PREVIEW: Grifter #2

Grifter #2

Grifter #2

As the second month wave of books from DC Comics roll out, the books that are on the fence begin to get analyzed and for many, Grifter is one of those titles. When we spoke to Writer Nathan Edmondson, he explained that his first story would introduce us to Cole Cash and then take us on the journey of how he becomes Grifter.

One hint to this week’s issue lies on the cover, which finally confirms the presence of Daemonites in the new DC Universe. Additionally, for many, Cafu’s art was well recieved, but the question remains if the second issue will live up the high expectations of one of our favorite Wildstorm ex-pats? We’ll find out this week!

Grifter #2
Written by Nathan Edmondson
Art by Cafu
DC Comics – $2.99



Check out some preview pages from Grifter #2 on-sale this Wednesday:


  1. Okay maybe i’m just missing something obvious but how do you make the pages bigger?. I’d like to be able to read the word balloons to see if this is better written than the last issue.

  2. Of all the New 52, this is the book that I was most disappointed in. I still want my $2.99 back, and I hope it gets canceled.

    • You got that right

    • @Vex: I feel the same way about Green Arrow #1.

    • I would never wish for a book to get cancelled, but I agree that this wasn’t as strong as I was hoping in the first issue. That said, I hope it gets better and I hear good buzz because I would love to read a good Grifter book.

    • Sadly, I agree.

    • I don’t hope it gets cancelled, but this story will go on without my $2.99 each month. Edmondson took everything that was cool and awesome about the original Grifter and threw it away. I don’t see this getting any better, despite the covers that imply it would be more like the old Grifter. Not my cup of tea, thanks.

    • That’s pretty extreme and, frankly, unnecessary. I loved this book. I understand it’s not for everyone, but I enjoyed it. In saying that you want it to get cancelled you’re saying you want me to no longer be able to read this because you didn’t like it and that you don’t want this writer or artist to be able to make a living because you didn’t like it.

    • @SteenAR I know it seems harsh but I understand the sentiment. I felt this way about Hawkman. The sooner that book gets cancelled the sooner I might get a reboot I enjoy.

      As for Grifter, I have been a long time fan that was disappointed with issue #1. I am still hoping this series finds its feet and will probably give it a few more issues.

  3. I was all set to drop Grifter after issue #1, mostly because I don’t like the art and the issue didn’t grab me by the face and scream at me for interest, but knowing that issue 4 will have a ‘better’ artist and seeing how they’re explaining a bit more backstory here, as well as how I like the premise… I guess I’m down for at least issue 2 also…

    Heck, I guess if I’m telling people to just calm down and wait for the story to unfold on Red Hood, it would be wrong not to do the same myself on Grifter.

  4. I love all the people who base wheher or not to continue a comic off just the first issue instead of the first story arc.

    • It was a pretty bad first issue though.

    • @Walter: What if the first story arc is six issues long, you’re on issue #5 and you feel worse about the story than you did at issue #1? Chances are, issue 6 isn’t going to miraculously make up for the 5 issues before it. I understand where you’re coming from, but I say, the money spent on those issues could’ve gone to something else, maybe a new title to try out. Save your money or try something new, but don’t stick with a book on principle. If you don’t like it, it is what it is. That’s why I’llusually drop a book I’m not crazy about after issue 2 or 3. I don’t want to jump to conclusions or miss out on something cool after issue 1, but I won’t keep coming back to a book that doesn’t grab me.

    • Well, the first issue is more of an indication of whether or not you should continue buying it or wait and read reviews before deciding to buy it.

    • Comic books are only as good as their last issue.

      There are several books that I am on the fence about and that I would be willing to grab the next issue to make a final decision (ie Stormwatch, Resurrection Man).

      Unfortunately, my expectation of this book was not met, fairly or unfairly, but to throw another $3 at something I did not enjoy in the first place is sadistic. The last time I checked, this was not a fetish site.

  5. Wow. Surprised by the hate here. Aquaman gets a million POTW’s and Grifter gets slagged. I’m really out of step.

    I find myself intrigued by this. It’s my first experience with this writer (missed Nathan Ellis), artist (missed Thunder Agents) and even the character (never read any Grifter). I’m feeling the slow burn start and am open to seeing how this all goes down. I have no expectations and so far it’s seemed fun. Kinda reminds me of a different take on Starborn. Admittedly, issue one was easily only 3 stars at most, but I’m interested in seeing where this one goes.

  6. I too am surprised by the strength of the negativity here. True, Grifter wasn’t the best series of the relaunch, or even of the week it arrived, but I still found it to be a promising first step that left me curious to read more. I can see how some might have it confusing, yet, the slow burn approach has potential. I enjoyed issue 1 and would like to give the series another issue or two to demonstrate to me just how good it can be.

    I’ve always liked Cafu’s art, and had no trouble with it here . . .

  7. Daemonites! There is very little that would prevent me continuing to read this story, and…DAEMONITES!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think a lot of people were expecting the old Grifter and that is why they are disappointed

  9. Got a kind of a Deadpool feel going on there – black & red color scheme, thought balloons, Gretchen… good stuff. Still have my old issues of Wildcats from the Image launch. Grifter was always my fave.