Weekly Sketch Up – 03.30.2012

Witch Doctor by Matteo Scalera


Tin Tin by Christopher Mitten


Daredevil by Dustin Nguyen


Star Trek Ladies by Dylan Meconis


Ghost Rider by Andy MacDonald


Michonne by Rob Guillory


Hulk by Moritat


Harry Potter by Skottie Young


Delirium by João Carlos Vieira


Daredevil by Michael Cho


Beric Dondarrion by Kate Beaton


  1. Don’t care for the sketch, but Dondarrion is one of my favorite characters in the book.

  2. After Skottie Young gets done with the Oz books, he definitely needs to start the Harry Potter series – I just love his Harry Potter sketches and I’m not even that much of a Harry Potter fan.

    • I definitely agree that Skottie would make a really great artist for a Harry Potter series. I don’t imagine he’d get the job — or that such a job exists in the near future — but his sketches are wonderful.

    • Speaking of Oz. When is ‘Dorothy and the WIzard in Oz’ gonna continue? It feels like months since #5 was released.

  3. Is this the first appearance of Rob Guillory on the sketch up? He’s pretty awesome.

  4. “Hulk has smallest head there is!”
    Great bunch again , I’ll take Skottie Young for the win

  5. I’m just happy that someone put the effort into sketching Lord Beric. And why is Skottie Young not doing an entire graphic adaptation of Harry Potter? Cuz that would be perfect.

  6. Parri Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Can we start a petition for a Chew / Walking Dead crossover arc?

  7. I love that Tin Tin sketch….feels like it has a piece of white diffusion over it…is that intentional?

    The Harry Potter is pretty sweet as well.

  8. I really hope Dustin Nguyen jumps to marvel soon.

  9. What a great week! Also where did tin tin get the batwing from?

  10. that michael cho daredevil is wonderful

  11. I want that Dustin Nguyen Daredevil on my wall.

  12. I love Dustin Nguyen but….man I find that Daredevil sketch weak. He just did the same pose he did for Detective Comics and Batman Beyond and used red ink. Sorry to be a downer.

  13. The two DD! WOW!

  14. Yeah, it’s Nguyen vs. Macdonald FTW.

  15. Love Moritat’s Hulk (small head and all). Both Daredevil’s are also wonderful. Seeing Guillory do Michonne is a nice treat.

    Fuckin’ Polaski. “That woman.”

  16. That’s a great Harry Potter

  17. Daredevil by Dustin is my choice. Hulk second.