10 Years of iFanboy! Memories… a LIVE SHOW and Party!

My name is Conor Kilpatrick, and today is a very special day in iFanboy history. On January 8, 2001 we officially launched iFanboy.com.

We’ve been saying for years “… since 2000” because we had a private beta actively going throughout a good portion of 2000 and so in our minds iFanboy has existed since then, but when it comes down to it, iFanboy officially launched ten years ago, today.

People ask us all the time, “how did iFanboy come about?” We’ve answered it a bunch of times but because it’s the 10th anniversary, I’ll do it one more time.

I went to college with my partners, co-founders, and best friends, Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards. We weren’t great friends in college — we ran in different circles, though Josh and I hung out a lot towards the end — but we all knew each other from shared interests.

Ron and I originally bonded over Star Wars our freshman year and then ran into each other some time later at the local comic book store. We didn’t become instant best buddies, though, because he left me waiting at the bus stop in the snow as he drove on by in his death trap of a car. Jerk.

With Josh, I am indirectly responsible for getting back into comics, so in a way there isn’t an iFanboy without me! (Kidding.) (Sort of.) Freshman year of college I had a bunch of friends in my dorm and they were all lapsed comics readers. They saw my comics, I gave them Grant Morrison and Howard Porter’s JLA, and it wasn’t long before they were back into comics full-time. Fast forward to junior year and two of those guys ended up living with Josh and they got him back into comics.

Josh and Ron bonded senior year over The Simpsons and cookies, I think. However we all came together we ended up pretty tight by the very end of senior year — marathon sessions of Goldeneye in Josh’s apartment helped — but after we graduated we all went our separate ways. Josh went to Los Angeles, Ron went to Connecticut, and I went back to New York City. By the time college had ended we had cultivated a circle of friends who read comics and there were raucous discussions every week about the newest books. After graduation, we lost that.

The next part is a matter of some debate, but I contend that I started the e-mail discussions. Every week we would send an email out to the other guys from college with our thoughts on each book; about a paragraph each. If I remember correctly, there would even be a Pick of the Week in each e-mail, but I could be wrong. Around this time the first internet bubble was growing and Ron thought, hey, why not create a website and move our weekly discussion over there? We’d attract like-minded people and we’d be a huge success! Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. We basically talked to ourselves and a guy in Florida named Gabe (The Dude Abides) for five years. Not even

the guys from the e-mail discussion hung around for very long. But for some reason, we hung in there. None of us really know why, but we kept posting Picks of the Week and the occasional article. For five years. With no audience. And then in 2005, after we lost pretty much all of 2004 to World of WarCraft — Ron suggested to Josh and I that we try this new “podcast” thing. Josh and I figured why the hell not. Hell, we already had the headsets and microphones from playing WoW! And so we recorded a show and put it out there into the world. And then we did another. And another. And we haven’t stopped for five years. In 2007, we put our television production college degrees to good use and started our video podcast. In 2010, Graphic.ly acquired us and now here we are.

I can safely say that iFanboy has been the craziest and most unexpected thing that has ever happened to me. Other than being a member of my family, I’ve never been a part of anything as long as I have iFanboy. Ten years? If you know me, you know that the fact that I’ve stuck around this long shows you just how special I think it is, and how much I value it and everyone involved. From Josh and Ron, to Gordon the Intern, to all the writers, to the iFanboy Members, to the regular commenters, to the lurkers, to the newbies, to the people that love us, to the people that hate us, to the people who have stumbled upon this place looking for discussion about Steve Jobs. You all — everyone — make iFanboy what it is.

Here’s a blast from the past: The original mock up of what the homepage of iFanboy would look like – this mock up was dated October 1, 2000 and was ultimately what we went on to develop and launch with on January 8th ,2001, with some minor tweaks made while coding.  For those into web design, this mock up was done to accommodate a resolution of 800×600.  How times have changed in 10 years, eh?

And now, here’s Josh Flanagan:

Ten years?


