

    You should give it a listen, if only for comparison.

  6. Congrats guys. Listening to your show is one of the best hour’s of my week every week. 

  7. Well Done! You deserve it! Your podcast is one of the few podcasts that I can listen to the whole way through for an hour or (hopefully) more!

  8. Congrats!!!

  9. Congrats. I went back and listened to all the shows from the beginning and I thought you guys did a sterling job, despite Josh neglecting to actually read any books most of the time in the early days.  ;o)

  10. Congratulations guys! Here’s to the next 1 000 000!

  11. sounds like you guys deserve a night of debauchery in celebration

  12. Congrats! You guys really set the mark of excellence when it comes to comic book sites. I know we get into tussles sometimes, but you are really the best in the industry. Keep up the good job for the next million downloads!

    (Oh and the first ever podcast isnt awful, it’s just a nice little experiment.)

  13. wow…insane…congrats

  14. it’s well deserved. this is the best comic book podcast that i’ve ever listened to. i listen every sunday while i’m making dinner.

  15. Holy Crap Guys!!!   Congrats, you all do terrific work!

  16. great show and great site, congratulations guys!  I can’t imagine how much work it takes to put out this quality consistently, thanks again.  And I agree with Six-Gun!    

  17. Congratulations! keep up the great work.

  18. Congratulations!  It speaks to the fact that you are putting out a great product that’s gotten better and better with time.  

     Out of curiosity – What kind of weight does 1 million downloads give you in advertising circles?  That’s gotta count for something doesn’t it? 

  19. WOOT! Congratulations iFanboys!

  20. Congrats gentlemen on 1000000 downloads

  21. Cheers to you guys! Keep up the great work – I’ll keep listening.

  22. I got back into comics after a decade long hiatus almost 2 years ago now– and when I did, your podcast was a big part of what helped KEEP me back.  Thanks for that– and congratulations on the milestone!

  23. congrats guys!  keep up the awesome work!

  24. You jumped the shark…

  25. @chlop: No, not jumped the shark….

    At least jumped the peanut butter jelly time banana 🙂

  26. congrats

  27. Awesome! Congrats

  28. Although I’ve been reading comics pretty steadily for over 20 years now, I have to say that my enjoyment of them has increased exponentially since I’ve become active in the comic book community in general and with iFanboy specifically.  Thanks guys for rekindling my comic book fire when i didn’t even know it was dying out!  CONGRATS!

  29. congrats guys!  well deserved

  30. Woooow…congrats! and thanks for all the great content!

  31. Well done, everyone!

    Congrats and thank you!!

  32. Congrats, guys!   


    What’s next?  


  34. Great news…thanks for all the shows!

  35. That is fantastic news. Congrats. Thanks for all the awesome shows.

  36. Really impressive and outstanding work. I am indepted to you. You have cemented my pre-existing love for comics and have opened my mind to new books and creators. I would encourage everyone who has left congratulations to leave a positive comment on iTunes.

  37. One million thanks for the fine product and many hours of quality entertainment!

  38. Congrats and thanks for all the laughs and reviews and reccomendations and making me spend more money than I should!!!!  Hope for 1 million more!!!!!

  39. Good job iFandudes.

  40. Wait, I just realized that it’s 1 million downloads. That does not count hte listens on the site itself does it? I don’t download the the podcast I just listen to it straight from the site.

    Also, is this just the POW podcast or does it include video stuff also?

  41. Hats off for a well-deserved milestone. without being able to vicariously share your enthusiasm for the medium and discuss what I was reading, I might not have given comics a chance again. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to keep those downloads coming, like promising never to cohost again.

  42. What, only a million.  If you guys only had a dollar for each download right?


    Thanks for the fun guys.  

  43. @JumpingJupiter – That counts both downloads and streams.  And we’re just talking audio here, not video.

  44. Wow!  Congrats to all!  I’m going to go run in the snow and listen to this weeks podcast, as long as I have read everything that you all talked about! 

    Thanks for all the hard work you all put in to make this stuff entertaining.  Great job

  45. Thanks Guys for the constant entertaining work!

  46. Congrats to the iFanboys! & Congrats to the iFanbase for thier also amazing achievement of one million mouse clicks.

  47. If I can ask, why do you think your first podcast was awful?

    Okay so All Star Batman didnt pan out but it still wasnt a bad show. Again it felt more like an experiment more then anything else.

