iFlashback! November 5th, 2003

It’s time for iFlashback! A weekly feature in which we take a look at some comics that were on sale nine years ago. Why nine years and not ten? Well because our Mondays in 2012 sync up with the Wednesdays of 2003.

So jog down memory lane with me. The date is November 5th, 2003. The number one film at the box office is still Scary Movie 3 and these are some of the comics at your local comic book shop.

Supreme Power #4

By J. Michael Straczynski, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal

Hawkman #21

By Geoff Johns, Rags Morales, Michael Blair

Thanos #2

By Jim Starlin, Al Milgrom

Superman Birthright #5

By Mark Waid, Leinil Yu, Gerry Alanguilan

Y the Last Man #16

By Brian K. Vaughan, Paul Chadwick, Jose Marzan Jr.

Spider-Girl #66

By Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema

Alias #28

By Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos

Formerly Known as the Justice League #5

By Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Kevin Maguire, Joe Rubinstein

Wolverine: The End #1

By Paul Jenkins, Claudio Castellini, Paul Mounts

That was the week that was in comics! So, did you read any of the books that came out this week? If so let us know what you thought of them!


  1. I’m amazed how well Alias stands up for a series that started more than ten years ago. Wolverine: The End was a terrible bookend to Wolverine: Origin.

  2. It’s so interesting to see what today’s stars were working on 10 years ago. And this was a great week for books!

  3. I have a deep, deep love for Formerly known as the Justice League. And that Purple Man story in Alias was one of the best things bendis ever wrote, if not THE best. Just creepy and twisted and evil as fuck.

  4. Some great stuff in Alias, Y the Last Man, (Formerly Known as the)Justice League & Geoff Johns very excellent Hawkman series!!!

  5. Alias is my favourite Bendis book ever and quite possibly my favourite Marvel one. The energy he brought to it made it very special.

  6. That just may be my favorite “Alias” cover of the entire run. I read “Birthright” for the first time a couple weeks back and loved it. Johns’ “Secret Origin” stands up in its own way and takes you on a less linear adventure, but both stand as great Superman origin stories with a foot in their respective time’s continuity (Plus, this may be my favorite work Yu has done)…

  7. I just picked up the entire Y-The Last man hardbacks through my local Barnes and Noble as part of their “buy 2 get the 3rd free” special. Now, if only they’d have come with a free digital copy 🙂

  8. Maybe my most vile “comic book sin” is not having read Y The Last Man. I shall rectify that very soon…

  9. Thanks to last week iFlash, I got Caper by Judd Winnick and it was great

  10. I still don’t get why they don’t just do this article on Tuesdays so it could be an even 10 years… Mondays are just special I guess

  11. I would read an entire arc of Blue Beetle on hold. That could be really funny.

    Here are some other big moments to happen on November 5th:

    -1605: Guy Fawkes is arrest of plotting to blow up the House of Lords.
    -1872: In defiance of the law, Susan B. Anthony votes for the first time. She is fined $100.
    -2006: Saddam Hussein and his defendants are sentenced to death.

  12. Man, Wolverine: The End was so bad. I remember wanting to like it so hard that I kept hoping it would get better right up until the last issue. Oh, 20 year old Me, how naive you were.