It’s kind of amazing that my entire adult life has passed at about the same pace as this website.  When we started iFanboy, I was working a crappy job in TV, and had no idea where I was going to go. I just really liked comic books, and the internet was a cool place to try something new.  For the longest time, it seemed like nothing was really going to come of it, and then, something did, which never ceases to amaze me.  This is my job today, and has been for a few years.  Do you know how crazy that would have sounded to me even five years ago?  I’m married today. I have a child.  And a dog!  It’s amazing that you can do those things and have a job that you essentially made up.  Hell, I’m actually putting my ridiculous college degree to use making audio and video.  And people like it!  I feel incredibly lucky, and on days where I’m feeling bad about something, I can always remind myself that I and my two best friends carved out this unique way to live our lives, and it’s actually working.  Not only that, but I’ve had a chance to meet, learn from, and even become friends with all sorts of people who were once my idols and creative heroes.  Plus, I truly believe that comic books are a unique and wonderful art form, and that as many people as we can find should be reading and enjoying them.  I get to help make that happen, and it makes me very proud.

The only thing left to do is the thanking.  I thank Ron and Conor, my partners, my brothers.  It wouldn’t have happened without the special combination of the three of us.  I thank our contributors and writers, who are here because they are excellent, and great people to work with.  I thank the people who make comics for giving us a reason, and never ever failing to provide us with things to talk about.  Finally, I thank you, the person reading this, or listening to the show, or watching the videos.  You made this happen.  You cared what we had to say, or you laughed at some joke we made, and then you came back.  You told others about it.  You sent a link.  You left a review.  You donated your own money.  You made it possible.  I owe you all.  Big time.

Now, back to work.  We’ve got a lot to live up to.

And of course, Ron Richards:

I’m not really sure how to follow up that great retrospective by Conor and those emotions expressed by Josh, as usual my two partners and best friends show how they’re much better with the words than I am.  I suppose all that’s left for me to say is to them and it’s a simple, “I’m Sorry!”

You see, if you go through Conor’s excellent timeline and the history of iFanboy, you’ll see that usually the catalyst or spark that moved iFanboy forward over the years usually began with me coming up with a hair-brained idea or simply being curious about technology and wanting to try something, and dragging poor Conor and Josh along for the ride.

I can’t say that 10 years ago when I suggested we move our e-mail discussions to a website, did I have any idea about comics media, the industry, or the belief that we could build a successful business out of talking about comics.  I was one year out of college, working at a digital agency and just wanted to build a website.  Seemed like comics were as good as anything to make a site about, and so this crazy adventure began.  Fast forward 5 years when I started listening to podcasts and wanted to try it.  I didn’t have anything to really talk about, except this comics website that we were doing, so that seemed like as good as anything to make a podcast out of it.  Now, credit for the video show goes to Josh who had gotten a video camera and suggested we videotape our trip to San Diego.  But seeing video podcasting coming of age in late 2006/early 2007, it was me who suggested that we might want to do a regular weekly show.  Throw in a million more little ideas and suggestions over the years, and here we are.  Again, I never intended this to happen!

Now, don’t get me around, by no means am I taking credit for all this.  The creation and success of iFanboy has always been the three of us, and more recently expanding to a group of very talented and wonderful people around us, collaboration and working to make the best iFanboy we could.  I know for a fact that if I had launched this site by myself in 2001, it wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as it did.  It was the coming together of the three of us, and the arguments and disagreements and working through questions that made iFanboy what it is today and I wouldn’t change a thing (well maybe a few things specifically, but not conceptually).

So, I’m sorry guys.  I’m sorry for all the time and money spent on building this little corner of the comic book world.  I’m sorry that you’ve been stuck with me (and me with you) for 10 years (which by the way, is about a third of our lives) and that this seems to have overtaken any career aspirations we’ve ever had.  I’m sorry to Josh’s and Conor’s families for stealing them away every few weeks from March to October to attend wacky comic book conventions and for overtaking their living rooms when we shoot our video show.

Who am I kidding? I’m not sorry for any of it!  As Conor and Josh both summed up in their words, iFanboy has become one of the best aspects of my life and I’m continually in disbelief that it’s gone this far, and grown this much.  I have made way more friends that I ever thought I would, around the world and am constantly in contact with amazingly talented people.  Such an amazing byproduct of this dumb little website idea we had back when the Internet was going to make us all millionaires.

We are incredibly lucky and have hundreds, if not thousands of people to thank for helping and supporting us along the way.  Thank you to everyone from the iFanbase, to the creators and folks at the comics publishers, to the other great comics websites and podcasts out there, the awesome retailers and the hundreds of other people I’m forgetting.  I’m personally in all of your debt and hope that iFanboy continues to entertain and support you for the next 10 years.

