Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Kieron Gillen Launches IRON MAN, Godkiller into Space

Iron Man #6

It’s time once again for another Marvel’s Next Big Thing press call. Today, we spoke to writer Kieron Gillen about “The Godkiller,” the next major story arc in his newly launched Iron Man series. February’s Iron Man #6 marks a departure for the series’ structure, transition from the one-and-done episodic formula of the first five to a series of three-issue serials. But that’s hardly the most significant change.

This is the part where Tony goes to outer space…

…but before the bit where he hooks up with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

As you can see, it has a bit to do with the Phoenix Force as well. We’ll see a bit of AvX residue in Tony’s state of mind, a bit of a crisis in belief. Once Tony’s actually in deep space, we’ll learn a bit more about that cosmic entity’s backstory. After all, the futurist is now inexorably linked with the Phoenix, and its ashen trail runs pretty deep out there in the vacuum. Gillen likens this story to space opera with a Conan the Barbarian twist. Planet Hulk wasn’t mentioned, but that doesn’t seem to far off from Gillen’s proposed settings. There’s a bit of a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court vibe, with Tony regarded as a “space knight in an ancient civilization.”

We asked what this means for Tony’s love life, given his reputation as an incurable, platinum-collared hound. Would Tony give James T. Kirk a run for his gold-pressed Latinum (I know that’s not a hugely accurate gag, but whatever)? Gillen said that there’d be a bit of skirt chasing, but it may or may not be a successful endeavor.

Meanwhile, Pepper Potts will retain some kind of connection to Tony while he’s off in space, but we don’t know quite what that means just yet.

How will Tony fair so many light years from his bank account, we wondered. We’ve seen him prove his ingenuity more than once when marooned in other worlds, but with an extended vacation like this, how would he adapt? Gillen explained that Tony’s only taking one suit, but it’s quite a bit of kit. “He thinks his suit will do the job it’s required for and it’s designed for ‘I’m going to space as an adventure, as an explorer and as a hero,'” said Gillen. But rolling with the punches without a support staff? That could get dicey.

The real draw of course is seeing Tony outside of his comfort zone. Gillen has big plans for this venue change as an opportunity for character growth.  “There are a lot of things that he’s not sure about, that’s part of what the story is, self-discovery.”


  1. wow,,,,that just sound so horrible, the Phoenix force is not just a drunk entity that hooks up with anybody who talks to her at closing time

  2. “NOW”

  3. That looks awful (the art that is) really terrible stuff from Land, how that man gets regular work bewilders me?!

    • pictures of Joe Quasada and Axel Alonso defiling a man in a Mickey Mouse costume

    • They got the subtitle of the arc wrong. It should have been Iron Man: Artkiller.

    • i feel the same way about Chris Bachalo but some how people love it i guess there are like 4 guys at marvel who decide hey lets give them work on out popular books and damn the fans….and it ends with high fives

    • Greg Land probably gets work for two reasons: 1) He works quickly. Matt Fraction once mentioned at a convention that Land is fast. 2) The comics he draws probably sell. Not everyone is an art purist like some posters at Ifanboy.

    • Sorry if I seem like a purist to you, but it’s not just his lack of variation that I dislike it seems whatever he does be it backgrounds, vehicles even his Iron Man suits the whole package isn’t to my taste & luckily for me the books that he draws I don’t get!!!

  4. Didn’t he already go into space ?

  5. Does this mean Greg Land found space porn he can trace over?

  6. I just don’t understand the hate for Greg Land. What gives?

  7. I thought this was a ploy to get rid of Greg Land… so much for that.

  8. I’m basically not buying this comic until Land moves on.

  9. Greg Land = No chance I part with my money for this.

  10. “It’s TURBO TIME!” Looks like Land has traced Turboman from Jingle all the way.

  11. I’m out (basically on all Marvel now), but I hope readers enjoy.

  12. No thanks.

  13. I like how all these complaints were absent when Salvador Larroca was tracing Lost screencaps in Invincible Iron Man.

    • They weren’t absent. Check every Iron Man review ever. Land takes it to a whole nother level though. His pages look like horrible photoshop collages and the fugly ass coloring is all over the map. At least Larocca is consistent. Characters hairstyles and entire facial structures don’t change from panel to panel. Plug Larocca has his Moebius flashback style which was fantastic.

    • Larroca is just a less sexist Land. Iron Man has had terrible art since..forever, but now it has a decent writer.

    • Larrocas art on X-men a few years back was solid.

    • @muddi900, you seriously need to read the entirety of Fractions run. It is a fantastic story!

    • @monsterduc1000
      I read the first 15 or so months of it. Besides rescue, it was as exciting as a earnings report of a laundromat. I can’t blame Fraction completely for it, he was only undoing what Millar had done to the character, but did it have to be so dull?

  14. Also how does #6 comes out in February, 4 months from now?

  15. My heart is so torn. I love Gillen but I can’t stick with a book for long if I don’t dig the art.

  16. I think they should let Art Baltazar draw this.

  17. not getting even though i like iron man my big reason is double shipping and not bad art even though i heard bad things about land if storys good i will get the trade.