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iFanboy – Episode #136 – Pick of the Week Podcast #200: The Comic Books

Show Notes

Join the iFanboys as they discuss the Pick of the Week for September 2,
2009: Sweet Tooth #1 live in front of a studio audience at Jim Hanley’s
Universe in New York City!

They also take a look at Irredeemable #6, Chew #4, Incognito #6,
Strange Tales #1, Ultimate Spider-Man #2, Resurrection Vol. 2 #3,
Northlanders #20, The Mighty #8, Cable #18, Immortal Weapons #2, and
user reviews from the iFanbase on Invincible Iron Man #17 and
Witchfinder in the Service of Angels #3!

Tune in next week for part two when the microphones are turned
over to the audience for a little extended Q & A with the iFanboys!


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  1. Gabe Gabe says:

    Man, I’m gona miss you guys.

  2. Stepho Stepho says:

    So this is the audio podcast in video form? I ok with that. Just don’t make your vacation a permanent one.

  3. kenkneisel kenkneisel says:

    @Ron: It sounds like what you’re describing at about the 19:30 mark is Wha… Huh?


  4. stuclach stuclach says:

    I wish I could have been there.  I look forward to seeing the Q&A next week.  Any chance we might get some extended footage from the afterparty?

  5. I would have loved it the manga Conor picked up was a hentai, and would be so shocked after opening it that he would fall out of his seat.

  6. I miss the fight of spreading the titles out? Truly a sad day for me :(

    Great to see this in video form.

  7. stuclach stuclach says:

    It is a good thing Josh was sitting between Ron and Conor or the book spreading feistiness might have erupted into a full fledged slap fight.

    Thanks again for mentioning my review.  

    I look forward to seeing the audience participation portion.  It is always nice to put a face to a name. I still remember seeing Paul [at least I think it's him] and realizing he looks like a 12 year old back on the 100th episode show:

  8. captbastrd captbastrd says:

    Bart Simpson looks like he’s planning to pickpocket Josh.

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to nitpick, but "irregardless" isn’t a real word. It means the same thing as "regardless", Ron. Forgive my grammar nazi-isms.

  9. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    I used to say that about irregardless, because I hate it, but it is a word, and it’s in the dictionary, much to my chagrin.


  10. lantern4life lantern4life says:

    Whoa look at Pimpin Killpatrick.  Sex Appeal to 11   

  11. Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing? What a country!

  12. captbastrd captbastrd says:

    My friend got mad at me one day when I used the word "snuck", I said, "It’s in the dictionary; I saw Conan O’Brien use it to defend his use of it against Jennifer Garner!" He conceded to this, but pointed out that, unlike English in the UK or languages of many other countries, American English doesn’t have a committee or organization that determines what constitutes as a new word. Here, we have no one arbiter of language, so the people at Webster’s could go crazy, adding words from Urban Dictionary and it would technically be ‘in the dictionary’. The other day I misspelled a word in a text box, it didn’t recognize it and it suggested "guestimate", meaning that accoding to whatever dictionary Firefox is utilizing, is a word.

    It’s like Conor’s stance on continuity: I ignore some of the more ridiculous alterations to the language canon I’ve followed thus far.

  13. vadamowens vadamowens says:

    The only thing that Conor’s missing is a white hat with a black feather.

  14. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @stulach – Re: episode 100

    If you mean the guy in the yellow oxford shirt, yep, that’s me.  

  15. I had a big prank planned for this night. Where I would find Paul and introduce myself, but not say who I was on the site. Hopefully we chat it up and become quick friends for the event. Then just go up there for the question/prize and state who I am on here. Expecting Paul to be horrifying on who he was laughing it up too/sitting next to for an hour.

    At least I thought that would be funny…

  16. stuclach stuclach says:

    @Paul – I thought so.  How old were you when that episode taped?  I’m going to guess 20ish.  Good looking guy.

    @TNC – I’m fairly certain Paul would have figured out who you were when you inevitably found a way to verbally misspell the word "you’re" during the conversation ;)

  17. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @stuclach – 23

  18. stuclach stuclach says:

    Young whippersnapper.

  19. drakedangerz drakedangerz says:

    Paul and I are both going through our quarter-life crises together.  ;)

    And it took me a while to realize you guys were wearing mics on your shirts.  For several minutes I was wondering how the hell I could hear all three of you so clearly!  Bring on the Q & A!!

  20. cromulent cromulent says:

    Hey. this video sounds almost exactly like the audio podcast on Sunday!

  21. stuclach stuclach says:

    @cromulent – Must be something wrong with you audio equipment.  You probably need a new computer and some $1,000 Sennheiser headphones.

  22. @stuclach: I’m not that bad in perso…..Oh I couldnt finish that sentence -_-;

  23. stuclach stuclach says:

    @TNC – I know you aren’t that bad (there are much worse on this site).  I was just messing with you.

  24. @stuclach: I know you were.

    I still would like to do that prank when/if I can meet the ifanboys in the future. If I scare the crap out of Paul like Darrell did with Josh….then it’ll make my night.

  25. excalipoor excalipoor says:

    oh no. i fear what will happen on the next episode. my face will be put on a name. i should have wore a mask.

    @comicbookchris they cant put the hentai section in the front of the store. the hentai section is in the back. and you have to go through the hentai guardian in order to get in. http://www.flickr.com/photos/excalipoor/3268232011/

  26. excalipoor excalipoor says:

    oops forgot to link it. hentai guardian

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