Alright, So Basically, Marvel Studios May Be Getting the Film Rights To DAREDEVIL After All

Daredevil: End of Days

ย The future of the Daredevil film franchise is increasingly Foggy…

Matt Murdock will likely never see a new screen adaptation of his life from Fox, and not just because

Deadline is reporting that prospective Daredevil reboot director Joe Carnahan is resigned to the fact that Fox will never get the project off the ground before their October deadline. That sentence began and ended with the same word. It is now even more likely that the screen rights will return to Marvel Studios and Disney.

Rumors swirled earlier this month that the respective studios were willing to extend Fox’s ownership in exchange for Fantastic Four properties like Galactus and Silver Surfer, though such claims have been soundly denied. Fox did offer Disney the opportunity to co-finance the film with Fox, but they declined. Right now it simply sounds like a game of hot potato. As exciting as Carnahan’s proposed Serpico style DD film registers to us, the studio just isn’t eager to go back to the well. Deadline suggests that Carnahan could shop his concept to Disney upon the transition, but the project, as pitched, may not gel with the ongoing plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We’re looking at a hung jury, folks.


  1. I don’t see why you struck out those first two lines… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What are the odds of Marvel/Disney asking Carnahan to make his movie if and when the right revert back to them?

  2. Good news for DD getting in Marvel Studios/Disney’s hands but I still want Galactus and Silver Surfer, they seem important with Marvel obviously going in the cosmic direction.

  3. Either way I don’t see there being a Daredevil movie made for quite sometime. ๐Ÿ™

  4. what doesn’t disney just sell disneyland or something and buy all there characters back? no, but really is Disney so dumb that they can’t see the potential of Marvel getting there characters back they have made over a billion USD on 1 movie and they can’t buy a few characters back.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Probably because they already own so many characters and want to develop those.

    • Probably because FOX and Sony don’t want to sell the rights and Marvel can’t force them too. The studios aren’t stupid the amount of money Marvel would have to offer to get the character rights back would have to be more money than the films themselves would ever make, so they would never do it.

    • What kzap said.

      So much anger directed at Disney when you should be mad a piss-poor Fox and Sony for never letting go.

    • Them not letting go is the smart play. However, you should certainly be mad at them for some of the treatment they’ve given certain Marvel properties.

    • @JesseCuster That’s not quite what I was getting at. I don’t think you should be mad at Fox or Sony, they had every right to buy those rights (if they didn’t Marvel would be bankrupt) and they’d be stupid if they sold them. Literally there’s no way that would make sense as a business decision “I know let’s sell this franchise that’s going to keep making us lots of money indefinitely for a one off lump sum”.
      And personally I’ve always been a big defender of Fox and Sony’s films, Spider-Man 2, X-Men 2 and First class are some of my favorite superhero film from the last decade. And other than The Avengers I’ve not being wowed by any of Dinsey/Marvels films.
      So personally I think it’s shame the rights have gone back.

  5. I’m all for the rights going back to Marvel. I trust that they could put together a strong cast and a good script. As a big DD fan, I’d love to see Matt and Foggy in a new movie.

  6. Hopefully this is the start of a purge of characters coming back to Marvel. Except for X-Men and Spider-Man cause they’re too much of a money maker for Fox/Columbia to get rid of.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      And Fantastic Four and Wolverine because they’re in the works.

    • and because each of these films (FF Wolverine X-Men & Spider-Man) have generated hundreds of millions in profit . That means getting FF Wolverine or the x-men might cost hundreds of millions to get back if it’s a straight cash deal.

      Spider-man is on it’s way to generating 2 billion over 4 films. You think Sony would currently part with Spidey for less than a Billion?

  7. I don’t think DD should tie in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It can definitely stand on it’s own.

    Or…it could make for a good TV show! A case each week, followed by him hunting down criminals in costume. Work in some flashbacks detailing his origin and death of his dad (pilot episode), his training with Stick, and his college years (meeting Foggy and Elektra). The big bad of the series would be Kingpin, obviously but maybe you go kind of Smallville with it and show Kingpin’s rise to power from street thug to major Boss.

    • Just because it might be in the MCU doesn’t mean Hulk or Captain America are going to show up. They can incorporate it subtle ways. Like mentioning SHIELD or showing Stark Tower in a wide shot of the city skyline. Little touches like that are always awesome.

    • I agree. The character just doesn’t fit the tone of their lighter, more family freindly universe. And I haven’t been wowed by any of Marvel’s standalone super-hero films. I think people only seem to like them so much because they’re acurate to the comics and they were building to something bigger, judging on their own merits as films they’re not that great (except The Avengers) but that’s just my opinion.
      Seeing the sizzle reel FOX released I’m sad we won’t be getting that film.
      If Marvel do make a film though they should base it on Mark Waid’s latest run on the character, it’s great fun and fits in with the current tone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
      It’s still a shame, Daredevil was a character that would have really benefited from not being tied to the lighter universe or a universe at all, like Nolan’s Batman (or Raimi’s/Webb’s Spider-Man) he could easily be the only hero in his world.

    • DD as a TV show could be amazing.

  8. Daredevil is the perfect choice for the new Marvel TV show. His powers would totally work for the smaller budget you’d have to work with for TV. He can be the street level guy working below the radar while the big movie heroes get all the publicity. Also, you’ve got the whole lawyer procedural built in already, and that’s a television mainstay.