After 10 years, the only thing we could think of doing next was to celebrate!

The iFanboy 10th Anniversary Live Show and Afterparty at Bergen Street Comics!

To celebrate 10 years of iFanboy we’ll be having a live recording of the Pick of the Week Podcast and an after party at our favorite Brooklyn comic book shop, Bergen Street Comics! Come join in the fun! There will be some special guests and prizes!

Friday- January 28
The show starts at 8pm so come early if you want to get a seat!

Watch the live show and hang out with the iFanboys!  There will be a limited open bar (tips are always welcome), and when the party ends we’ll head on out to one of the fine local establishments!

Bergen Street Comics
470 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Let us know you’re coming on the Facebook Event Page

Ohmygod, Brooklyn! Scary!
It’s actually super easy to get to Bergen Street Comics! The easiest way from Manhattan is to take the downtown/Brooklyn bound 2 or 3 trains to the Bergen Street station and when you emerge from the station you’ll be literally steps from the store. If you’re a Long Island resident, the store is also a 5 minute walk from the Atlantic Terminal Long Island Rail Road station.

View Larger Map

We hope to see you there!


  1. Congratulations – and thank you for all the great content over the years. I started listening when the podcast was still in the single digits, and my comics experience would sincerely not be as fun without iFanboy. Here’s to continued success.

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    How do you envision your ideal iFanboy entity/website/podcast/community given whatever necessary resources?

    I want to know your end game or if not end game at least your dream for this thing.

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ScorpionMasada  Manifest Destiny. 

  7. Well done, guys!

    So, when is the iFanboy movie coming out?

  8. I wish I still lived in Brooklyn, that’s right near my old neighborhood. 
    Congratulations, guys. Ifanboy certainly made my return to the world of weekly comics, after a decade away, much easier and more rewarding. Here’s to ten more years (and beyond). 

  9. You guys/ladies perform a tremendous role in my daily entertainment and comic news.  I sincerely appreciate all that you do and hope that the show lasts another 10 or more.  Thanks so much!

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    Now when’s the 3D coming? 😉

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  17. Congratulations, guys. I know that you are three have been very inspirational and have helped me enjoy comics (and the world of comics) in a much more fun and compelling way–being able to read my books and listen to your podcast…it added a whole thing that I had honestly forgotten about–I am very grateful!

    Here’s you and to the iFanboy community!  Our lives are better, a bit more fun, because of you.


  18. That early screenshot of the site scares me for some reason.

    Congrads for ten years!  Here’s to another 10, 20, 30……infinite years!

  19. I came along about halfway, after Wizard World Chicago 2005, I think. You guys were my first podcast and are still a weekly staple on my generous commute. Thanks for all the laughs and for bringing to light so many great comics.

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  24. AWESOME job Guys!!! I started listening to the first podcast while riding the LIRR to work from Babylon.  You guys were the only friends I had that read comics, and it made soooo many dreary mornings on that train go by in the blink of an eye. For me, iFanboy started five years ago with that first podcast, and now I’m living in NC instead of LI and getting my books mailed each week (arrive of Friday) instead of running up the stairs of Midtown Comics each Wednesday.  I have four dogs instead of one, and my kids have a little bit of a Southern twang now.  It seems like a fast ride doesnt?!
    Thanks for letting me into your circle of pals, and here’s to the next ten years!!!

  25. Congratulations everyone! Thanks for being a big part of getting me back into comics and making me fall in love with the medium more deeply than I ever did as a child/teen. I’ll be sticking around (whether you want me to or not) until you guys shut the doors. 

    Have a blast at the party everyone! I’d love to have been able to make it down.  I’m sure there’s a planter with my name on it someone can fall into.

  26. 10 years is a long time and is clearly a mark made only due to your collective will and determination to make this site/podcast/vodcast/community work.  well done, guys!

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  35. dig the freshfaced college aged ifanboys pic.
    Glad i made it in time to celebrate you guys’ 10th.  Although the stories of you production degrees scare me, (im about to graduate with that same degree).  But if I end up in NY atleast i know what comic store to utilize. 
    Heres to many more years of Ifanboy! May Josh continue to never have fun, may Ron continue to never shave his sideburns, and may Conor eventually develope a TV pilot featuring Post Coital Thor!

