Here We Go Again? The CW Reportedly Developing Wonder Woman TV Series Called ‘Amazon’

The folks over at The Vulture claim to have a source that says that The CW (the synergistic sister to DC Entertainment and the network of Smallville, Birds of Prey, and Arrow) have tapped Allan (Damn You) Heinberg to develop the pilot script for a Wonder Woman origins series–presumably similar to Smallville–entitled Amazon.

One of these days Wonder Woman is going to make it to one of the screen–either big or small. They keep trying! It’s bound to happen! Big names like Joel Silver and Joss Whedon tried to get a film off the ground to no avail. More recently, when famed TV producer David E. Kelley failed to get NBC to pick up his Wonder Woman series (starring Adrianne Palicki, above, and whose pilot I quite enjoyed), he managed to have “Wonder Woman” appear in an episode of his now canceled series Harry’s Law.

So now the action shifts to The CW, home of all of the most recent live action TV shows starring DC Comics characters. Will it actually happen this time? Who knows? It’s way too early to guess at this point. They are just reportedly developing a script, there isn’t even a pilot order yet, let alone a series order.


  1. Hmmm…does this stand a better chance being the CW? Hmmmmm…

  2. Just set the show on Themyscira, and cast no males at all, except for the parts of gods, and we’ll have ourselves a winner.


  4. Xena didn’t do too bad, how hard is this really?

  5. This may sound a little unconventional but…why not just go with a mini-series?

  6. How could ANYONE like that 2010 pilot?!?! THEY MADE WONDER WOMAN INTO A COLD BLOODED VIGILATNE MURDERER!!! SHE FREAKING KILLED INNOCENT SECURITY GUARDS WHO WERE JUST PROTECTING SICK PEOPLE!!!Not to mention that half of that pilot was about her “identity” being in complex because she wanted to be a tv watching hipster at home with her cat.

  7. Hmmm… “Arrow,” “Amazon,” … maybe the next one will be “Angel and the Ape!”

    • Aquaman?

      Amethyst? (A cartoon! By the creator of Jem and the Holograms!)

      Ambush Bug? (Live action. Staring John Oliver as the bug.)

  8. I was still hoping for a Wonder Woman movie sometime, though at least we know they wouldn’t leave her out if they do a Justice League flick.

    This idea sounds bland and likely won’t be all that comicy or WWy, but hey. Doesn’t seem like the best idea for trying to get the brand out there.

  9. Eh. I know it’s not really fair to voice uncertainties when virtually nothing is know beyond a rumpus, but I’m not sure I’d dig a Wonder Woman before she was Wonder Woman thing myself. I mean, she did grow up in paradise. I guess there’s drama to be mined there, but I really want to see her in her full WW glory.

  10. I love Wonder Woman and I found this online, this Wonder Woman is hotter

  11. At NBC, it came down to ordering a full season of “Wonder Woman” or giving “Chuck” one final season. Being a huge “Chuck” fan, I’m happy with what they chose, but I do hope we see live action Wonder Woman on screen soon. Maybe they can get Yvonne Strahovski to play Diana. Who says they can’t have a blone Wonder Woman? 🙂