James Stokoe Irradiates New GODZILLA Mini, ORC STAIN Goes Back to Print and SULLIVAN’S SLUGGERS Rounds the Bases

Few young artists are bringing the heat with quite the same consistency as James Stokoe. Last week we told you about the Kickstarter campaign for Sullivan’s Sluggers, his monsters-in-the-outfield collaboration with writer Mark Andrew Smith. Within hours, the project tripled its $6,000 funding goal. As of this writing, eager comic fans have pledged six times that original amount for the Kickstarter exclusive hardcover, and there’s still 26 days to go. That’s kind of a little bit bonkers.

But when things look this good…

…it’s not so hard to believe they’ve raised over $36,000.

But that’s not all Stokoe is up to these days. In a blog post this weekend, the artist shared some new information about his upcoming Godzilla mini-series “Half-Century War” for IDW.

Godzilla is something that has been near and dear to me since I was about 5 years old, so this a dream come true for me. Godzilla: The Half Century War (written and drawn by myself, with coloring assists by the wonderful Heather Breckel) is going to be a 5 issue mini, about a group of soldiers who have to test experimental weapons on Godzilla. Each issue takes place a decade after the last, all over the world, so I get to play with Godzilla through the ages. I promise Mothra hippies, drill tanks, and a proper monster showdown in Antarctica. The first issue comes out in August, so keep your eyegrapes peeled.

It’s a brilliant concept given Godzilla’s storied history and evolution through the decades. And who better to capture the trippy mystique of Mothra and her roadies?

For now though, let’s just bask in the irradiated glow of metropolitan mayhem, Gojia style:

Stokoe also confirmed that the ultra-rare Orc Stain volume one softcover will be back in print “very soon.” The second arc is, of course, in progress, with issues #6 and #7 floating around the shops. Look for some collaboration from Prophet and King City writer/artist Brandon Graham in the coming months. Until then, how’s about a ridiculously detailed page of raw pencils?


  1. Kinda looks like Space Godzilla in that double page spread (the Godzilla villain who had two secret origins IN THE SAME EXACT MOVIE). That being said, his Godzilla pages look utterly spectacular. They have a classic manga feel to them, which seems to really fit. Definitely looking forward to the mini.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      His plates have a definite Space Godzilla vibe. Curious whether Godzilla’s look and personality will change from issue to issue or if it’s just the world around him in flux.

  2. I don’t normally buy Godzilla comics, but by god, I will be buying this one. Great to see such a talented guy getting so much work, even if it postpones Orc Stain a bit.

  3. Awesome, i met him at Fanexpo Vancouver, he did amazing mini-sketches on every comic and print i bought, and had tons of Godzilla art on display, great stuff. he & ms Marley Z are good peoples.

  4. This is awesome.

  5. Is it possible to marry a comic book?

    I wanna have babies with this Godzilla comic…..MANY babies.

  6. cheers for this, backed the Kickstarter after reading it!

  7. Fuck you I want that page!

  8. Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    How could you NOT buy that Godzilla comic?

  9. Did anyone else notice that the Sullivan’s sluggers kick starter was promoted on the pirate bay home page last week?

    Blew my eyeballs,