Fiona Staples Does JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS Very Right

I thought Francesco Francavilla had things locked up for the best cover Archie Comics has ever done with his Archie Meets Kiss variant. But there’s a new show in town, and Fiona Staples is the star of this one.

The variant for the upcoming Life with Archie #24 will feature this amp squealing version of Josie & the Pussycats looking as cool as they’ve looked since their movie debut, which had a way better soundtrack than anyone expected. Hey, I’m in the mood. Let’s listen. This may have been rocked in an apartment full of dudes back in 2001. Maybe.

Wow, I just did the math on the last time I heard that song.


  1. That soundtrack was ridiculously catchy and was definitely WAY better than I expected it to be.

  2. Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

    I’ve got much of that soundtrack on my iPhone and that song is currently on my “Gym” playlist.

    Also, fookin’ gorgeous cover. Fiona Staples is ridiculously talented.

  3. Grandturk says:

    I hate being a musician when I see instruments in art…

  4. Gerry Lopez Gerry Lopez says:

    I would totally go to this show.

  5. mark. mark. says:

    oh man. josie and the pussie cats. rachel leigh cook. reduced to caveman sentences.

    seriously good movie.

  6. That is a really nice cover…totally love Staples’ work.

    The movie was pretty fun and underrated. My wife makes fun of me for having that DVD even though i got it out of a bargain bin ages ago.

    That soundtrack was rad as well..a little bit of Letters to Cleo behind the scenes on that one.

  7. OnASunday OnASunday says:

    I heard some kids at the store cheer this week because their mom said they could get 1 Archie comic each. Couldn’t help but smile.

  8. Jim Mroczkowski Jim Mroczkowski (@jimski) says:

    Man. There are twelve people who love that movie, but they fucking love that movie. For a year after it came out on DVD, I had friends who were like Archie Branch Davidians.

    That thing was fascinating. It was a film with an anti-consumerism, anti-fad message that was at the same time full of product placement and attempts to become a pop culture phenomenon. It was like a semiotic Escher drawing.

    • “Archie Branch Davidians” hahahaha that’s awesome.

      ok so this goes into Turbo Geek territory…but i did listen to the audio commentary on the dvd way back when it came out, and it had the writer director team who said they didn’t get a penny in product placement and it was all unofficial..they did it more for the effect of showing how consumer driven music and pop culture is nowadays. I think they actually got lawsuit threats over some brands. That movie was way more indie that in looks.

    • Kelly Kelly (@annaluna) says:

      Ha! his is one of those rare times when Jim refers to “a friend” that he’s not talking about me.

      Oh..wait. Yes he is. He totally is. I doubt 3 days go by between references to that movie. Still. And no less than 4 songs off that soundtrack have made their way to my 5 star playlist.

      I fucking love that movie.

    • Jim Mroczkowski Jim Mroczkowski (@jimski) says:

      Did the first draft say that “I have this friend, the Elusive New Female Reader”?

      You bet your ass it did.

      But I only get so many inside jokes a day.

    • mark. mark. says:

      who do you think has more fans – this movie or alan scott?

  9. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    No one has ever looked better in anything than Rachael Leigh Cook did in Josie and the Pussycats.

  10. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Look for this in Best of the Week in Covers. To be effing sure.

  11. If Jose and the Pussycats looked like this more I would watch the cartoons.

    Instead we had….those horrible costumes and sometimes saw them go into space.

  12. mgriffith mgriffith says:

    WOW! I may pick this up! GREAT cover!

  13. mgriffith mgriffith says:

    D’oh! VARIANT cover. I’ll probably never find it with this cover. :(

  14. Sensei44 Sensei44 says:

    Beautiful work. I have all of the Francesco Francavilla covers from the Kiss/Archie story. I’d love to have this one too.