I know that Robert Kirkman has made some jests in the direction of his former employers, with their non-events, and their deaths. So with this teaser, it’s fairly safe to assume that he and Ryan Ottley are going to be putting Mark Grayson through some (more) Hell.

What’s going to happen? I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to it.

It could just be the death of disco, or the kid brother.


We got this today, so it looks like we readers are being toyed with, and the outcome is uncertain. But… NO! Not Allen!!!

UPDATE: Or maybe it’s Robot?

UPDATE: She doesn’t look dead yet.

UPDATE: And finally (hopefully finally) we see yet another option. This one gets my bet, for what it’s worth.

UPDATE: Although, it could make sense if it’s Omni-Man…

Or, Hell, maybe it’s all of them?

UPDATE: Maybe?


  1. lol Oh look, a big milestone and we’re going to tease the death of or kill a character. I’m excited for it, but I’ve never seen this happen before 😉 (Doesn’t help I’ve just read the article about retelling past stories 🙂 )

  2. Walking Dead/Invincible crossover event?

  3. This makes me kinda nervous. Kirkman already did his fake death superhero commentary (SPOILERS!!!) with Eve a while back. Someones probably going down.

  4. Is it that girder? Is that Girder going to die? That poor girder.

  5. Kirkman should make this entire issue about Mark going to buy a slice of pizza or something else uneventful.

  6. I’m going to speculate in a different direction. I’m sure no matter what direction the story takes, its going to pay off. I’m excited.

  7. This is invincible guys. Stop with the “I’ve seen this before routine”. Just let Kirkman amaze us again with his thing. He’s done it well so far!

  8. I need to catch up on Invincible.

  9. I’m hoping for the death of Mark’s celibacy. As in engagement. It would be great if this monumental issue was celebrated with something positive for a change.

    • Agreed, I think that would be excellent. I love Invincible, it’s been my favorite super-hero comic for years, but it’d be really cool if issue 100 was celebrated with a picnic and a pickup softball game or something.

    • I imagine Dinosaurus would be a Lou Piniella-esque manager.

  10. Disco will never die…

  11. Perhaps the character that dies will be beaten with a bat for half the issue?

  12. My money is on Mark’s dad dying!

  13. Even creator owned indie comics have to do the “somebody’s gonna die” tacky marketing gimmick? It’d be nice if at least Invincible could keep these things unexpected.

  14. If it’s going to be a main character, i’m guessing that it would be Omni Man.

  15. Will the Girder Holocaust ever end?

  16. Kirkman likes killing stuff.

  17. Why is it that Kirkman never really gets called out for his gore the way Geoff Johns is?

  18. I don’t want ANYONE to die!!!

    • I know it’s dumb, and he’s not in the book all that much anyway, but if Kirkman kills Allen the Alien, I might just stop buying this title. I don’t really read this book for its gritty, real-world consequences. Walking Dead, yes. Invincible, no.

    • If it is Allen the Alien or Robot I will be very annoyed…They have been telling more about what Robot and Beast Girl went through so maybe it’ll be him…since they’re featuring him more it seems. Honestly, if it’s anyone I’m guessing Bulletproof. But we will only know until it’s released.

    • Its Monster Girl, not Beast Girl 🙂
      Also, I agree with you, Bulletproof would be a “good choice”

      Kind of a spoiler:
      If Mark does regain his powers by issue 100, wouldn’t it be too soon? I’m guessing the person who dies will be because he isn’t back at a 100% (be it Bulletproof or anyone else).

  19. Is it just me, or do these covers appear to be slivers of the same scene?
    These images may be individual snippets of the same incredible devastation. Maybe a two-page spread kinda thing at the issue’s end. You know, a cliff-hanger.

  20. if they kill Atom Eve again i’m gonna cry for realz this time

  21. Kirkman’s sOOO joking… Don’t kill Atom Eve… please!

  22. invincle 100, issue where Atom Eve kicks ass? yes please.

  23. Maybe its the Death of whatever it is they’re fighting. Maybe Monster Girl?

  24. my guess is that everyone dies, but there is some sort time travel loop hole, where someone comes back in time to save everyone.. (this sounds similar to something…)

  25. There are very few reasons that would make me stop reading this book. But killing off mark would be one of them. I just have not enjoyed the Bulletproof-as-Invincible material thus far. I’ve read damn near 100 issues of Mark over the last, what has it been, 9 years? Without mark as the main character I don’t think I’d be motivated to continue buying the title. Unless of course it became an Allen-Centric book

  26. Science Dog?

  27. Maybe they’ll go real bold and kill em all then end the series like that? Boom, done. It’d be pretty crazy and almost wouldn’t surprise me these days but am sure Invincible brings in to much money for Image to end it.

    • But it isn’t Image’s call, it’s Kirkman’s. If he wants to end it, it ends. Simple way to see is if there are any solicits after #100.

  28. The Death of Everyone? Really? Okay, this has just got to be some sort of joke. Invincible has always been about half-homaging and half-parodying superheroes, so maybe this is Kirkman’s jab at something like “Death of Superman,” where they talk big but it’s a total fake-out.