SDCC 2011: VIDEO: AMC’s The Walking Dead Season Two Trailer

I don't suppose you'd want to watch the trailer to AMC's The Walking Dead, eh? 

This one's all about fear. And Atlanta? So last season. But zombies? Zombies are always in style. 


Halloween comes early this year as The Walking Dead season 2 premieres on October 16th on AMC. 

Source: Vulture


  1. OOOOOOH BOY! October cant get here soon enough!!

  2. Hells yeah!

  3. where’s tyrese?

  4. I know it probbly won’t happen but I really kinda want them to start taking a more orignal turn towards to comics with this but yet keep their creative writing and own styles in it. I want my cake and I want to eat it too.

  5. Also how is a motorcycle a good idea? How would that not get them dead?!

  6. Before they finally showed it at the end of the trailer I kept thinking:

    “Wow, it looks like none of this season is gonna deal with the books.” But then the farm shows up at the end so there’s that.

    I don’t know….this trailer didn’t gel with me for some reason. 

  7. Aw, not available in my region. To Youtube!

  8. Zombies sitting in Church pews! Ha!

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait!

  9. Yay!!

  10. And the abuse to Carl begins…Nice use of a Wye Oak song too.

  11. so damn awesome !!!!!

  12. Wow, that looks amazing!!  Definitely the most anticipated event of the year.  Maybe T Dog took Tyrese’s position as token black guy way in the beginning?  

  13. Brilliant casting for Hershel!

  14. Personally really looking forward to this. Looks like it will keep the overall high production values.

    @TheNextChampion Remember too though that the first season’s pre-launch trailer contained footage almost entirely from the first two episodes. Hold out hope that this is a similar deal.

  15. Why would anyone want the the show to follow the eact same story beats as the comics?  I find this show terrifying and exhilirating precisly because it’s not predictable.

  16. How many episodes will season 2 be?

  17. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Askanison  Thirteen. 

  18. Any ideas on a non-region locked trailer? I hate MTV getting exclusives, great staff over at the Splash Page – but the videos are always bloody region locked! We don’t all live in the USA