  48. Congratulations!  Thanks for the consistently high quality entertainment. Great work guys.

  49. congratulations. i know i can take credit for about onehundredandfiftyeight of those. keep it up.

  50. that’s excellent news, congrats and best of luck reaching the next million!

  51. Ding!  iFanboy hits one million!  Congratulations!  You guys do a hell of a job.

  52. That’s fantastic news! Extremely well deserved, and couldn’t happen to a nicer crew.

    Congrats, guys! 🙂

  53. nice!! congrats guys!

  54. Kudos gentlemen! I have a Sirius Radio that hasn’t been turned on in two years thanks in particular to the Pick of the Week podcast. Here’s hoping for years to come!

  55. That’s awesome.

  56. How many until you tell us the logistics of the video show?

  57. Very cool.

  58. Way to go! You guys are the main reason for my return to comics a couple of years ago. Keep up the good work. Here’s to one million more!

  59. Congratulations Fellaz.  I appreciate the site and I’m pretty sure I can I appreciate all of the hard work that you guys put into it.  If it weren’t for you I might not be reading comics!

  60. This is indeed pretty damn cool

  61. Congratulations, my friends. You’ll be to 5 million before you know it.

  62. Congrats! You guys are pretty much amazing!

  63. Excelsior! We are going to the Moon! Excelsior!

    Also Congratulations! While we’re at it, thanks for the hours of content AND the community and junk.

  64. Congrats guys! Here’s to another million!

  65. Rock-awesome, guys. Congrats, and keep up the excellent work.

  66. Congratulations!!  You guys have earned it.  When I first started started getting back into comics, I began listening to comic oriented podcasts to help me figure out what was out there and seperate the good from the bad.

     I’m proud to say you guys are the only comicbook podcast/website that I continue to visit and listen too.  I found so many great comics due to iFanboy.

     I want to say a big Thank You to you guys for bringing me back into the comicbook sub-culture.

  67. I’m sure the 1,000,000th was my individual download. So you’re welcome.

  68. Congratulations guys!

    You have changed the way I look at comic books.

    I have a much deeper appreciation for the work and ideas that go into each invidual book.  Thank you for all of your hard work!

  69. That’s big deal, guys! Well done! Thanks for all your hard work…


    …now get back to it!


    When’s the next party?

  70. Congrats guys!  Hopefully we’ll all be here to see the next million downloads just fly by!

  71. Congratulations! well deserved guys.

  72. congrats guys!  it’s been awesome to have been along for the ride on this first million.  can’t wait to experience the adventures on our way to the next mill…  ifanboy 4 life!

  73.  So much info and time dedicated into the site, AND you guys find time to answer all my email questions.


    Thanks alot.

  74. I’m thinking I fist started downloading in the early teens so I’m personally responsible for over a hundred fifty all by myself, and I’m not even counting all the referrals.  I’d like to congratulate myself on a job well done.  I’m pretty aweome.

    Oh, and congratulations to the iFanboys as well.

  75. We owe it all to Horatio.

  76. But what about me? I helped out too…..

  77. Hey Josh that quote would look great on the new t-shirts, or maybe I could get one that says "narcissist" on the back.

     Seriously though, I’m glad so many people are tuning in.  I’m probably understating this when I say that I love this show.

  78. Congratulations, guys! Your hard work is well appreciated (and I hope someday, well rewarded).

  79. Well done Gentlemen, well done.

    And as a kinda related aside question, do you have a contingency plan ready in case the Revision 3 show gets the axe? The video show is a highlight of my week and I’d hate to see it go the way of Internet Superstar or, worse yet, Geekdrome (where you can’t even find archived episodes). Enquiring minds want to know.

    Here’s to the next million downloads, gentlemen. 

  80. I started with #144…been listening ever since.  I have even started going back and listening to old ones as I can.  Only 139 left to catch up.

  81. I discovered your site about 4-5 months ago.  started with current then worked backwards to all past podcasts.  really enjoyed them….and it’s still not enough!