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REVIEW: Molly Danger, Book One

Jamal Igle has Kickstarter’d a new book into the marketplace. Does Molly Danger make the world safe for all ages?

Jack Kirby’s Grandson Jeremy Kickstarts

Help us all learn a little more about the King.

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The Lord’s contempt for NASA’s best and brightest, made tangible

Ron’s List of the Worst Things in Comics in 2012

The ugly side of 2012.

Ron’s List of the Best Things in Comics in 2012

You know what’s the best? These things are the best. The best, Jerry. The best.

Kickstart it: Andres Salazar on PARIAH, MO

“–Now dice, that’s my poison.”

Kickstart It: Joey Groah on DRY SEASONS

“Growing things is hard. Takes time. Taking is easy.”

Joe Caramagna and Scott Koblish Explore THE FURTHER TRAVELS OF WYATT EARP

And Hell’s coming with them.

Interview: Ryan Stegman on I DRAW COMICS

Ryan and his partner Matt Marracco of I DRAW CARS are Kickstarting this unique way to get better at drawing comics.

Help Mark Andrew Smith & James Stokoe Hit SULLIVAN’S SLUGGERS Out of the Park

Final inning. Get funding!