TEASER: Deadpool #50 – “DEAD”

How better to celebrate Deadpool’s 50th issue than to push him to the limits? Writer Daniel Way and artist Carlo Barberi are just doing that in Deadpool #50 which comes out in February and if we’re lucky, will mean the end to the Merc with the Mouth. Just kidding.  Marvel sent the below teaser image to help get us excited as they promise some of Wade’s biggest enemies, including Kingpin, to appear along with Deadpool’s former body parts which have gone rogue. Just the madcap insanity you’d expect from Deadpool #50, which features a cover by cover superstar Dave Johnson.

DEADPOOL #50 (DEC110676)
Written by DANIEL WAY
FOC – 1/16/12, ON SALE 2/8/12


  1. I understand the whole “to much of Deadpool” thing but I really like the character when he’s well written. X-Force and Deadpool are just enough Pool for me

  2. The whole “Deadpool is trying to die” thing is still going on? Ugh.

    I’m a fan of Deadpool, but this series is just trite and lacking in anything substantial. It’s just a constant yuk fest. This is why I’ve always said that Rick Remender needs to take over this title, since he’s proven through Uncanny X-Force and his short Deadpool stories that he has the best grasp on Deadpool’s voice and humor.

    • I think the reason he works so well in UXF is because of the team dynamic. Even with Remender writing, I imagine it would difficult to replicate similar results in a solo ongoing. Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing him try. This is the same guy that made FrankenCastle and Venom both fun to read.

    • It was either in Deadpool #900 or #1000 where Remender wrote this great Deadpool short story, that actually also featured Jerome Opena on art! It was exactly everything a Deadpool story should be.

  3. Wow what a terrible teaser cover.

    I haven’t read the title for a long time now, I think since the summer of this year. I want to get back into it but this whole gimmick of ‘killing’ him doesn’t really excite me. Maybe I’ll try the series out once this whole storyline is finished.

  4. I really like Deadpool, but I haven’t liked him in his own series since about issue 20. Really want a new writer to come aboard.

  5. Boby parts? I thought only women had boby parts.

  6. not a very good teaser. i love deadpool the character, but his series has been sucking really hard since that whole pirate thing. i would love to see some two people come on board and make him awesome again. but it doesnt look like thats going to happen anytime soon. perhaps when he is resurrected….

  7. I’m not a Deadpool fan or hater but I do like him in X-Force so I hope he sticks around.