New ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Promo

Last night I had a dream that might as well have been the beginning of The Road. This morning I find out AMC has released a new promo for season 2 of The Waking Dead. Coincidence? I sure hope so.

Either way, we’ve got a little less than a month to go before the big premier. So hopefully 30 seconds of footage is enough to tide you over.

The Walking Dead‘s second season premieres on AMC on October 16th.


  1. Can’t wait for season 2.

  2. How many episodes do they have slated for Season Two?

  3. Is that a prison I spotted them running in? Or am I reading to much into a miscellaneous non-specific corridor?

  4. There was a prison shown in a previous promo (but since there has been a lot lately I don’t remember which one). So it looks like the season will go to the Farm and then to the Prison (maybe as the mid-season finale?)

  5. Anyone know when it hits FX in the UK?

  6. Gotta tell ya Ryan, this promo is enough to urge me to re-watch season one …on Blu-Ray! I got a nice clean used copy about three months ago and it’s just been stttin’ there. Thanks, iFanboy for the internet kick to the pants.

    I’m just glad I was facing the other way when you did it.

  7. It’s AMC’s show. So … whenever it hits syndication?? Unless it’s FX in the UK. Which would be strange.