Fiona Staples Does JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS Very Right

I thought Francesco Francavilla had things locked up for the best cover Archie Comics has ever done with his Archie Meets Kiss variant. But there’s a new show in town, and Fiona Staples is the star of this one.

The variant for the upcoming Life with Archie #24 will feature this amp squealing version of Josie & the Pussycats looking as cool as they’ve looked since their movie debut, which had a way better soundtrack than anyone expected. Hey, I’m in the mood. Let’s listen. This may have been rocked in an apartment full of dudes back in 2001. Maybe.

Wow, I just did the math on the last time I heard that song.


  1. That soundtrack was ridiculously catchy and was definitely WAY better than I expected it to be.

  2. I’ve got much of that soundtrack on my iPhone and that song is currently on my “Gym” playlist.

    Also, fookin’ gorgeous cover. Fiona Staples is ridiculously talented.

  3. I hate being a musician when I see instruments in art…

  4. I would totally go to this show.

  5. oh man. josie and the pussie cats. rachel leigh cook. reduced to caveman sentences.

    seriously good movie.

  6. That is a really nice cover…totally love Staples’ work.

    The movie was pretty fun and underrated. My wife makes fun of me for having that DVD even though i got it out of a bargain bin ages ago.

    That soundtrack was rad as well..a little bit of Letters to Cleo behind the scenes on that one.

  7. I heard some kids at the store cheer this week because their mom said they could get 1 Archie comic each. Couldn’t help but smile.

  8. Man. There are twelve people who love that movie, but they fucking love that movie. For a year after it came out on DVD, I had friends who were like Archie Branch Davidians.

    That thing was fascinating. It was a film with an anti-consumerism, anti-fad message that was at the same time full of product placement and attempts to become a pop culture phenomenon. It was like a semiotic Escher drawing.

    • “Archie Branch Davidians” hahahaha that’s awesome.

      ok so this goes into Turbo Geek territory…but i did listen to the audio commentary on the dvd way back when it came out, and it had the writer director team who said they didn’t get a penny in product placement and it was all unofficial..they did it more for the effect of showing how consumer driven music and pop culture is nowadays. I think they actually got lawsuit threats over some brands. That movie was way more indie that in looks.

    • Kelly (@annaluna) says:

      Ha! his is one of those rare times when Jim refers to “a friend” that he’s not talking about me.

      Oh..wait. Yes he is. He totally is. I doubt 3 days go by between references to that movie. Still. And no less than 4 songs off that soundtrack have made their way to my 5 star playlist.

      I fucking love that movie.

    • Did the first draft say that “I have this friend, the Elusive New Female Reader”?

      You bet your ass it did.

      But I only get so many inside jokes a day.

    • who do you think has more fans – this movie or alan scott?

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    No one has ever looked better in anything than Rachael Leigh Cook did in Josie and the Pussycats.

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Look for this in Best of the Week in Covers. To be effing sure.

  11. If Jose and the Pussycats looked like this more I would watch the cartoons.

    Instead we had….those horrible costumes and sometimes saw them go into space.

  12. WOW! I may pick this up! GREAT cover!

  13. D’oh! VARIANT cover. I’ll probably never find it with this cover. 🙁

  14. Beautiful work. I have all of the Francesco Francavilla covers from the Kiss/Archie story. I’d love to have this one too.