Great Pages: SUPERMAN #64

From Superman (Vol. 2) #64 (1992)

Every day of the year, Superman does his best for the people of Metropolis. He does the most that he can but still takes a bit of down time for himself at the end of the day. However, every December 23rd, Superman does away with that. On that day, he goes to the Main Branch of the Metropolis Post Office and reads the hundreds of thousands of letters that are addressed to him. Nearly all of these letters are from people wanting something from him, demanding or cajoling him into helping them with some matter or another. Superman does what he can to help the most amount of people on that day but knows that he cannot help them all. That kills him.

During one December 23rd event, Superman found a letter saying that the Daily Planet’s annual needy children event had been underfunded. Sadly, the money for both presents and a Santa simply wasn’t to be found. The letter asked Superman to appear to give the kids a thrill. Instead of that, Superman dressed his friend Professor Hamilton up as Santa, borrowed some reindeer from the Metropolis Zoo, got Bruce Wayne to foot the bill on some presents, and gave the young children the illusion that Santa was coming to visit them. In their young eyes, it was the most wonderful present of all.

This Christmas tale was written by Dan Jurgens with Jackson “Butch” Guice providing the art. The following year, during the time of Superman’s death, Jurgens would write and pencil a sequel to this tale starring the Justice League though I believe this concept wasn’t seen again after that. It’s a shame because this story of one man giving fully of himself strikes at the very heart of Superman and should be remembered every Christmas.


  1. He’s a good guy, that Superman

  2. LOL nobody can see him when he’s all black against brown reindeer and a red sleigh. Also this is almost rascist.

  3. One of many reasons why Superman is my favorite superhero. The fact that he’ll do something like this is both heartwarming and awesome.

  4. That costume is so 90s!

    But he totally copied Spider-Man with it.