  36. Congrats guys – and thank you for continuing to keep me energized and excited about comics.  I hope to see you again on the 28th

  37. Well done on the milestone guys. I’m on the site a couple of times a day, and the audio and video podcasts are a part of my weekly routine and I really appreciate all the work you and the staff do. Enjoy the party!

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  40. Very cool! Wish I could be there for the festivities in NY :/ Anyway, I’m super glad to have stumbled onto this community and hope it continues to grow!

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  42.   I know have my degree in comics thanks to you guys.  I grew to love comics very much and ifanboy was the door way.  Thanks for that.  I’ll stop dick riding now.

  43. ive only been here for about a year but i can truly say that you guys are great guys.you really know the material and have very good,funny,and intelligent things to say about it.wish you guys another great year.

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  46. Ifanboy is what i look forward to monday and Wednesday so i can’t thank you enough i whana go to the states to visit but i don’t think it will happen 🙁

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  49. Congratulations and Thanks for everything, Awesome stuff guys, keep it up…. pretty sure my yrly sub went through again 😉 *have to check that*
    Good Times. 

  50. Huge congratulations on the 10 year anniversary – I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, if it weren’t for iFanboy, I wouldn’t be reading comics, so I guess I have to thank you all for that!

  51. Just started my 3rd year of listening/viewing the podcast’s, and without these I would still be a 15 year lapsed comic book lover.  Thanks for making me laugh and making the trip to work that bit more bearable on a Monday morning. Here’s to at least another 10 years of the same and more. Cheers fellas.

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  53. I’ve been reading comics for about as long as this sites been on the go!

    And only reading the good ones since I found this place and podcast!

    Congrats guys, keep it up! 

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    best thing I have seen on the internet in ages! Nice one guys, it’s always great to see an idea work out so well, the only way is up!

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  57. Thanks for providing a much needed break and comic relief to some very mundane work days. I admit that I got back into comics because of you three. Actually dont know if I should be thanking you or cursing you because of this 🙂

  58. I’m much to far away to attend, but I hope the party is as wonderful and fun as possible.  You guys deserve it; without you and Around Comics, I never would have gotten into this wonderful hobby.  Thanks!

  59. Applause to all of you. Happy 10th 

  60. Congrats to all of you! I wouldn’t get nearly as much enjoyment from comics if I wasn’t on this site everyday. Comics are expensive and the only way they are worth the cost, for me, is that they are a ticket into this small corner of the Internet.

  61. Congrats to all of you, this has become my main source for all things comics related, a great place to see what other like-minded ppl think about, and mostly kill time when I should be working.  Looking forward to the next 10 years!

  62. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Can’t wait for the live show and PARTY!

    I am, as you know, a party animal.  

  63. I’m going to a party!!!  I’m going to a party!!!

  64. There have been many congrats in this thread already….

    …but I must say, Thank You!

    I’ve been apart of this site for 3-4 years now & was pulled in instantly from the “mini-video-podcasts”. I could go onto incredible detail on what I liked, loved, and beyond…..but we all know that already – & that’s why we’re here, right?!?

    It’s also kinda weird and comforting to think and say that this site has entertained, but also gotten me through some very, very hard times. 

    So, to Josh, Ron, Conor & the crew of staff and other members I say Thank You.

    Let’s keep this thing going. I’m in!!!!! 

  65. Wow I read that whole thing and loved it.  Thank you guys.  I discovered you guys coincidentally after a break-up, and your podcasts nursed me to health with laughter.  That was 3 years ago.  Thanks you again!

  66. Nice! Here’s to ten more!

  67. Congrats iFanboy! I’ll definitely come down from CT for this! Ever since I stumbled upon this podcast/video show from iTunes I’ve been exposed to a whole new world of comics beyond that of DC and Marvel. Thank you for introducing me to Sandman, to Fables, to Vertigo and Image and to amazing comics.

  68. Happy Anniversary guys! Here’s to many more years of comic book-y goodness!

  69. Been with you guys for 5 of the ten years and I must say that you have introduced me to some books I never would have tried and I truly appreciate it. I do look forward to both the POW and the VidPods. Keep up the good work.  Congrats on a decade of cool.

  70. Congrats guys. Thanks for all the hard work. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

    Here’s to 10 more years. (I’m sure that just made you all throw up in your mouths a bit)

  71. Congratulations and thank you!

    Ifanboy.com is a daily routine for me, I can’t imagine reading comics without ifanboy. I think that says enough abouy the good work you all are doing!

