iFanboy at New York Comic Con 2012!

It’s that time of year again – it’s time for the great, big ol’ comic book convention right in iFanboy’s home town! It’s time for the New York Comic Con!

We will be all over the con this year, running around, as is our want, like camera lugging fools. We’ll be covering the action, talking to some folks, and soaking it all in. And we’ll be recording the action for all of those who can’t attend

If you’re attending the convention, there are a bunch of places you can see us.

See Us at a Booth!

This year, iFanboy HQ at NYCC will at Table #3263 in the artists’ alley area of the con floor. We may not be there all time, as we’ll be out doing interviews, but if you stop by, there’s a good chance you can catch us because given a choice, we like to sit in chairs.

See Us at a Party!

This year we’ve teamed up again with our friends at Shirts for a Cure to throw an awesome party and help in the fight against breast cancer. We’ll be welcoming comic book superstars Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Fear Agent, Uncanny Avengers) and Jerome Opeña (Uncanny X-Force, Fear Agent, Avengers) to step up to the turntables to DJ the party. You can also look forward to our very own Ron Richards (DJ Ronxo) taking a turn behind the virtual turntables. Proceeds from drinks will go charity to help fight breast cancer! Come early because last year’s party was so packed that some people had to move to a second, spill-over bar. This has got the makings of yet another epic iFanboy party that you don’t want to miss!

WHEN: Friday, October 12th – 9 PM to Close
WHERE: Idle Hands Bar – 25 Avenue B (between 2nd St. and 3rd St.)

RSVP on Facebook! (It’s not required, but it’s nice to know how many people are coming.)


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See Us at a Panel!

Ron will once again be moderating the Food and Comics panel. What began at C2E2 and continued to New York Comic Con lives on with chef Geoffrey Zakarian, C.B. Cebulski (Marvel) and artist Alex Maleev talk with Ron about the intersection of Food and Comics!

Food and Comics Panel with Geoffrey Zakarian
Date: Friday, October 12, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Location: 1A23
Speakers: Alex Maleev, CB Cebulski, Geoffrey Zakarian
Description: Join renowned chef Geoffrey Zakarian, C.B. Cebulski, Alex Maleev and other special guests as they share the stage for an hour talking about the new horizons in foodie culture and comics culture and where they often and appetizingly interconnect.

In addition to Food and Comics, Ron will also be moderating a panel dedicated to the writing process with some of the industry’s leading writers:

The Writers Room
Date: Saturday, October 13, 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM
Location: 1A21
Panelists:  Grant Morrison, Brian K. Vaughan, and Jonathan Hickman

Some of comics’ best writers will talk about the challenges, triumphs, and idiosyncrasies of the comics creative process. Find out how comics like Happy!, Saga, and The Manhattan Projects are conceived, written, and brought to the printed page from the writers who knew them from “PAGE ONE, PANEL ONE.”

See Us on Twitter!

Head over to twitter.com/ifanboy and subscribe to iFanboy’s Twitter feed or to this handy list of everyone from iFanboy @ New York, or check here for the latest Twitter posts from the on-site staff LIVE from New York!



We hope to see you all in New York! Remember to bring water and wear comfortable shoes!



  1. So stoked. This will be my first con and NY to boot. I’ll stop by the booth on Saturday for sure!

  2. Alphabet City?

  3. Hopefully I can try and make it this time around.

    Last year, and it was my first year at NYCC, I was too exhausted to go down.

  4. I got tickets for Sunday-I’ll definitely stop by the booth!

  5. The party looks like a good time for a great cause! If I was on the East Coast I would definitely be attending!

  6. Rick Remender is a DJ?

  7. how should i approach your guys table? should i be fan-boyish and fawn over each of you? should i act like iv never heard of you guys? should i just walk by, say “sup” and walk away? im stressing so hard over this!!!!!!

  8. Suggestion, see if you guys can get Jerome Opena to do sketches at your booth for a small fee. You guys would raise a ton of money for your cause. I would be first in line for that.

  9. Damn I wish I was going this year.

  10. The up side of being younger than most people who read comics?: I’m going to live longer.
    The down side?: I’m not old enough to go to bars…… so no iFanboy party for me.

  11. I had a blast at NYCC! I didn’t go to the party, sorry folks, but I stayed much longer this time at the con and met so many nice people. Got a bunch of comics, met a ton of nice artists/writers, and got to hang out with some of my best friends during the con.

    Can’t wait for next year.