PREVIEW: Captain Marvel #1

We’ve seen the announcement, we’ve seen the new costume and come this July, we’ll see Carol Danvers back in her own book as Captain Marvel #1 hits comics stands.  Marvel released a 3 page preview of the first issue, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Dexter Soy, and a stellar cover by Ed McGuinness.

Carol Danvers is no stranger to her own ongoing title with the last go around, Ms. Marvel, running well over 40 issues all written by Brian Reed. What can Danvers fans expect this time around from DeConnick? Well, a return to her Air Force roots and a guest appearance by Captain America.

Marvel will be making Captain Marvel #1 available to comic shops and their various digital offerings on July 18, 2012. If you’re a Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers fan, get your pre-orders in!

Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV
FOC – 6/25/12, ON-SALE 7/18/12


  1. Wow, that interior art is not remotely as cool as the McGuinness cover promises.

    • I don’t love the style of the interior art either, but I really like the layout and storytelling going on in these pages. It’s a nice design and you can already get a good idea of what’s going on without a word on the page. I think if this were inked lighter and/or colored a bit differently, I’d be a big fan.

  2. I actually like the interior art more than the cover. I’ll give the first issue a go. I was hoping being saddled with Captain Marvel name would make this a bit more of a cosmic series, but Deconnick tweeted that it would be more in line with the previous Ms. Marvel (at least at first).

    • I’m on the other side of the fence too, I love the interior art, reminds me of Bemejo’s style, love McGuinness as well but I like how the darker tones give it a little edge and wouldn’t mind seeing em flip flop a few pages if parts take place in different points in time like Olivetti did in Cable with someone (can’t remember who) but it worked as both styles suited the character in different light.

    • i’ll agree with both of you guys on that.

    • i too agree with you guys. i love the look of the interior. based on the interior alone im trying this out. wow

    • While I do like Ms. Marvel and now Captian Marvel, I will be checking this out mostly for the art. I feel kind of bad that I am picking this up mostly for how it looks and not the story.

  3. DeConnick writing? I am on board.

  4. I love DeConnick and am a big fan of Carol Danvers, but that interior art is….is not my kinda thing. I’ll still try it though to support Kelly and see if the art is something I can overcome.

  5. I was going to buy this, but just these three pages are giving me flashbacks to the Image ’90s. Damn it. I was looking forward to this book, too. Now I have to go put on some Nirvana and put a game in my Playstation 1.

  6. My initial gripe with the interior art is that coloring overwrought — EVERY possible surface is gleaming. The layouts I like, but not the finishing.

  7. I like the interior better! Way better!

    André Bonifácio, Brazil.

  8. To each their own, but anytime I see a female character drawn with boobs larger than her head, it’s a big turn off.

  9. ill be the d bag but i want my sexy ms.marvel back. and yes i oredered the book to give it a try with OPEN MIND SO IM HOPING ITS REAL GOOD . but i liked ms.marvel.

    • I think Marvel has given Carol Danvers the New 52 Power Girl treatment – cover every square inch of flesh and tame down the hair. It’s the same body covering move as the Wonder Woman treatment was a year or two ago – put some pants and a jacket on that girl! In a world of gay superhero marriages and extreme violence, the superheroines are having to wear the comic book equivalent of a burqa. In other words, progressivism is just a short distance from puritanism. Now granted, artists can still do the cliched pose with the back arched and the butt stuck out with these costumes, but with these outfits you know that the girl is hermetically sealed inside of them. Nothing is going to accidentally come tumbling out. All is well.

  10. i ordered this. hope its good like the soy art.

  11. I’m not saying I want this book to fail, cause a Ms. Marvel (Captain Marvel…whatever!) book should exist.

    But with interior art like this it’s not going to last even an arc. That’s just terrible.

  12. Marvel is pushing this book big time with all the podcast interviews…not sure what audience they’re looking for but i was initially intrigued not anymore. Capt. Marvel Shazam is still one of my favorites i hope the people that want this book enjoy it.

  13. I’m really digging the new design, and the interiors look really good too

  14. I’m loving the look of this book. Can’t wait.

  15. Art is awful….costume terrible, but I love the Carol Danvers character so much, I’m going to give it a try.

  16. I was excited about this book until I saw this preview. I’m just not digging the art. It seems like I’m not only either judging by some of the comments here.

  17. Wow, I’m amazed by some of the extreme negative reactions I’ve seen across the net for the art in this. I personally like it, but can see why it might not everyone’s favourite… Didn’t expect it to be quite so divisive, though.

    • I think, unfortunately, that the center piece of interior art here colors the rest in a negative fashion, particularly the space flight shot of Danvers. I clicked through to this article just to make certain that the piece was NOT a Liefeld page. It looks way too much like Liefeld for me to be comfortable with it, and I know how many people, myself included, are put off by Liefeld’s art. I looked at the other pieces of art here though, and I think the center one actually might be a misstep from the overall style of this artist. I think the center piece, which is also the page used to advertise this article on the main page is giving people way too many Liefeld flashbacks though. I will probably flip through this in the store to see if it shifts more toward Liefeld or not. Ultimately, that will be the deciding factor for me.

    • @KevinAB HAH! I clicked through cause I thought it looked like Leifeld too and I was like “WTF??” I think that it might be the thumbnail rather than the actual art. Hard to tell though.

  18. When did Carol Danvers get a boob job

  19. Looks OK to me. Not sure about that “armor” helmet thing.