PREVIEW: Nicola Scott Joins the SUPERMAN Creative Team…For a Limited Engagement

DC Comics announced today that artist Nicola Scott will join the musical chairs creative team of Superman for issues #3, 5 and 6. Consider this a warm-up exercise for her forthcoming run on the new Justice Society of America with writer James Robinson.

If you’ve lost track of the Superman creative team and their comings and goings, here’s the run-down: Issues 1 through 6 will be written by George Perez, with original artist Jesus Merino tagging back in again for #4 and then again with issue #7. At that time, the new writing team of Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen will take over scripting. It’s possible that Perez will be sticking around to help with layouts or finishes, but that’s not confirmed at the moment.

Josh just texted to say he finally finished reading the first issue.

Okay, so we’re having a little fun at the expense of one of the few titles that actually stumbled out of the new 52 gate. As a fan of the character though, I’m rooting for this course correction and hope to be back reading Kal-El’s modern adventures sooner rather than later.

It’s also nice to see DC taking notice and extending some high profile opportunities for terrific female creators like Nicola Scott. Hopefully this is not an isolated incident. We’re pretty eager to learn more about that JSA book, set on Earth 2.

Let’s have a look at some of Scott’s pages from Superman #3:



  1. I’m actually not quite done with it yet. They really pack those panels in.

    • Aren’t you supposed to be reading your books for the pick of the week? What are you doing goofing off around here?

    • And not in a “There’s something new every time!” kind of way.

    • Yeah, the thing is, we all used to read a ton of comics this “wordy” when we were about 10-12 years old.

      So, really, the problem a lot of people are having with Perez’s writing says more about their short attention spans than it does about the actual writing.

      That’s not to say that wordy writing is inherently good. It isn’t inherently good. There can definitely be over-wordy writing. But I think that people are kind of protesting too much about how wordy Superman #1 was. It’s not that wordy. I read tons of comics like this, no problem, any given afternoon in 1990. We all did.

      But now a lot of us have conditioned our minds to only think in short little snippets and half-ideas, because we have jobs where we play around on Twitter all day and act snarky and pithy. So, really, the jokes on us if we can’t concentrate long enough to read a comic we could have read, no problem, when we were eleven years old.

  2. So it looks like March 2012 is the earliest we could see the new JSA book…anyone care to guess when it’s actually going to launch?

    • I thought that the original announcement stated that Justice Society would debut this month (November)? Has something changed since then? (I don’t read the solicts, so it is possible that the timetable has been revised under my nose). On one hand, I’d be bummed to wait longer for a new Robinson ongoing, but, on the other, it would help give me wallet a breather . . .

    • @cosmo: The original announcement had no time table, in fact I don’t believe I’ve seen one yet. I think 2012 was implied, at least that was my reading of the situation.

    • Thanks, Conor; I must have misread a little wishful thinking inbetween the lines of the original announcement . . .

  3. As a Superman fan, the mismanagement of this relaunched title is kinda frustrating.

    • I agree.
      Also, maybe it shouldn’t bother me and I should just read it for the good of the story, but having Morrison over in Action doing a story that’s 5 years earlier is off putting to me.
      It feels like there are just way too many visions here for Superman at a time when it is crucial to present a cohesive and inviting portrayal.

  4. Who is this Superman you speak of?

  5. So we complain when the comics don’t come out with consistent timeliness, and now we complain when they (DC) have to ‘manage’ the creators to make the comic come out once / month.

    Exactly how are they supposed to ‘win’?

    And we complain when comics are too short to justify their price, and then complain when we have to take more than 20 mins to read them.

    Again, exactly how are the publishers supposed to ‘win’?

    • That’s the Catch-22 of comic fandom.

    • I’m one of the few that are digging the new Superman title, in all of it’s densely verbose glory.

      Would I want all my books like this? Hell no, but I’m glad I have one or two like ’em.

    • This is a unique situation. They just relaunched one of their most valuable characters in his flagship book and they are scrambling to try and figure out a creative team that will work well consistently and that the fans will love. Why is it so difficult for them to find talent? Thats just an epic series of fumbles. I don’t get it.

      Personally i hate the creative team musical chairs thats become common in comics nowadays….i much prefer a team to gel for a while.

    • Both of those things matter a lot less when high quality is the result.

  6. Love hearing about more Nicola Scott artwork. Not so much that it’s in Superman, though.

  7. ugg, excited about new Nicola Scott, ticked that it’s alternating issues in Perez’ doofy run. likely not getting. perhaps if 5&6 stand alone from the 1st arc. frustrating though.

  8. So wait, they’re replacing Perez whose writing sucks with Dan Jurgens aka the blandest man in comics? Do DC really not want this book to sell? Give it to a new writer, they can’t make it any more boring, surely…

    • I like how you’re stating your opinion of these writers as though it’s fact.

      I’m enjoying Perez’s writing on this. Sure it’s not at the level of Grant Morrison or Scott Snyder (yes… I’d put them at the same level) but it’s still fun and entertaining. I, also, have enjoyed many of the books I’ve read with Dan Jurgens’ name attached.

    • Hopefully having Giffen around as well will balance out any flaws Jurgens has.

  9. I might just pick this book up for Scott’s art. She is a great penciller. Again, it’s too bad it’s in a book like Superman, but hey, maybe she’ll bring something to the book to make it great.

  10. I’m so excited that Nicola Scott is going to be on this book! Her being a woman really has nothing to do with it, she’s just an amazing artist.

  11. Scott will definitely be a boost to this book, but until the wordiness is taken out and not distracting me from the story, I may have to pass.

  12. Action Comics has been a delightful read, Supergirl is wonderful, and even Superboy has been interesting and enjoyable. How did they fumble so badly on Superman? This should have been the best title in the group. I’ve enjoyed Dan Jurgens writing on the new JLI but that book has a much lighter tone and Keith Giffen has been great on OMAC, a series I never expected to like at all. Perhaps together they they can make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear but this change feels to me like a Hail Mary pass. It feels like an act of desperation. Nicola Scott, however, is an excellent choice as a fill-in artist.

    And on a seperate subject: Since the new DCU has borrowed so heavily from Smallville (Supergirl’s origin and character are straight out of the TV series) might we hope to eventually see Chloe make an appearence? She was the best original character to come out of the show. The reboot would be the perfect opportunity to to bring her into the comic universe without having to explain why she’s never been mentioned before.

  13. Now I’m glad I didn’t drop Superman. Awesome.

  14. Never heard of any of these people, the writer we have now, or the one we’ll have then.

  15. Those pages are pretty.