MARVEL NOW! TEASER: SOLDIER – Rick Remender & John Romita Jr.

All week Marvel Comics has been rolling out teasers for their November relaunched titles as part of Marvel NOW!.  Today, it’s our turn:

Rick Remender made his way up the ranks on Venom, Punisher, and Uncanny X-Force. Then he gets a starring role on Uncanny Avengers as part of Marvel NOW!. Finally he’s joining forces with living (and working) legend of art John Romita Jr. on a title that’s teased with the word “Soldier.”

Well, we’re clearly stumped. I’m seeing blue and white and the word “soldier”. Someone help me out with this. Tip of the tongue, I swear.

General Ross?


Well, I’m sure we’ll find out.

UPDATE: Rick Remender confirmed on Twitter that this book is indeed Captain America:



  1. Avatar photo DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    Between this and the new Hulk team…I’m PUMPED!

  2. So we’re thinking this is Captain America and not Winter Soldier (or Nick Fury Jr.), right?

  3. this is great only problem is i get 25 books a month wish all this marvel now stuff wasn’t gone be $3.99 .Now two pick between uncanny avengers,hulk and captain america hard choice any ideas?

    • I’m not buying any Marvel books until they stop with the 3.99 crap – but it sounds like you’re in a pickle. Just go with your heart.

  4. Remender yes, Romita…skeptical. I’ll wait to see the preview art, but this might be my first cancellation of the books I get that carry over to Marvel Now. But the Hulk will be a welcome addition with two of my faves!!!

  5. Yeah, I’m already getting a lot of books as well. Going to have to pick and choose between all these new titles coming out this fall.

  6. This is the first one of these teasers that I’m excited about. I really like Captain America, but I fell out of love with what Brubaker was doing after the renumbering and I actually dropped a book I never thought I would. Rick Remender is definitely my favorite writer at Marvel and I do enjoy JRJR most of the time, so this going to be a now brainer for me in November

  7. Unlike some other folks, I’m going to be looking to add a few books to my pull list this fall (thanks to my waning interest in many new 52 books and some of my mid-tier Marvel books ending and not likely returning in Marvel Now), so these teases are fun.

    This (presumed) Cap book is now on my radar, but I’d like to know more before I jump on board.

  8. I’m curious to see what the do with Cap. I thnk they will go in a completely different direction that what Brubaker has done in his long tenure.

    Overall though, I haven’t been that excited by these announcements. It just seems like they are just reshuffling their popular writers and artists on titles. Nothing new and exciting.


    (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

  10. Really excited for this! Obviously Remender is a no-brainer, and I’m actually a big fan of JRJR.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Brubaker say in an interview that he would be co-writing his last Cap arc with another writer (I forgot the dude’s name, but it wasn’t Remender) who will take over after Bru leaves?
    If so, doesn’t that mean that this teaser might refer to “the other” soldier?

  12. Given the writer and artist, my initial thought was that we’d be getting a killer Cable series. However, after a couple of seconds of thought, Cap sounds like a more likely candidate.

  13. It’s going to be very hard to choose between these new books….

  14. Oh mother of god please be good Romita not AvX Romita.

  15. Does this mean Remender is leaving Secrets or X-Force? Writing more than 3 books has never worked out for any of the books.

    • Hope he doesn’t leave secret avengers. He should leave uncanny x-force as he’s been on that for ages.

    • well it seems as though Secret Avengers will not exist after the relaunch and be replaced by Uncanny Avengers? Not sure whats taking its place. I believe X-force will continue, probably with Remender. Also for anyone thinking the teaser is for a Winter soldier related book, Winter Soldier (like Waid’s Daredevil) is not part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch so I highly doubt it has anything to do with him, most likely a Cap book. I’ll pray every night that its not a nick fury Jr book…..

    • I’m pretty sure that Remender has confirmed that he’s not leaving either Secret Avengers or Uncanny X-Force.

    • He’s writing Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny Avengers, Secret Avengers and nor Captain America. It is a lot of books. Makes me wonder if he’ll be passing the torch on one or more at some point after the first or second NOW! arc, kind of like Venom. In fact, I wonder how long any of the creative teams will last, particularly the artist, as Marvel likes to announce big name artists on titles who only do a few issues (Silvestri on Incredible Hulk although I’m not surpirsed), or the first arc. I realize not all artists can be fast enough to continue month after month, but would be nice if they stuck around on rotating arcs or something.

    • Secret Avengers starts a new arc at the end of Oct. Remender is writing that arc so it looks like it will be continuing for the time being.

    • TomB said Remender won’t be writing Secret Avengers for long.

