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Scott Snyder Thanks You With a Sneak Peek at BATMAN #6

After owning the comics releases last week, the man behind Batman says, “Thanks!”

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Green Lantern: New Guardians #5

Here comes the sun.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Archie and Friends Double Digest #12

Get an early look here!


Heroes don’t kill. Except when they do.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & PREVIEW: Uncanny X-Force #20 by Remender & Tocchini

What’s next in X-Force? It’s the Last Days of American Crime creative team reunited! Exclusive preview and interview here!


We turn pages of comics week after week, again and again. Yet so many do lack their demonic content, more the visage of fell Etrigan.

PREVIEW: Winter Soldier #1

Kill him as many times as you want, he’s coming back.

PREVIEW: The Massive by Brian Wood

Not necessarily compensating.

PREVIEW: Stormwatch #5

The second-to-last Paul Cornell issue hits next week.

PREVIEW: Archie #628 – Archie Meets KISS, Part 2!

Jughead wants to eat hamburgers all night and also every day.