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Imagining Booster Gold…the TV Show

Booster Gold on TV? It could very well happen. What will it look like? What should it look like?

PREVIEW: The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #20

Also starring Major Force and werewolves!

iFlashback! May, 5th, 2004

These are the comics that came out on May 5, 2004. You most likely were drinking a margarita while you were going through your stack.

Preview: The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #15

Molecular mayhem!

Great Pages: SUPERMAN #64

You’ll believe a reindeer can fly.

Exclusive Preview: SUPERMAN #12

From Russia with…malice!

iFlashback! June 11th, 2003

Just like Will Smith in Men in Black 3, we are going back in time. These comics were on sale nine years ago. Check them out!

PREVIEW: Nicola Scott Joins the SUPERMAN Creative Team…For a Limited Engagement

This is getting complex.

BREAKING: Keith Giffen to Replace George Perez as SUPERMAN Writer

Book’s got problems? Better call Giffen & Jurgens, the comic book fixers!