  16. Oh god…Romita Jr. I’m sorry but, HELL NO.

  17. I’m a fully fledged Remender fanboy so I will pick up whatever book he brings out.

    JRJR’s style seems to work on some books but not others. Totally fits Kick-Ass but his run on Avengers not that long ago was pretty crap. I’d rather it was another artist working on this, but hey, Remender will kill it anyway, right?

  18. They had me at Remender, lost me at Romita

  19. Romita’s done some really consistent work in recent years & with AvX he really did excel with the action IMO. I think that this could lead to a very witty Fear Agent style kind of book with what I am guessing is maybe Bucky as the Winter Soldier or perhaps they really are having Remender write the Avengers book featuring Cap WHILE also writing Cap’s solo series which I think is the first in a long time that has happened right? Where a writer is on the Avengers series & one of the character’s solo series as well?

  20. Updated with confirmation from Remender.

  21. @Conor WOW so Cap it is which really fits Romita more so than Bucky. So does that make Remender the first in at least a long time that a writer is writing the Avengers while also writing the solo series of an Avenger? Ultimate Universe & X-Men books excluded.

  22. I love both of these guys, as well as Captain America…so I’m pretty pumped for this.

  23. Knowing Remender’s penchant for crazy…I expect CAPWOLF.


    JRJR’s doing Captain America? How does this guy even get work?

    • By being one of the best, fastest, and most respected artists in the business. Just a guess.

    • Conor, haven’t you been seeing his art in AVX and Avengers? It’s upsetting how bad it looks. “Fastest” is probably a good word to use. So fast that it’s sloppy.

    • @deepsapcesamurai: Obviously I have. His work on THE AVENGERS was his usual top notch big time superhero stuff when that’s what he was given to draw by the script (he’s too dynamic to be the best person to draw a mostly talking head script), but his work on AVENGERS VS. X-MEN was a bit rushed and sloppy, but then just about *every* usually exceptional artist working on that series has done rushed and sloppy work, which leads me to believe that scripts are coming in late.

  25. I am really excited for this book! I was going to get All New X-men and Hulk, but now I will add Cap to my list! 🙂

  26. This is the same as the others (sans Hulk news).

    Romita Jr? Yay!

    Remender? Boo!

    • What could Remender have done that could possible been bad? every book he touches is great. He brought Punisher back to being awesome. He made Venom into my favorite book besides Batman and he has continued to make Uncanny X-Force amazing. the only thing he has done that has just been okay was the AvX arc for Secrets and i am pretty sure he had no control over the story and just did what the publishers wanted. He is not just one of the rising stars of Marvel and comics but he is quickly joining the ranks of the elites and he does a great job on Cap i have no problem seeing him as Marvel’s Geoff Johns like writer. He is so dark and creative with the characters, caring more about the man under the mask then the superhero. Flash Thompson is one of the most indepth characters in comics that i know of with all of his problems. No book i have picked up as come close to digging into the character and making you feel something for him then Remender has done. Okay i am going to stop loving on Remender but seriously he has done nothing that has earned him a Boo. have you even read a Remender book?

    • “What could Remender have done that could possible been bad?”

      Everyone of them I have read…

  27. Remender can write anything he wants and I’ll read it. JRJR doing a single main character book ( Hulk, Wolverine ) is gold.

  28. When did hating JRJR become a thing?

    *sigh* Comic fans are just too damn finnicky.

  29. This is what I’ve been hoping for! Remender my current favorite Marvel writer on Captain America my favorite Marvel character. I’m not too exposed to JRJR but still am very excited!

  30. So Captain America is going to suck now…

  31. How is Romita Jr. an art legend? His books look terrible.

    • Are you new to comics? go look at his Uncanny X-Men & Daredevil work.

      I honestly have not liked much he’s done in the last three years or so, but he’s still an amazing artist.

    • His art is dynamic, instantly recognizable, and 90% of the time, amazing…There are times when I don’t like his choices (AKA Spider-Woman’s hair) and times I think he’s rushed, but…The guy is a legend for a reason. He’s amazing.

  32. Did I miss a meeting? Since when does everyone hate Romita JR? His name usually gets me excited about a book. Is there anyone the Internet won’t turn on?

  33. I check out this website fairly frequently and just joined to comment on this.

    JRJ has done some great work. A few rushed or bad comics does not make him a bad artist. He is probably one of the greatest Daredevil and Spider-man artists ever. I am more psyched for this title than anything else.

    Also, it’s not just Remender and JRJ. We are also getting Klaus Janson and Dean White. Have you seen Janson’s work and White’s colors? This will be beyond great.