    It’s really inspirational to see a bunch of guys going for something and making it. It shows that with passion, hard work and true friends you can do what you wanna do. Too bad I can’t be at the party as I live in Amsterdam…

  72. For anyone who wants to either feel nostalgic or check out what they missed. Here’s a fun wayback machine to explore older days of iFanboy.


  73. @j206: Good lord, that is a time capsule.

    Anyone want to see the site go back to that format? 

  74. Bravo, bravo!! Congrats!

    Now, if only we could all go “Back to the Future” and erase photos from our past where we looked and acted like we did back then.

  75. In looking through some of the old time capsule pages, I laughed pretty good at the old header in 2004.

    “iFanboy: You’re wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!”

  76. @j206  Oh, yeah… I forgot about that. That was when there was really just no audience so we did some wacky stuff. We had a bunch of headers like that.

  77. @conor – I think that should be the next t-shirt.

  78. @j206  That is solid gold, sir.

  79. “10 years! Y’know what they call that? They call that a decade!” ~ Robert Duvall “Open Range”
    Congrats Guys!!!

  80. Congratufreakin’lations, guys. 🙂

    I gotta say, while I owe my local comic shop and Marvel’s Civil War for pushing me back into comics, I owe iFanboy for solidifying my place back in the hobby. Back in ’06, I needed someplace to talk to people about comics and to listen to people talk about comics. I downloaded a LOT of podcasts and this one was The Best; there was and is *no* other podcast out there that is smarter or funnier. Certainly not both.

    There’s iFanboy and then there’s everything else. That’s all there is to it.

  81. Congrats…on having the bravery to take that boy bandesque photo at the bottom.

  82. @ThomasKaters  I think it looks more like a shitty bar band of a bunch of white guys playing bad blues songs and Stones covers from Buffalo.

  83. @josh  Hey Everyone! We are 3rd Rail…every first wednesday of the month!

  84. Congrats iFanboy, and thanks for getting me back into comics. 

    Thanks to you guys I’ve even gotten my 10 year old son into comics, and it’s great to see that love for a medium passed down to a new generation.  It also has him reading more, a huge plus ;).

  85. I found your site on a whim in June 2010 when I was looking online for information about Alan Moore and “Miracleman” and came across the video podcast you did.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  The video podcasts ate up an entire weekend of mine last summer, and I’ve hit your old POTW podcasts as my tastes have grown. 

    Your recommendations have hit my wallet hard, but it’s been worth it.  My trades/hardcovers have grown forcing me to buy a new bookshelf.  My pull list at my LCS has quadrupled, hovering around 20 books a month.  I’m constantly checking out comic trades from the college library (a nice balance with all my race, crime, politics readings for my dissertation). 

    It’s been a great seven months.  Congrats on your 10th anniversary and here’s to the next 10 years.

  86. You guys and your awesome parties of which I can never be a part. You’re killing me, guys!

    Congratulations on ten years! As with most, I stumbled upon this site due to the podcasts. When I finally visited the website, I discovered a community full of great people, many of whom I now consider actual friends. Thanks for creating all of this, no matter how accidentally.

  87. As long as something doesn’t come up, I’ll be there.

  88. I’m more then 99% certain I’m coming this time around…..Aw heck, why still be so unsure about it?

    99.9% sure I’ll be there! 

  89. Way to go guys, keep up the great work!

  90. Great work guys! I wish i could get to one of these live shows but maybe when I finally make it to the US i can come and say hi. You guys are a great bunch of blokes and it’s been awesome listening to your podcasts over the years!

    Poor Gordon. He’s the Harry Kim of Ifanboy. Will he ever not be an intern?

  91. Congratulations for the 10 years!!! Just like many people who has stumble upon to your site, you guys brought me back to the world of comics. before iFanboy, I only reached to the point only buying y the last man, runaways, and new avengers. If it wasn’t for the videos, I wouldn’t know that getting them in trades is ok. I don’t have to think about how to find the missing issues when i’m out of the country. iFanboy was the one who introduce me to comic cons. I have never been to one before until I saw those con videos. So I to say “thank you” to iFanboy for everthing with comics. Without the site, I wouldn’t be able to meet other people who love comics just like I do.

  92. congrats, dudes. youre all great. love the show. love the site. stay allright 😉

  93. congrats gents!

