PREVIEW: Venom #9 With Art by Stefano Caselli

Earlier this week we heard from Venom writer Rick Remender about the upcoming “Venom Event taking place in February, 2012.  Remender promised that this event would be the culmination of the ongoing story of Flash Thompson as Venom, which so far has been one of the most interesting stories this year from Marvel Comics, even after being pulled into the Spider Island event happening in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.

In November’s issue, Venom #9 picks up the aftermath of Spider Island, as Flash Thompson deals with the events of the Infestation of Manhattan.  For this issue, Remender is joined by artist Stefano Caselli, who brings a strong dynamic element to Venom, as seen in these exclusive preview pages below.

Venom #9 is in stores on November 16, 2011 and sells for $2.99

Venom #9 Preview Venom #9 Preview



  1. I don’t mind Castelli at all, but it’s a bummer it won’t be Fowler or Moore as those guys totally rock that book.

  2. I believe it is also symbiote


  4. indeed it is. He is limited to wearing it for a 24 hour period (correct me if I’m wrong on that) because after that it begins to bond. If he keeps his cool during that time it doesn’t ‘monster out’ and he can keep full control of it and thus can mold it into a suitable form i.e. black ops gear with a Brockian theme

  5. How does Remender always get such good artists?

    That is in no way a complaint. After the blow to the Remender-verse that was yesterday, I’m every excited about this.

  6. I love that Remender is still using all the villians he resurrected in this awesome Punisher run. I believe that’s the Hijacker.

  7. Avatar photo lr4life (@brettthemonster) says:

    I am excited to see an art change for this book. The art in the previous issues was not bad in any way, but I always kinda felt that it could get knocked up a notch and it looks like that is going to happen.

  8. Loved Caselli’s work on Secret Warriors and Initiative and have been missing him on spider-man since he did those few issues way back when. Can’t wait to see more of this.

  9. This can’t come soon enough..

  10. I love this book.

  11. I cannot wait! This series and X Force are my absolute favorite ongoings these days.

  12. Love the previous artists but Caselli suits this book just as well.

  13. Looks good. This might be my favorite Marvel title. Not counting Punisher Max.