Great Moments in Comics History: Christmas with the Super-Heroes #1

Green Arrow and Robin aren’t exactly the World’s Greatest Detectives.


  1. Who’s the guy with the blast shield on his face? Looks like he ought to be keeping that fire under control.

  2. It almost looks like Batman is giving Robin a knife for Christmas.

  3. What the crap is going on with Robin’s left foot? Did he lose his shoe? Are those… webbed toes? Creepy.

    • they stopped in the middle of a strip poker game to unwrap presents

    • While the implication is that they took one bootie off and hung it as a stocking on the fireplace mantle… everyone else still has both booties on except Robin… which to me implies that Robin was nearly caught in the act of… something… and didn’t have a chance to get properly dressed before “gift exchange time.”

  4. If they’re taking off one shoe for a stocking, why leave the other on?

  5. This is one of the first comics I ever remember owning and reading repeatedly! I love this comic and still have it today. There’s a panel in there of some thug punching Batman in the gut and breaking his hand without Bats even flinching. Man, I gotta dig this cherished childhood memory out and dive back in. Seriously. Llove. This. Book.

  6. The Teen Titans story “A Swingin’ Christmas Carol” is my favorite Xmas-themed comics story of all time. It’s been reprinted a bunch of times. I believe the cover art on this particular collection was by the great John Byrne. Even if he left off Robin’s shoe. (More likely a coloring error.)

  7. Does Wildfire seem out of place? Like he traveled a thousand years in the past to crash the JLA’s Christmas party?

  8. Conor, did this ish have the Frank Miller Batman Xmas story? That was the best.

  9. I LOVE Christmas-themed comics and have a pretty decent collection of them. I dig a bunch out every year at this time and re-read them.

    LOVE ‘EM!!