  94. I will definitely try to make it. In any case, congratulations are in order. Ten years — that’s fo’ real!

  95. I think Lockjawsh needs to make a comeback.

  96. A party, Yay, wish I could come, but congrats on the 10 years.  I wondered about this very topic the other day, seems rather organic in the telling.  Good luck & continued success for the furture.

  97. Quite and accpmplishments gents! Congrats and here’s to another 10!

  98. hell yeah. 

    Nice work. Congrats on all the success.  

  99. Congratulations guys, and thanks for everything! I discovered your site/cast when travelling in Asia for two years, and you guys were a little slice of home. Really appreciate everything you do, so keep it up!

  100. good job guys! i owe a lot to you, having stopped reading comics in my early teens, my rediscovery of my love for them, through stuff like clowes and pekar, in my later teens lead me to want to get back in to them again and discovering your podcast at that very time made it much easier and a whole lot more fun! cheers and here’s to another 10!

  101. I need to know: will there be glassware there?

  102. @mikeromo  Only the ones we’ll be drinking booze out of.

  103. CNN, ESPN, and motha f’n iFanboy! 🙂 You guys are awesome. Congrats and keep up the great work.

  104. Hey guys, I’m noticing that NYC seems to be getting a lot of snow from now till Saturday. Is this going to effect the meet up in any way?

  105. @TheNextChampion  Probably not. Maybe? It’s not supposed to snow Friday.

  106. @Josh Sorry I just saw the weather channel and they said it was. Probably wrong like all forecasters.

  107. @TheNextChampion  I just watched the weather report on NY1 and they don’t have snow again until Saturday.

  108. My weather widget has snow every day through Saturday (in NYC), but temperatures above freezing. So hopefully it won’t be a factor. 

  109. Snow be damned!

  110. I assume that Josh is the black one in the first group photo.

  111. If there are snow showers tomorrow I’m sure it won’t affect public transit.  I doubt there is much in the way of street parking, though.

  112. ifanboy Party in BK WOOOOOT!

  113. Good luck with the show, I believe it’s starting soonish

  114. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  115. I am so sore from shoveling but I’ll be there with bells on. Bells, I tell you.

  116. Anyone wanna meet up a few hours before the show, maybe grab a beer?  I get out of work at 4pm and need to kill a few hours.

  117. @lifesend  i may be because i think my traveling party bailed so im going stag

  118. @lifesend  im totally able to make it, ill put my email out there its Murray51186@aol.com just hit me up and well exchange whatever info we need, just gotta find a local bar to kill time in

  119. @Evangelion11  Cool, if you are able to make it how would we set up the details?  Is this a good place to exchange e-mails/phone numbers?

  120. How’s public transport down there? I heard you guys got a lot of snow.

  121. prolly fine just no parking anywhere

  122. GREAT TIMES ALL AROUND! Thanks again guys for doing what you do.


  124. Thank you iFanboys and Bergen St. for a FANTASTIC (see what I did there?) evening. Here’s to another 10 years, full of stunt deaths, variant covers and polybags.

  125. Had so much fun last night. Not only just going to see the show, but meeting so many people from the site.

    Seeing @PraxJarvin, @JeffRReid, @comicbookchris, @ChrisWalshNYC, @TimmyWood, @WonderAli, and so so many more. (Sorry if I didn’t mention you, there is just too many to count!!)

    But also thanks for letting me on the show and giving me free prizes. Josh you were seriously giving me trades like they were candy. Also, Scott Snyder was such a nice man and we actually talked for a bit at the bar! Never thought I would talk to a creator ever, but Snyder (again) is a gentlemen about it all.

    Here’s to many more years and more great times with the site! 

  126. Glad the live show went well, can’t wait to hear it

  127. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    What a great time! Big ol’ thanks to Scott Snyder for hanging out with us. Very cool guy. And thanks to all the people who braved the ice and snow to celebrate with us!

  128. It sounds like this was a lot of fun. I wish I could of been there. Keep up the good work.

  129. Had an awesome time on Friday. You guys are three in three million. The balance you maintain of professionalism, humility, and serious love for what you do is what keeps us coming back day after day. This place would not work without all three of you and the hard work you put into running it. It was wonderful to talk to Paul and Conor again, but all of you were outgoing and welcoming. I look forward to the next time I can hang with this crowd. Thanks for all you do, congrats again, and keep it up!