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Pick of the Week #507 – The Twilight Children #1

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Again! So many books, and so many things to talk about. We do limit Star Wars Corner discussion, but the Marvel tirades? Not so much. Listen, some people miss the numbers. Who knew? It even makes Josh Flanagan yawn. A dog gets taken care of! But in all that, is a whole bunch of fantastic comic books out this week. Settle in.

Running Time: 01:10:12

Pick of the Week:
00:02:11 – The Twilight Children #1

00:13:35 – Rebels #7
00:18:17 – Ms. Marvel #19
00:22:55 – Batman #45
00:27:02 – Guardians of the Galaxy #1
00:32:17 – I Hate Fairyland #1
00:39:36 – Superman: Lois and Clark #1
00:45:22 – Spider-Gwen #1
00:46:42 – Uncanny Avengers #1
00:49:48 – The New Avengers #1
00:52:08 – Sam Wilson: Captain America #1
00:53:32 – Captain America: White #3
00:57:53 – Sex Criminals #13

Star Wars Corner:
00:59:39 – Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shattered Empire #3
01:01:21 – Star Wars: Chewbacca #1

War Corner:
01:03:38 – War Stories #13

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  1. It is the pre-Flashpoint Lois and Clark in Lois and Clark. They had the baby in the Convergence:Superman two-shot which is also by Jurgens and Weeks. It’s worth checking out. Especially since he’s beating up the Flashpoint world characters in it.

    • Here’s a basic way to break it down.
      DC has largely had way too much editorial influence stifling creativity.
      Marvel has way too little. There is letting creators create unfettered and then there is absent parenting.
      Marvel is a collective universe and there is a responsibility to look after it – to make it make sense as a whole.
      But of course it’s a balance, too much scrutiny and you risk inhibiting character development and growth too loose
      and you compromise the characters that share that Marvel dna.
      Doomdog? Seems like a small thing but it’s indicative of a much larger problem of neglect.

      The reason for the time jump in Marvel is what I think another example of Marvel editorial latch key parenting, b/c Hickman is still- I say Still writing the ending to Secret Wars. They are launching new titles and he’s still writing the summer event. Still trying to figure it out.
      Finish your homework and do your chores Hickman!
      I mean look at the morass this event has been. So many books didn’t make sense b/c the schedule was never there.
      Other writers having the vaguest of ideas about a universe ending event did their best to work Something out in their individual titles.

      Complain about the X-Men Ron there are those of us who depend on it. Someone needs to be the voice!
      And to that point ‘bitching’ about Marvel in general is just echoing what a lot of us are thinking and feeling right now.
      It’s cathartic.
      Thank you.
      You can really stop worrying about getting old. The shift in characters lately isn’t organic. Yes the characters have evolved over the years but the ones who stay strong keep their core you can trace it back. Elements change and are refined but complete shifts with only a name in common that’s not evolution that’s marketing. Change happens but only core qualities stick.
      We haven’t had a lot of those types of additions in a while.

      Francis Manapaul is an example of a creator who maybe could have taken more time to hone the writing chops.

  2. Tough week. Twilight Children #1 & I Hate Fairyland #1 were both fantastic intros into exciting new series, but I have to give my PoW to Rebels #7. It was the best single issue story I’ve read since the notorious Scalped issue. Those last few pages were near perfect.

  3. Maybe I read it wrong but I feel like “doomdog” was in reference to it being the end of the world

    • If it was, then it was an *extremely* poor choice of wording since Battleworld books are filled with Doom-puns that have a very specific meaning.

    • ummm conor I think this will explain it.


      It’s basically the name of the type of hot dog that Kamala got “drunk” on a few issues back at the pier. Nothing to do with Secret Wars.

    • Ummm zeyik, same problem. That issue takes place during the same storyline.

    • Ok i see your point but I think Ron already said that it doesn’t make any sense in the context of them switching words from “god” to “doom”.