  9. Joe Carnahan on an R-rated “Daredevil”?

    I can dig it.

    • Ditto. So glad the rights reverted to Marvel, so now we can get a Daredevil movie that looks just…like…Ironman…and…Avengers…

    • @OttoBott
      I agree with you (assuming you were being sarcastic) I have nothing against the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the established tone fits those films and the crossovers make up for the lack of personality, scale and production values in their build-up films (I’m looking at you Thor) but I don’t want to really see any characters who could standalone thrown into the mix.
      Personally I like that Spider-Man and X-Men have their own universes and really wished that Daredevil did too.
      I wouldn’t mind seeing Fantastic Four go back to Marvel though, such a shame FOX didn’t trade in those right.

  10. Marvel doesn’t really need all the characters back. We basically want these characters back because it’d be cool to have a cameo from Spider Man or Wolverine in Avengers 2. Fox and Sony aren’t completely inept at the art of film making.
    In the end I’m sure Fox let the Daredevil licence go because when they look back at the Affleck film they realize that they put in a good effort but the results just didn’t gel. Daredevil just doesn’t have an easy audience.

    • Plus, If Marvel did get all there licences back they can still only afford to produce around 2 to 3 films a year. These films would come out at a crawl. I’d like to see Cap try to punch Thanos on a IMAX screen before I’m 50.

    • Speaking of cameos, I wonder if Tobey Maguire can show up in a Mavrel film as “Newspaper Photographer #2” without threat of lawsuit

    • Agree that another downside of all the rights going back would mean we’d get less super-hero films per year, didn’t think of that.
      Personally I don’t care that much about cameos, don’t get me wrong at first it was really cool but it loses it’s charm after a while. I actually think Fox and Sony are better at stand alone super-hero films than Marvel, but I understand that’s an unpopular opinion.
      The only reason I really care about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is for the crossover films and some of the less known character get screen time and Whedon of course.
      And yes Tobey as a newspaper photographer in a Marvel film would be cool or Andrew Garfield, although his films have a slightly darker tone and as they’re ongoing so they’d be more chance of a lawsuit (or Sony just not letting him take the role).

  11. I must admit the idea of Chris Evans fighting Galactus in two different films, as two different Marvel U characters, who are part of two different Marvel U teams, intrigues me.


  13. “Marvel’s New York”: a tv show focusing on marvel’s street level heroes with DD as the principle hero. Episodes/arcs can be legal dramas and/or focus on other street level characters.

    Ex: Matt/foggy could rep for Marc Spector/Moon Knight or on Jessica Drew’s investigations that affect a current or future case handled by Matt’s firm.

    Kingpin is the “main” villain of the series, obviously.

  14. Finally Matt Murdock comes back home & all of the possible Marvel character franchises to get reverted back to Marvel have now come back (once I heard of Josh Trank directing Fantastic Four I figured FOX was really gonna go all out to protect their rights to the Richards Family). Now all that is left that could have a chance at be reverted are Elektra & Ghost Rider & I think that I speak for a lot of fanboys in saying that we are in no rush to see yet another adaptation of those two characters again anytime soon after the awful movies they’ve spawned beforehand (unless of course Jason Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider gets its due, but not likely). After seeing The Grey & The A-Team I am confident that Joe Carnahan would make a great choice for a director of the reboot, if of course Marvel/Disney would back up the project & if Carnahan even pitches it to them. Might as well at least try something, even a low key B movie which they might actually have time for in 2015.

  15. How can someone take a Disney Daredevil seriously…really now???

    • Simple, push all the ‘Marvel Knights’ under Touchstone, who produces R rated films. Slap a new movie studio label on them… say…. I dunno… maybe…hmmm…. MARVEL MAX?


      I absolutely enjoy the Avengers films and their family-friendliness, but hopefully the powers that be that control Marvel films will understand some things just NEED to be Rated R.

    • Why does Daredevil have to be R-Rated? “Born Again” was Code-Approved.

  16. To quote Eric Clapton, “It’s in the way that you use it.”
    If this rumor becomes reality it would not surprise me to see

    1) Mention of the Hand in Iron Man 3
    2) Flashback to a Battling Jack Murdock bout in Captain America: the Winter Soldier
    3) Newspapers or blogs with stories mentioning the Kingpin or ole’ Hornhead

    Sure these are all ‘throwaway’ scenes but it’s stuff like this that would really get fanboys like us buzzing.

  17. Also consider this… if true, Marvel/Disney could make a Daredevil vs. Punisher movie.

  18. I was thinking Marvel could deal off the rights to Fox and we could have a Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover, but I like the TV idea more. Street-level would be a great direction for Marvel TV to go; bring in Luke Cage and Iron Fist, fit Alias into it, but still have it be the movie Marvel U.

  19. Right?…? but lets see some NEW CHARACTERS on th big screen! The movie goers now a days are smart enough to want to see other characters just throw Iron Man or Thor in as a cameo to help them out. I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired of seeing all the same characters over and over and over and over and over again. Or how about some more animated stuff with Pixar and Disney working together! I honestly enjoy animated films as much as live action, my favorite Batman movie is Batman: Under the Red Hood followed by Batman Begins. A really good DD animated film would be awesome!

  20. that’s not a hung jury. this is a hung jury:

    can’t believe no one’s made that joke yet.