NYCC 2012: Scott Snyder Announces American Vampire Hiatus

American Vampire #34

Today at the New York Comic Con, during the Vertigo Panel, writer Scott Snyder revealed that American Vampire will be going on a brief hiatus after the release of issue #34.  Snyder explained that the hiatus will be just under a year, with the title returning in late 2013 to begin telling the next major chapter of their story.

The reasons behind the hiatus aren’t as dire as it seems. Snyder explained that he and artist Rafael Albuquerque would continue to work together, just not on American Vampire. Snyder hinted that they’re going to be taking the time to work on some yet to be named DC Universe characters. ¬†The good news is that this great creative team will be sticking together and continuing their collaboration. Then, in 2013, they can sink their teeth into the next chapter of our favorite vampire saga.


  1. That sucks. But I want to see what they’ll be working on.

  2. This is really disappointing news. It better be something pretty amazing to justify stopping the book for a year.

  3. Odd, i thought he’d take time off AV to do the Superman book…but he’s doing another project as well?? Swamp Thing, Batman, Man of Steel AND mystery Rafa book? Snyder’s trying to kill himself i think:)

  4. This is a bit of good news and bad news. It sucks that American Vampire is going on a hiatus and it won’t be until late next year until we get to read new issues BUT it’s extremely good news that there will be new characters and new comics coming from an awesome creative team. Scott Snyder has quickly become a writer that I want to follow no matter what titles he is working.

    • I agree. I’m bummed to be denied my monthly AV dose, but seeing something else from Snyder and Albuquerque will more than make up for it.

  5. As i was getting caught up on this earlier this week I gave myself a bit of a “you know this can’t last, right?” pep-talk. didn’t realize how soon i’d need it.

  6. This is the only comic I’m still buying monthly… I’ll miss that store

  7. Well at least this gives me a chance to catch up on the hardcovers for the series.

  8. Man, this is one of the comics I look forward to the most each month.

  9. Hmmm… Is this my opportunity to catch up?

  10. Skinner Sweet > Superman

  11. This is the book that introduced me to Snyder, way back in issue #1. I’m excited that he’s blown up because I’ve enjoyed a lot of his other work, but I will miss this book dearly. In a way I’m relieved, because I hope they can do whatever other work they have going, get paid, and then come back to their child with undivided (less divided) attention. I’ve felt like the depth of this book over the past year (with the exception maybe of this current arc) has been slipping, so I’m really looking forward to some more great stories when they return. I wonder what cliff hanger we’ll be given to keep us occupied.

  12. I am incredibly gutted about this but it does mean I’ll have little extra spending money for more image titles!