Preview: AVENGERS #7 Art from Dustin Weaver [Exclusive]

We get previews. Sometimes they’re exclusive, and it’s all well and good, and part of the game. But sometimes those previews are from Dustin Weaver for Avengers #7 and we think, where is this guy on the comics that he’s not drawing, but should be? Sure it’s a ridiculous sentence, but good comic book art can make a man stupid.

So anyway, here’s some gorgeous Avengers #7 art from Dustin Weaver, who will be re-teaming with his S.H.I.E.L.D. collaborator, Jonathan Hickman. The results are glorious, obviously.


  1. nastysnow nastysnow says:

    O God so awesome

  2. tittom tittom says:

    I cursed out loud when I saw this. Glorious, indeed. About goddamn time the Avengers got ambitious again…

  3. Xtianhardy Xtianhardy (@Xtianhardy) says:

    Who’s the guy with the mechanical body and glasses? Machine Man? This looks AM-A-ZING.

  4. CaseyJustice CaseyJustice says:

    Why, Comic Gods, is this book not in my hands currently? Can you not warp and shift time to correct this grievous injustice?

  5. RobotZombie RobotZombie says:

    Ok, Who is the guy with the crescent moon on his forehead and…deep breaths…is that a Captain Universe I see?

  6. MaxPower MaxPower says:

    Captain Universe? Goodness, I didn’t realize the Captain Universe pageant still happened. Poor Steve Rogers, always a Captain America and never a Captain Universe.

    • Quinn says:

      Steve Rogers did well in the swimsuit competition, but Captain Luxembourg really earned it in the “being right about Scott Summers” portion.

  7. SEChambers says:

    I do believe Hickman is bringing in the New Universe on some level: – the cover is a total homage to this.

    And in that panel of Stark in the preview, you can see the Star Brand on the monitor in front of him.

  8. I am so super-excited for when this starts along with New Avengers, Don-God-Hickman has definitely got a great mixture of characters & team members he’s gonna be playing with, & what a bunch of amazing artists he has working with him Opena, Adam Kubert, Weaver & Epting wonder who else he’ll have?

    This’ll hopefully be what a super team should be about?!

  9. fo sho says:

    Never read a book with Weaver on art but…this looks like all sorts of awesome.

  10. Wrkn4life Wrkn4life says:

    I wish they wouldn’t change costumes to fit the movies it bums me out

    • bub64882 bub64882 says:

      Yeah, not really a fan of chin-strap-Cap.

    • stasisbal stasisbal says:

      That was my first thought as well. These pages look amazing *but* Weaver’s rendition of Cap’s new outfit makes it look particularly bad. Not necessarily Weaver’s fault. It’s what he’s told to draw. But the new costume comes off a little better depending on the artist. Romita’s take looks decent, for instance.

    • j206 j206 says:

      Cant stand the new movie looking chin-strap/helmet Cap in all the comics. Cap looks just stupid in 9 out of every 10 comics I see him in these days. Please bring back the old mask!

  11. Kamilo Kamilo says:

    Looks like the Sentry is coming back…

  12. tittom tittom says:

    Add this (the references to New Universe) to the fact Hickman will be using a plethora of more obscure Avengers, and I really get the impression that his run will serve as a great history lesson/homage to a lot of facets of the Marvel Universe.

    In that same way he managed to weave various elements of past & present continuity into his F4/FF run, I expect being compelled to do a lot of re-reading, researching, discovering & engaging with titles I otherwise would not have know of by simply reading present-continuity books. You could argue to the contrary, but that’s what makes comics worth reading in my opinion.

    Haven’t been this excited for a new series in a long time. One week!

  13. jmv jmv says:

    When it comes to perspective, Weaver is one of the better artists in the industry.

  14. stasisbal stasisbal says:

    Minor costume complaints aside, Hickman’s Avengers has gone from a book I was going to pass on to one I’m increasingly anticipating. All the previews for this sound and look very cool. Plus I might also read New Avengers. I’ve stayed away from Avengers comics as much as possible since Secret Invasion. This re-launch seems to be winning me back.

  15. Wow that really looks awesome!