      I’ve seen restaurants use words like “toxic” to imply hot or spicy wings so I see people using doom to imply a spicy hot dog. Looked up a doom dog online and nothing came up. Kamala still refers to them as hot dogs in the panels before these so I just assume it’s the type. It may be a Jersey City thing.

      I’ll agree with you that it is a poor choice of words of words considering Battleworld.

      Best to just ignore it and hope secret war is not delayed anymore. I just want it to be over already.

    • While I can see it might be a bit odd, I think you’re way over-reading it, Conor. NOTHING in the story other than the phrase Doom Dog implies this is set in Battleworld and plenty of evidence that it’s not. I don’t say this to be mean, god/Doom knows I’ve grasped onto minor details before that turn out to be meaningless, but I think that G. Willow Wilson is a good enough writer to know that a “It took place in Battleworld all along!” type twist and the only clue is the name of the hot dogs is a pretty poor bit of storytelling. Yeah calling it a “Doom Dog” right before a major Doctor Doom heavy event might be a small mistake, but the entirety of the story is them dealing with the end of the world, something we’ve not seen at all in Battleworld, so if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… than it’s probably a weird Howard crossover, but one that’s set pre-Secret Wars.

  4. I liked New Avengers. I liked the idea of an Avengers Idea Mechanics and I thought the squirrel girl design was fun, but I also dug the horse Beast from S.W.O.R.D. I would like this to get atleast 12 issues because Al Ewing has shown he can tell great stuff with Loki and Mighty Avengers.

    but hey, not everything’s gotta be for everyone.

  5. Serendipity!
    I just dug out that Misfits song earlier this week to solve my hankering for it rattling in my head, and because I’m elderly.

    Also I will pitch in money if we get David Lloyd to do all the art for future Garth Ennis War Stories.
    Please start funneling the donations from those eccentric billionaires into some sorta forced labor kickstarter thing to make it happen.

  6. I would like it to be known that I too read all those books that you say no one reads, like Minimum Wage, War Stories and Rebels. You are not alone.

  7. Who would be Josh’s Dr. Strange second in command and who would be his Reed trying to take him down?

  8. Totally caught that Colon blow reference, Josh. (oddly, because my cousin was the freelance writer that wrote that commercial)

  9. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Here’s a link to a Bloom County strip published on Facebook after iFanboy uploaded this week’s “Star Wars Corner.”


    I grew up on this series. It probably did a lot to inform my political identity. I recommend the collections put out by IDW. The artist said on NPR that he revels in the freedom to self publish digitally. No longer does he answer to the strictures of editors.

  10. I uh— I just read Uncanny Avenegers.
    Wow- I honestly can’t believe how bad that was.
    Is some other team using Duggan/Stegman’s names??
    This was one of the worst comics I have read or looked at in a long time.
    I mean just awful on almost every level.
    It was shit. That’s not hate and that’s not – not backing it up. It doesn’t deserve any more words about other than it was Shit.

  11. Conor, as the first commenter pointed out, the pre-Flashpoint / post-Crisis Superman had his baby with Lois in the Convergence: Superman two-parter. Now, most of Convergence was mediocre at best and a few minis were truly terrible. But Convergence: Superman made me get all teared up.

    The book feels like the post-Crisis late-80s / early-90s Superman of my middle school years. That was MY Superman. He’s what I got invested in hard and followed his adventures week after week. To be able to draw a line from the Byrne reboot through the Carlin editorial office to the Convergence miniseries made that thing special. To see the payoff of that character finally having a kid with the love of his life, to see him struggle to keep that family together against long odds, and having some sort of resolution to his story that we’d never get during the weekly “Never-Ending Battle” era, greatly affected me. It’s probably due to the fact that I had my first child less than a year before I read those issues. Reading that thing felt extremely therapeutic to me.

    Anyway, long story short, go check them out on a light week. The Convergence: Superman mini and Convergence: Shazam mini are the two bright spots of that event.

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