Steve Buscemi as Commissioner Jim Gordon on ‘Saturday Night Live’

This weekend, Steve Buscemi hosted Saturday Night Live and in the digital short played Commissioner Gordon, who just could NOT shake Batman.

I enjoy these gloriously madcap shorts.


  1. haha i love Steve Buscemi, his performance this season alone of Boardwalk Empire has been wonderful

  2. The digital shorts have, by and large, become my favorite part of SNL.

  3. Aw lawdy. Kristen Wiig as FemRiddler.

  4. It’s been a pretty mediocre season for ‘Digital Shorts’ but this was the best of the bunch so far. Although my nerd-on for all things Batman might make that a bit bias.

    But three things:

    1) Buscemi as Jim Gordon in a Nolan-less Batman film? I could totally see that.

    2) We need more Aquaman in our lives.

    3) Tell me you aren’t interested in this skit on the freeze frame of this video alone! For some reason; Batman, Aquaman, and Steve Buscemi are naked in a shower to anyone not knowing what this is.

    • I know this is a radically idea because i just watched a video with Steve Buscemi dressed up as Gordon but i could totally see Buscemi as Gordon. There i said it!

  5. I love Gary OIdman, but after getting the idea in my head of Brian Cranston as Gordon, I can’t shake the idea that he’s the best man for the job.