Jack Kirby’s Grandson Jeremy Kickstarts

We get so many requests to cover Kickstarter campaigns in a given day that it’s nearly absurd. Most of the time, we pass on by, and wish them well, because how do you even keep up? Anyway, we got a request today from Jeremy Kirby, the grandson of Jack Kirby, and that made us sit up and take notice.

8f3476be203df213ec5f4810691c4572_largeHe’s looking for help in producing a book full of Jack Kirby’s personal photos and artwork we’ve never seen. Here’s the Kickstarter page, and Jeremy’s story. Honestly, it’s a little sparse, and I would expect more details to be added soon. He’s also already made the relatively modest goal. One lucky pledger is getting a page of original Kirby art. But if you want in, then I’m sure they’ll take more.

If you’ve made it this far, and you’re still all, “Why are we talking about the Kirby guy?”, well, forget you buddy. But if you don’t know, Kirby is the father of modern comic book artists, working in concert with Joe Simon through the golden age, and with Stan Lee in the 1960s to establish a style of art that is still held as a paragon today, as well as contributing the creative foundations upon which some of the most successful films of the last decade are based. The man has a big pair of shoulders, and I, for one, am thrilled about the idea of learning more about him and his life. In addition to being massively talented, I’m fascinated by the man himself.


  1. I kind of wish there was a option below $50 for the print book. The art prints are nice, but I really just want the printed book.

  2. I grew up in Thousand Oaks, California. Jack Kirby used to draw pictures for us kids at Temple Etz Chaim. Like at Purim- you’d wait in a small line and you’d get a cartoon from Jack Kirby. Most of us had no idea that he was anyone famous. I remember Jason Graziano being late to Sunday School because he was talking to Jack and he was trying to explain to us how important he was. To most of us he was just a really nice man who drew fun pictures for us.

  3. It looks like it reached is start goal

  4. The King was an absolute imagination machine, thanks for the tip that this was going on…

  5. Barks, Eisner, Kirby–without the three of them, comics wouldn’t exist in anything like the forms we love. Glad we will learn more about him.

  6. Awesome! Chipped in my $50!

  7. Oh man! I have never done a kick starter before, but this one is a must fund. Jack Kirby is easily one of the biggest influences on my life, if no THE biggest. I have read a lot about him and never once heard of this pay. I would love to read that!