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The Comic Shop Blues

A well-run comic store is a wonderful thing, but what do you do when your local comic shop isn’t living up to your expectations? Should we cut comic stores a little slack simply because they’re a dying breed?

On The Increasing Complexity of Origin Stories

You can never go home again, at least not without complicating things.

I Am Iron Man…and So Are You!

Why is Iron Man as popular now as he’s ever been? Maybe it’s because he’s the perfect superhero to reflect who we are as a culture right now.

Weekly Sketch Up – 04.26.2013

We go classic this week. We go comics.

Top 5: Youth Hangouts in Comics

Where exactly are all the “youths” hanging out these days? Listening to their rock music and playing their Nintendo 64s? Where might I find a place in comics where young uns do that?

‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ – S02E10 – “The Man Wolf”

Bang! Zoom!

TEASER: “Superior Spider-Week” is Coming!

Next week!

Weekly Sketch Up – 03.22.2013

Clark, 2 Peters, a Pepper, Abe, and Blackagar.

Weekly Sketch Up – 03.15.2013

“What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss?”

Top 5: Actors Who Were Almost Spider-Man

Going all the way back to the 80s!