Trailer: ‘Axe Cop’ on Your TV

I feel like young Malachai Nicolle must be at least 23 at this point, or maybe it’s just been that long of a week. Anyways, WonderCon 2013 saw the debut of the Axe Cop trailer, promising primetime exposure for juvenile invention and bombast. Based on the frenetic comic book property by Malachai and his big brother Ethan, the animated Axe Cop will figure into Fox’s Saturday night Animation Domination block with 15 minute episodes. It features the voices of Nick Offerman, Ken Marino, Megan Mullally, Patton Oswalt and Giancarlo Esposito.

Facial hair, nazis, zombies and anthropomorphic feces are all involved prominently. Let’s take a look.


Look for it this summer.


  1. I dunno about this. Its either going to be that they are actually using a little kid to help develop these episodes, which I have a feeling would burn out his creativity fairly quick, not to mention the questionable legal issues of having a 6 year old as a television writer. They could also just have adults attempting to imitate the childish writing that made the series so popular in the first place, but can anyone think of anything in which the imitation is better than the original? Downer squad AWAAAAYYY!!

    • Or they could just be making the cartoon word for word from the comics right? Have they said that they aren’t doing this because I’ve seen a lot of complaints similar to yours where people assume they’re adapting this in much the same way other comic based cartoons are made. I would hope they’d go the Sin City route and just take the words right off the page and use them as the script. God knows it would save time and keep the cartoon faithful to the original spirit of the book.

    • The kid’s like 8 or 9 now. They started it when he was 5.

  2. @Kamilo: I’m with you, I’ve been of two minds with Axe Cop for awhile. I absolutely love how insane, hilarious and creative it is, but I hope that the creators/family know when to not pressure Malachai for material. With the inclusion of Hitler and the word “videologist”, I imagine that someone else is writing it, and I’m totally cool with that. I’m looking forward to Flute Cop and his various transformations.

  3. This looks bad. Since its on FOX, I will just blame Family Guy. ( ._.)

  4. I remember picking up and reading the first two issues, and meeting Ethan at Stumptown a few years ago. I loved the idea, I liked the premise and Ethan was a hell of a nice guy. The things that drew me in to Axe Cop are the same things that turn me off as well. It’s a fun mad-camp, buckle up, no explanations needed kind of ride, but, at the same time the pacing is so frenetic and things pop out of nowhere that my mind kind of went into a bit of overload.

    I’m super happy for the guys for getting an animated series off the ground, and I’m a huge fan of Offerman so that’s a plus, but, I’m not sure the subject matter and irreverent style will hold up down the road. We’ll see.

    I’m rooting for ’em.