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‘The Wolverine’

The Quest To Find The Jacket (And Kill Ninjas)

It’s Official: Fox To Expand X-Men Movie Universe with ‘X-Force’

The time has finally come for double swords and lots of pouches on the silver screen!

Trailer: ‘Axe Cop’ on Your TV

Nick Offerman takes on a new mustachioed champion.

Alright, So Basically, Marvel Studios May Be Getting the Film Rights To DAREDEVIL After All

Oh, Matt.

UPDATE: Marvel Studios Might Extend Daredevil Movie Rights to Fox in Exchange for…Galactus? (Or Not)

Bartering on a galactic scale.

Here We Go Again: FOX Orders ‘The Punisher’ Pilot

Like many failed film actors, Frank Castle might be heading to TV!

NYCC 2011: Some Thoughts on the ‘Locke & Key’ Pilot Screening

Fox showed this one the door, and that’s very disappointing.

The Best Show We’ll Never See – The ‘Locke & Key’ Pilot Trailer

This should very much exist.