SDCC 2011: VIDEO: A Special Surprise at the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Panel

Last year a dude got stabbed in the face with a pen in Hall H. This year's surprises are turning out to be a bit better than that. Here's what happened during the Amazing Spider-Man movie panel when a crazed fan rushed the stage. 

Caution: The following video contains high levels of endearing. 

Source: PopCultureGeek


UPDATE: Adam WarRock has released a song based on this moment. It's pretty dope


  1. richardbrady richardbrady says:

    what. a. dude!

  2. He’s awesome

  3. rockleerules rockleerules says:


  4. Firevine Firevine says:

    Wow!  I’ll go see the movie on that alone!  I already loved the mere visual of this guy as Peter Parker, but this just completely sold it.

  5. Jeff Reid JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    Oh, man. That was wonderful and heartfelt. Suddenly, I’m really pulling for this film.

  6. ericmci ericmci says:

    kind of awesome

  7. ed209AF ed209AF says:

    This is cool. as long as he isn’t mocking the fans.  It’s hard to tell with actos being professional liars.

  8. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @ed209AF  Nah, that’s genuine. Passionate guy and a lifelong fan. 

  9. How American of him.

  10. He seemed like a really genuine guy. What a great intro.

  11. TeleCarlos TeleCarlos says:

    Well, this guy is pretty awesome!

  12. Totally rad

  13. Cooper Cooper says:

    Totally welled up when I saw this. Wonderful.

  14. clintaa says:

    aw that’s super cool.   I so love when famous people do this shit.

  15. ed209AF ed209AF says:

    Well then yes, this definitly is awesome! makes me that much more pumped for the film.

  16. AlanRob AlanRob says:

    Wow. Totally got chills.  And like @JeffR, I’m not absolutely pulling for this film!

  17. Batcommander says:

    At first I thought it was a cheap publicity stunt, and I’m really glad to be wrong. Looking forward to the new spidey movie now.

  18. PraxJarvin PraxJarvin says:

    I so want this movie to be awesome. I belive in Andrew Garfield. 

  19. DandySpidey DandySpidey says:

    I feel the same way Andrew, congrats : )

  20. LukeB LukeB says:

    That was awesome, would have been amazing to be there

  21. vadamowens vadamowens says:

    That was…amazing.

  22. ajmortys ajmortys says:

    wow, he is gonna do great in this role if he feels that passionately about the character. I can’t wait for this movie!

  23. RobotZombie RobotZombie says:

    So damn cool

  24. TeleCarlos TeleCarlos says:

    This guy, has won over everyone. He’s just beggining.

  25. y2kkev y2kkev says:

    Cripes. One of the most successful franchises in movie history just pulled my heartstrings with and underdog story. SOLD!

  26. NathanNicdao NathanNicdao says:

    Funny how they caption when he reveals his face. 

  27. SpiderTitan SpiderTitan says:

    YES!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

  28. edward says:

    what a nice kid

  29. wayne2001bc wayne2001bc says:

    How great was that.  I knew I should’ve went to that panel.

  30. POPEvonDOOM POPEvonDOOM says:

    OMG that was great, Mr. Garfield has my vote. what say the ifanbase lol

  31. CronyC CronyC says:

    I think i might have a man-crush.

  32. Alright, Garfield… You’ve got the job.

  33. Loser13 Loser13 says:

    wow, that was a great moment.

  34. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    UPDATED with a great song inspired by the moment from Adam WarRock. 

  35. jessidee jessidee says:

    I was already excited about Garfield playing Spidey, and this just brought it up to 11. The WarRock song is awesome as well.

  36. I guess I’m the only one who is not impressed.  You would have to be one of the worst public relations managers to fail to understand having the star appear as his costumbed counter-part would be a big hit.  Also, in all his “endearings,” never heard any specifics about his love for the character, it’s been the same talking points(skinny, “WGPCGR”).  He’s talking from his heart… off a piece of paper…  I don’t find him genuine although he can play the part.  He’s been reading the comics since he was a kid is what he said.  Which plots lines did he like?  How did it “save him”? Favorite artist?  The movie has to stand on its own independent of a SDCC PR stunt and the trailer is disappointing. 

  37. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I hope to cripes I will never be half that jaded. 

  38. English says:

    PR stunt or not, I’m sold on him, I think what he said was how many of us felt at some point in our lives. Its hard to fake/act that sort of emotion.

  39. Dans07sti says:

    Might have been more believable without the papers but either way he’s still gonna be an awesome spiderman and that’s all that matters.

  40. vadamowens vadamowens says:

    @scarletalchemist  Who took the jam outta your doughnut?

  41. @vadamowens James Vanderbilt

  42. Multihuller Multihuller says:

    Brought a smile to my face.